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superhero weekly feature theme

Edit:  Vic sent you guys a shout-out on the Ranger chat room today. =)
superhero weekly feature theme
Link if you need to zoom in:

Today is Vic Mignogna's Birthday!  

:star: Vic Mignogna: August 27, 1962 :star:

We sent off the Birthday presents such as the Picture Book Project as well as the Chibi Birthday Card and the other gifts you all sent in!  I bet he's having an EPIC Birthday.  Here's to wishing him a great day!

:party: :cake: :clap: HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIC! :clap: :cake: :party:

Speedy Tagline

superhero weekly feature themeAssignments are officially posted.  Will note the Fan Artists with their assignments as well as the Page Artists, Cover Artists will be notified towards the middle of the comics.

The last Pages of Voice Stealer are out!
Voice Stealer p. 30 by aseliger Voice Stealer p. 31 by aseliger Voice Stealer p. 32 by aseliger Voice Stealer p. 33 by aseliger Voice Stealer p. 34 by aseliger

New Pages of Digital Escape are out!
Digital Escape- Page 16 by DimentionDragon Digital Escape- Page 15 by DimentionDragon Digital Escape- Page 16 by DimentionDragon

New Pages of A Kind of Magic are out!
A Kind of Magic p27 by Purplefire40 A Kind of Magic p28 by Purplefire40 A Kind of Magic p29 by Purplefire40 A Kind of Magic p30 by Purplefire40 A Kind of Magic p31 by Purplefire40 A Kind of Magic p32 by Purplefire40

:star: :star: :star: :bulletred: Volume 1:star: :star: :star:
:star: :star: :star: :bulletred: Volume 2:star: :star: :star:

The 1st Volume will be gifts for:
1: Vic Mignogna "Starship"
2: Aaron Dismuke "Zombie Plan"
3: Michele Specht "Time Decoder Michele"

The 2nd Volume will be gifts for:
1: Todd Haberkorn "Voice Stealer"
2: Travis Willingham "Digital Escape"
3: Wendy Powell "A Kind of Magic"

:bulletred: Volume 2:
:bulletred: Cover Artist for Volume 2:


:bulletred: Comic Title: Voice Stealer
Writer: :iconspeedyalchemist:
Main Character: Todd Haberkorn
Todd is getting ready to take a flight back from his last Anime Convention, bags in hand and energized after a weekend of fun, when suddenly he’s confronted by a familiar figure several years in the future.  Todd must follow his new companion to escape an evil figure that wants to destroy him and steal his voice.  Can Todd escape?

:bulletred: :star: Cover Artist: :star:

:bulletred: :star: Comic Page Artists: :star:
Page 1:  :iconliansa: The Voice Stealer - Page 1 by Liansa
Page 2: :iconliansa: The Voice Stealer - Page 2 by Liansa
Page 3: :iconliansa: The Voice Stealer - Page 3 by Liansa
Page 4: :iconnelllim: Voice stealer - project - page 1 by NellLim
Page 5: :iconnelllim: Voice stealer - project - page 2 by NellLim
Page 6: :iconnelllim: Voice stealer - project - page 3 by NellLim
Page 7: :iconnelllim: Voice stealer - project - page 4 (last page) by NellLim
Page 8: :iconfuegokid: Voice Stealer 01 by fuegokid
Page 9: :iconfuegokid: Voice Stealer 02 by fuegokid
Page 10: :iconfuegokid: VoiceSrealer003 small by fuegokid
Page 11: :iconfuegokid: VoiceSrealer004 small by fuegokid
Page 12: :iconfuegokid: VoiceSrealer005 small by fuegokid
Page 13: :iconpiko-chan4ever: Voice Stealer Sketch pg 1 by piko-chan4ever
Page 14: :iconpiko-chan4ever: Voice stealer sketch pg 2 by piko-chan4ever
Page 15: :iconpiko-chan4ever: Voice Stealer sketch pg 3 by piko-chan4ever
Page 16: :iconpiko-chan4ever: Voice Stealer sketch pg 4 by piko-chan4ever
Page 17: :iconkimartess: Voice Theft Page 1 by kimartess
Page 18: :iconkimartess: Voice Theft Page 2 by kimartess
Page 19: :iconkimartess: Voice Theft Page 3 by kimartess
Page 20: :iconaseliger: Voice Stealer p. 1 by aseliger
Page 21: :iconaseliger: Voice Stealer p. 2 by aseliger
Page 22: :iconaseliger: Voice Stealer p. 3 by aseliger
Page 23: :iconoreo-otaku15: DA Rangers Comic: Voice Stealer pg. 23 by oreo-otaku15
Page 24: :iconoreo-otaku15: DA Rangers Comic: Voice Stealer pg. 24 by oreo-otaku15
Page 25: :iconoreo-otaku15: DA Rangers Comic: Voice Stealer pg. 25 by oreo-otaku15
Page 26: :iconepikalstorms: Voice Stealer, page 26 by EpikalStorms
Page 27: :iconepikalstorms: Voice Stealer, page 27 by EpikalStorms
Page 28: :iconepikalstorms: Voice Stealer, page 28 by EpikalStorms
Page 29: :iconepikalstorms: Voice Stealer, Page 29 by EpikalStorms
Page 30: :iconaseliger: Voice Stealer p. 30 by aseliger
Page 31: :iconaseliger: Voice Stealer p. 31 by aseliger
Page 32: :iconaseliger: Voice Stealer p. 32 by aseliger
Page 33: :iconaseliger: Voice Stealer p. 33 by aseliger
Page 34: :iconaseliger: Voice Stealer p. 34 by aseliger

:bulletred: Comic Title: Digital Escape
Concept: :iconheza-chan:
Previous Writer: :iconazuriea:
Current Writer: :iconartemis-day:
Main Character: Travis Willingham
Travis and Laura decide to play a video game before they go out to dinner, when suddenly they find the controller has a mind of its own.  When faced with several Video Game Worlds and different beasts at every turn, does this badass couple have the skills to survive?

:bulletred: :star: Cover Artist: :star:

:bulletred: :star: Comic Page Artists: :star:
Page 1: :iconkionakina: VA Comic - Page 1 by KionaKina
Page 2: :iconkionakina: Page 2 LA by KionaKina
Page 3: :iconkionakina: Page 3 LA by KionaKina
Page 4: :iconkionakina: Page 4 LA by KionaKina
Page 5: :iconkionakina: Page 5 LA by KionaKina
Page 6: :iconchibiggydesu55: Digital Escape Page 6 LA by chibiggydesu55
Page 7: :iconchibiggydesu55: Digital Escape Page 7 LA by chibiggydesu55
Page 8: :iconchibiggydesu55: Digital Escape Page 8 LA by chibiggydesu55
Page 9: :iconsetack-skrfo: Digital Escape page 09 by Setack-Skrfo
Page 10: :iconsetack-skrfo: Digital Escape page 10 by Setack-Skrfo
Page 11: :iconsetack-skrfo: Digital Escape page 11 by Setack-Skrfo
Page 12: :iconsetack-skrfo: Digital Escape page 12 by Setack-Skrfo
Page 13: :iconsetack-skrfo: Digital Escape page 13 by Setack-Skrfo
Page 14: :icondimentiondragon: Digital Escape- Page 16 by DimentionDragon
Page 15: :icondimentiondragon: Digital Escape- Page 15 by DimentionDragon
Page 16: :icondimentiondragon: Digital Escape- Page 16 by DimentionDragon
Page 17: :iconcutenessmaximized:
Page 18: :iconcutenessmaximized:
Page 19: :iconcutenessmaximized:
Page 20: :iconpiko-chan4ever:
Page 21: :iconpiko-chan4ever:
Page 22: :iconpiko-chan4ever:
Page 23: :iconjadefowl:
Page 24: :iconjadefowl:
Page 25: :iconjadefowl:

:bulletred: Comic Title: A Kind of Magic
Main Character: Wendy Powell
Writer: :iconartemis-day:
Wendy Powell Character Reference by Purplefire40 Chris Cason Character Reference by Purplefire40
Wendy Powell practices her spells when she’s approached by a flustered Chris Cason.  The two magicians must overcome many obstacles in their paths, one of them being the one who has returned once more.  Magic is their asset, but whether the two rivals work together with it is another obstacle all together.

:bulletred: :star: Cover Artist: :star:

:bulletred: :star: Comic Page Artists: :star:
Page 1: :icondimentiondragon: A Kind of Magic - Page 1 by DimentionDragon
Page 2: :icondimentiondragon: A Kind of Magic - Page 2 by DimentionDragon
Page 3: :icondimentiondragon: A Kind of Magic - Page 3 by DimentionDragon
Page 4: :iconartisan-garden: VA Comic Pg 4 by Artisan-Garden
Page 5: :iconartisan-garden: VA comic Pg 5 by Artisan-Garden
Page 6: :iconartisan-garden: VA comic Pg 6 by Artisan-Garden
Page 7: :iconspiritpanda: :thumb425493937:
Page 8: :iconspiritpanda: :thumb425494478:
Page 9: :iconspiritpanda: :thumb425494686:
Page 10: :iconspiritpanda: :thumb425494883:
Page 11: :iconspiritpanda: :thumb425495045:
Page 12: :icontimesong426: AKOM page 1 by TimeSong426
Page 13: :icontimesong426: AKOM page 2 by TimeSong426
Page 14: :icontimesong426: AKOM page 3 by TimeSong426
Page 15: :icontimesong426: AKOM page 4 by TimeSong426
Page 16: :icontimesong426: AKOM page 5 by TimeSong426
Page 17: :icontimesong426: AKOM page 6 by TimeSong426
Page 18: :icontimesong426: AKOM page 7 by TimeSong426
Page 19: :icontimesong426: AKOM page 8 by TimeSong426
Page 20: :iconaseliger: AKOM pg. 1 by aseliger
Page 21: :iconaseliger: AKOM pg. 2 by aseliger
Page 22: :iconaseliger: AKOM pg. 3 by aseliger
Page 23: :iconaseliger: AKOM pg. 4 by aseliger
Page 24: :iconaseliger: AKOM pg. 5 by aseliger
Page 25: :iconaseliger: AKOM pg. 6 by aseliger
Page 26: :iconaseliger: AKOM pg. 7 by aseliger
Page 27: :iconpurplefire40: A Kind of Magic p27 by Purplefire40
Page 28: :iconpurplefire40: A Kind of Magic p28 by Purplefire40
Page 29: :iconpurplefire40: A Kind of Magic p29 by Purplefire40
Page 30: :iconpurplefire40: A Kind of Magic p30 by Purplefire40
Page 31: :iconpurplefire40: A Kind of Magic p31 by Purplefire40
Page 32: :iconpurplefire40: A Kind of Magic p32 by Purplefire40
Page 34: :iconlorenavldz09:
Page 35: :iconlorenavldz09:
Page 36: :iconlorenavldz09:

:star: Signed Up for Voice Actor Adventures: (We'll try not to use many of you guys in both volumes since we know it would otherwise be too much work to work on both!  No worries. ^_^)
:iconliansa: :iconclockworkpieces: :icondimentiondragon: :iconfuegokid: :iconkionakina: :iconnelllim:
:iconagentjelly101: :iconpurplegoldfish14: :iconsetack-skrfo: :iconbrewehkazune: :iconr-spanner: :iconmoomoochick15: :icondaphinteresting: :iconcantrona: :iconcrossing-dark: :iconmaniac-ani:
:iconmew-mew-mari-shinju: :iconguenvanhelsing: :iconringo-ichigo:  :iconmookyloo: :iconmojasleza: :iconhope30789: :iconcybiline: :iconimnotholly: :iconspiritpanda: :iconkyoeichi:
:iconosa-chi: :iconalnyll: :iconavato-chan: :icone-star99: :iconrhiakolareny: :iconmanu-chann: :iconpurplefire40: :iconnashoba-lusa: :iconbekihall: :iconai-alchemy:
:iconserene-simplicit: :iconmopotter: :iconrosieelfgirl: :icontechlynn: :iconkristinaelyse:
:iconaerilaya: :iconmadcheesecake:  :iconmarceline0098: :iconartisan-garden: :iconlexitheheartless: :iconcandi-rhodes: :iconlarriss: :iconxpuremaplecanadianx: :iconsapphireoceanspony: :iconchibiggydesu55:
:icontimesong426: :iconlukamchan: :iconmagentaalchemist13: :iconforeverfrosty: :iconpiko-chan4ever: :iconxxlionrampantxx: :iconyugi-dan-yami: :iconkimono-chimera: :iconusagi-chan14: :iconotakuyasha:
:iconcaseydraft001: :iconlorenavldz09: :iconepikalstorms: :iconwinryi-chan: :iconyearofthestar: :iconmiddeniht: :iconcutenessmaximized: :iconoreo-otaku15: :iconyukitenshiuchiha: :iconvocaloidlover08:
:iconjadefowl: :iconamy-oh: :iconcutefox7: :iconkitsuneray: :iconringonamida: :iconfmasuperstar822: :iconyellow816: :icondark-shadow-assassin: :iconyukiokazue: :iconedgirl1:
:iconredwallchick1303: :icongummigator: :iconskystorm00: :iconfemfinland:
:iconaseliger: :iconkakkorta: :iconxxamufujibioshixx: :iconavalarprincess: :iconkimartess: :iconusagi-chan14: :iconyumeyorunotenshi: :icongoddessofalchemy26: :iconhope30789:

Speedy Tagline

superhero weekly feature themeHey guys!  When you finish your Secret Ranger Gifts be sure to let us know so we can Feature you!

For Gift idea help:
Secret Ranger Request Topic Located here.

:rudolph: :holly: :bulletred: Presents: :holly: :rudolph:
Secret Ranger 1: Alphonse by landra15 Christmas in July Gift by animaloversammy Shiki Senri - Eating Pocky by SoraRoxas-15 Secret Ranger - Black Butler cross by Adi-Arty Double ScoopDouble Scoop
“Are you ready yet?” Rin cried, knocking on her brother’s door. “What?” Len called out. “Our double date? With Kaito and Miku? Did you forget?” “No…”
Len came out, and both twins stared at each other. “Is that the best you could find?” Rin asked. Len looked down on his outfit; white t-shirt with yellow sleeves coming out of the white sleeves, and light brown pants. “You look like a banana.” Rin said, sighing. “I like bananas.” “I know.” Len saw that Rin was dressed in a cute yellow sundress, with light lace at the bottom, and her usual white bow holding up her hair. “You look cute, though.” She smiled. “Thank you.”
“We should go. They’re probably waiting there already.” Rin said. Len nodded and left with his sister.
Rin was right. Both Miku and Kaito were already at the ice cream parlor.
Miku was glaring at Kaito, probably pl

Secret Ranger Gift For .:FamishedFox:. by Forever-13 Moonlit Hat by Purplefire40 DOUBLE Secret Ranger: Christmas Gift for Adi-Arty by MoonlightModoki Haikyuu!! - for Medli45 by aseliger Secret Ranger Gift For .:StageTechy1991:. by Forever-13
Secret Ranger: Honey and Oreos by landra15 Secret Ranger Gift for BrittKaySweet by StageTechy1991 Play time is the best! by Joileanna Secret Santa for Middeniht by TorresAdlinCDL91 Uryu (Merry Christmas, Ranger!) by BrittKaySweet
Ed and the Coffee Run [gift for TheBunnyAlchemist]{WARNING THIS IS  FOR COMEDY REASONS ONLY!!!!!!! :D thank you and have a nice  day.]
It was one of the weirdest errands The Fullmetal Alchemist ever had to run for Central. But if the Brigarder General could it so could a tiny guy all the way from Risembool.
As he looked up to a sign in the middle of Central he looked to the themos with a mermaid around it on the sign. "Starbucks. Well I guess this is  the place," He said as he went in.  Seeing the counter he was happy he could see over it.  
The maid turned "Hey there you new guy at Head quarters."  Ed Nodded as she came over with a few themoses.  But before looking at them smell of coffee hit his nose.
He heard from some folks Coffee was surpose to stunt growth. But it smelled good as his nose twitched.
"GIVE ME WHATEVER THE COLONAL ORDERED!!!!!," He spurted out this was a big day might as well splurge. 
"Okay we have three sizes, Tall, Regular and Venti which one would you like cause the
secret ranger gift 1 by CrazyFandomSlut secret ranger gift 2 by CrazyFandomSlut Edward Elric by Suasite DOUBLE Secret Ranger Gift for SakuraDreamerz2. by EmeraldAngel2
DOUBLE Secret Rangers Gift for Middeniht. by EmeraldAngel2 Secret Ranger - Scar and Roy by Adi-Arty Secret Santa for Straykit by TorresAdlinCDL91 Merry (ridiculously early) Christmas tsuna1410! by CheeveetheCheetah Merry (ridiculously early) Christmas Suasite! by CheeveetheCheetah
For lokianna by KeeahxBlade Secret Santa 2014 July for ringonamida by MrsMooney2 Secret Ranger gift for Silverthewolf22 by Usachan85 Secret Ranger gift for Yunsildin!! by Usachan85 SR Sheep by Amy-Oh
Samantha Lynn by Lokianna DOUBLE Secret Ranger: Christmas Gift for Tassaron by MoonlightModoki Secret dA Ranger- Levi by GreenDragon-Fly Secret Ranger - Spitaalinen by Lilly7 When you Wish by Yunsildin
Laura Croft by Yunsildin SR Swim with me by Amy-Oh Secret Ranger - haydenmaye by Lilly7 The Flame Alchemist by Tassaron Tied Up by Purplefire40
DN Angel-- Dark by Peony-Flowers Wolverine the cat? by VoraceAiles Ed the angel by VoraceAiles Ethan Elric - Secret Ranger gift - Rainbowwbroker by animewiccan725 Edward Elric by Peony-Flowers
Sailor Moon Family by FamishedFox under the moon by Joileanna Secret Ranger--Rem by Colliequest Smile! -Gift- by Mayounnaise This Boy Caught a Haru by TrinityKarose
Rei by sealgirl922 Secret Ranger gift for Amy-oh by BobsCookie Secret Ranger: purplefire40 by haydenmaye Fullmetal Alchemist:Secret Rangers by tsuna1410 The Doctor is In... [color] by PrettySoldierPetite
''I've got your back!'' [colored] by PrettySoldierPetite Euneartha -Gift- by Mayounnaise

What do you mean it's July?  Well we're gonna have some Christmas spirit anyway! :giggle:

That's right!!  It's time for the Ranger Christmas GIFT EXCHANGE! :dance: :santa:

Those of you who've been in the Rangers a while know it's tradition for us to host a big old Gift Exchange twice a year, one in July and one in November gearing up for December.  Our own take on Secret Santa, this is Secret Ranger!

I'd like to stress to you guys not to sign up for this unless you certainly intend to give out your gifts!  We don't want drop-outs so we hope you get into the spirit!  Lets all do our best and have fun! :highfive:

This year is once again DOUBLE Secret Ranger!  What does that mean?  Why it means that each of you will be assigned TWO Secret Rangers!  That's right!  That means double the presents and double the gifts you give out!  This way everybody gets a gift!  We intend to keep this tradition since you guys seemed to really love it last time. :la:

Sound like fun?  Let's get Christmas kickin'!

:rudolph: :holly:  :bulletred: Contributors: :holly: :rudolph:
:iconthebunnyalchemist: :iconemilymellark1: :iconemeraldangel2: :iconsakuradreamerz2: :iconusagi-chan14: :iconaseliger: :iconmedli45: :iconwynter-heart: :iconforever-13: :iconstagetechy1991:
:iconmayounnaise: :icontorresadlincdl91: :iconmiddeniht: :iconlandra15: :icongreendragon-fly: :iconasinglepetal: :iconpokemon-ranger-casey: :iconcrazyfandomslut: :iconfamishedfox: :iconbrittkaysweet:
:iconsuasite: :iconstraykit: :iconlight-girl: :iconoreo-otaku15: :icondeamonsin-7: :iconkeeahxblade: :iconlokianna: :iconanimaloversammy: :iconprettysoldierpetite: :iconcheeveethecheetah:
:iconwiccanangel12: :iconmarceline0098: :icondarkmousyrulezall: :iconultimateshadowgirl: :iconbobscookie: :iconsealgirl922: :iconkermitgirl08: :iconlapantsswag: :icontrinitykarose: :icontsuna1410:
:iconanime-fangirl-i-am: :iconlilly7: :iconhaydenmaye: :iconpurplefire40: :iconamy-oh: :iconmrsmooney2: :iconringonamida: :iconanimewiccan725: :iconrainbowwbroker: :iconbyakuyasgirl:
:iconsoraroxas-15: :iconspitaalinen: :iconssvineman: :iconusachan85: :iconyunsildin: :icondashita-tichou: :iconvoraceailes: :icontainteddna: :iconmoonlightmodoki: :iconadi-arty:
:iconnarutoeatsasuke: :iconzeldaisawesom: :iconepikalstorms: :iconsilverthewolf22: :iconangelhanna: :iconpeony-flowers: :iconjorwayblacknight: :icon11kairimayumi11: :icontassaron: :icongreenandnavybluerae:
:iconjoileanna: :iconcolliequest: :iconjedininjaprincess: :iconmotheroffrankenstein:
:iconspeedyalchemist: :iconkuzo-uzomaki: :icontrav-mcdan:

:rudolph: :holly: :bulletred: How do I contribute? :holly: :rudolph:
All you need to do is post here in the comments and we'll add you to the sign up list!!
In return for the presents you receive, you'll give two people presents.  
Please remember that it's important to give as well as receive, so don't sign up unless you absolutely intend on giving a present to both your Secret Rangers in return!  No excuses guys!  It's Christmas!  You gotta make somebody smile too!

We will be posting a "Secret Ranger" request journal when the sign ups end.  So those of you uncertain what to get your Secret Rangers will have a point of reference.
We can't control everybody getting their presents so PLEASE remember to GIVE your Gifts!  If you have any questions feel free to Note me when the Sign Ups end.

Note: We will select your Secret Rangers randomly and Note you after people have signed up.  Sign ups end in no time so hurry while you can!

:bulletred: What is done in a Gift Exchange?
You draw your Secret Rangers a gift, or write them something, or whatever you'd like and two Rangers do the same for you in return!
Give two gifts, get two gifts, spread the joy!
Just be thoughtful that's all anyone could ask for.  This is all in the spirit of niceness!!  Enjoy it. =)

This will also help members get to know each other!!  You can tell your Ranger-Receives that you're their Secret Rangers once you've given them their gifts if you'd like.  But be sure to tell us so that we can share it here as well!! ^^

:bulletred: Gift Exchange Deadline:
August 31st. (So finish your present for your Secret Rangers before then!!)

Speedy Tagline

More Journal Entries

Finished Projects (And Vic's Reactions!)

superhero weekly feature theme
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Current Projects

superhero weekly feature theme
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Vic's Con List

superhero weekly feature themesuperhero weekly feature theme

:bulletred: FanExpo
Toronto, ON Canada
-August 28-30, 2014

:bulletred: RocCon!
Rochester, NY
-September 19-21, 2014

:bulletred: AWA (Anime Weekend Atlanta)
Atlanta, GA
-September 26-28, 2014

:bulletred: BanzaiCon
Columbus, SC
-October 10-12, 2014

:bulletred: Anime Banzai
Salt Lake City, UT
October 17-19, 2014

:bulletred: MCM Expo London
London, England
-October 24-26, 2014

:bulletred: Rhode Island Comic Con
Providence, RI
-October 31-November 2, 2014

:bulletred: MCM Expo Birmingham
Birmingham, England
-November 22-23, 2014

Don't forget that there are Ranger Dinners and Ranger Panels and Ranger Gatherings at most every Con! Check out the Forums to see if there's one for the convention you're attending!
Vic Mignogna himself sometimes goes to the Gatherings too. ^_~

:bulletred: Con Topics and Ranger Gathering's.

:bulletred: If you have a question regarding Gatherings, contact our Officer Heza: :iconheza-chan:
:bulletred: Check out the Risembool Ranger Website Here.

DA Ranger Logo Feature:

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Group Information & More

Submit Art
Group Rules

Are you a fan of Vic Mignogna and the awesome work he's done? We'd love to have you join our group! Everyone is welcome here.

All art should be submitted to the Featured 6 folder. We will sort submissions into the appropriate folders.

Be sure to read the Group Rules so you can know what's allowed and what's not. Thank you!!

Club Manager:
:iconspeedyalchemist: - Speedy - Jenna
:iconda-risembool-rangers: - Speedy's Other Account

Group Admins:
:iconcaramelcat123: - Cammie :iconmeganekko-bomb: - Cael :iconartemis-day: - Michelle
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Group Officers:
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:iconobi-quiet: - Anne

ID Card Templet:
DA Ranger Card Templet by DA-Risembool-Rangers

Are YOU a Risembool Ranger?
DA Ranger Stamp by SpeedyAlchemist Risembool Ranger Stamp 2 by SpeedyAlchemist

Ranger Meme:
:BLANK: Risembool Rangers meme! by Caramelcat123

About Vic Mignogna

Just who is Vic Mignogna? Only the most awesome voice actor EVER!

He's lent his voice to over 150 characters, including:

Edward Elric, (Fullmetal Alchemist)
Dark Mousy, (D.N.Angel)
Broly, (DragonBall Z)
Tamaki Suoh, (Ouran High School Host Club)
Kurz Weber, (Full Metal Panic!)
Vega,(Street Fighter II V)
Yukito Kunisaki, (Air (TV))
Ikkaku Madarame, (Bleach)
Gawl Kudo, (Generator Gawl)
Fai D. Flourite, (Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle)
Spirit "Death Scythe", (Soul Eater)
Zero Kiryu, (Vampire Knight)
Obito Uchiha, (Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3)
Yoshimori Sumimura, (Kekkaishi)
Greece, (Hetalia Axis Powers)
Nagato, (Naruto: Shippuuden)
Omega, E123, (recent Sonic the Hedgehog Games)
Keldeo, (Pokemon Best Wishes! Season 2: Kyurem vs. Seikenshi)
Baka "Prince, Baka-ouji" Ki El Dogra, (Level E)
And various other anime and video game characters.

He is a very talented songwriter and Musician. He's SUPER SUPER kind to all of his fans, and is a strong believer in Jesus Christ, and credits all his success to God.

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Voice Actor Birthdays

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:star: August: :star:
Travis Willingham: August 3, 1981
Michael Sinterniklaas: August 13, 1972
Todd Haberkorn: August 16, 1982
Kate Higgins: August 16, 1969
Micah Solusod: August 21, 1990
Steve Staley: August 25, 1969
:star: Vic Mignogna: August 27, 1962 :star:
Mona Marshall: August 31, 1947

Artist of the Month:

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The Artist of the Month is Lucy alllll the way from New Zealand with this GORGEOUS Elric brothers piece!
Elric brother's desire by NellLim



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