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superhero weekly feature theme1 picture to go if we're gonna make it in time guys!!

:iconinkstainkat15: suggested we do this!  And we thought it would be a super fun idea!

In honor of Vic Mignogna's newest role, Rin Matsuoka from Free!: Eternal Summer and because of Christmas!  We thought that we would host a quick Project!!  We're making Vic Mignogna a Christmas Gift, a Rin Calender!!!
We'll be using Shutterfly to make it!  ( )
Here's how you guys can contribute!  Lets give Vic a really cool Christmas Present this year!!!

:santa: Contributions:
Matsuoka Rin Winter by AmuFujibioshi Rin the sorcerer by atem15 Rin as Mad Hatter by Amy-Oh Rin's Jaws by inkstainkat15 November Down Under by DammitHughes Santa Rin! by Light-girl Rin Matsuoka for Vic Mignogna Calender (June) by Eloise7783 Valentine's Day Rin Matsuoka by ReiReiTheAlchemist Rinja by DammitHughes Rin :: Lucky by inkstainkat15 Rin Matsuoka Spring by AmuFujibioshi

:santa: How to contribute:
-Draw a picture of Rin Matsuoka from Free!  Make sure its at least 3000 x 3000 pixels in size!

-Theme the picture with a month, so for instance if it is a winter month it would be awesome if you had Rin dressed in winter clothing with a snowy background, ect.

-Post the picture as a deviation and link us to it here!  Make sure you put your signature at the bottom left of your picture!  Vic loves signed work. :giggle:

-Because there will not be enough room for everyone's pictures, all the others will be made into a charming set of pictures wrapped up with a few of his favorite candies and pretty bows!  

We're gonna surprise him. ^_~

Get started right away guys!  We only have a small window for this!  Hope you all contribute!

Also don't forget to contribute to the Christmas Cards for Kids Project: the-da-ranger-group.deviantart…

:bulletred: Deadline: December 14th.

:bulletgreen: Donation Info:
If you'd like to donate towards the printing of the calendar, please send donations via to  All donations will be appreciated and used to fund the calendar and the shipping!

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:santa::iconsparklesplz: It’s that time of the year again!! :iconsparklesplz::santa:

THERE'S ONE WEEK LEFT!!!! Don't forget about your Secret Santa projects! Please, please, please give your gifts to your recipients if you haven't already!!! *throws glitter*

For gift idea help: Secret Ranger Request Journal located here!

Don't forget to let us see your awesome gifts!!

:holly:PRESENTS!!! *throws glitter*:holly:
Secret Ranger: 11th Doctor by Purplefire40 Family Christmas .:Secret Ranger Gift:.Night had fallen, snow slowly drifted to the ground covering it in a light layer of powder, lights were strung between each lamp post illuminating the streets with a reddish green glow, and many people still rushed about, gathering the last items needed to make their perfect Christmas . A young man in his early twenties stands in front of a large Christmas tree, dead set in the middle of the shopping district; he looks around, golden hair waving around as he turns his head and tugs on his scarf sighing slightly.
“Mag où êtes-vous?” He said softly at first but then louder and louder until he feels something tug on his coat. Looking down he finds himself eye to eye with Mag, a beautiful young girl with soft, kind bluish green eyes, and long flowing silver locks.
“Je suis désolé Francis, je me suis arrêté à regarder que toy soldier dans le magasin de jouets fenêtre. Je voudrais donner à Arthur pour Noël ... mais je n'ai p
The Northern Lights: SECRET RANGER GIFT!!!! by FullmetalAndCatLoverSecret Ranger Gift-Mistletoe by landra15Secret Ranger Gift-Lena by landra15
Gift - Planning Tomorrow by SoraRoxas-15Gift - Vapula Dialen by SoraRoxas-15Whack-a-Gift -Gift- by MayounnaiseDA secret ranger gift exchange: death the kid by marifuuHanji Zoe (Secret Ranger 2014) by aseliger
Frohe Weihnachten. by EmeraldAngel2DSR Saving my Princess by Amy-OhSecret Ranger: Annabel Lee and Loke by Purplefire40Christmas Gift 1, Secret Ranger, CrazyFandomSlut by chi-ji-dragonSecret ranger gift for Deamonsin-7 Akito by FullmetalAndCatLover
Day Date -Gift- by MayounnaiseStargazers by KaeldraaTheEpicChristmas Gift 2, Secret Ranger LCextrordinaire by chi-ji-dragonsecret ranger gift- tamaharu by CrazyFandomSlutChristmas Kisses by autumn-maple
Cheshire Kitties' Christmas by autumn-maplesecret ranger gift- shizaya by CrazyFandomSlutCarlos (Merry Christmas, Ranger!) by BrittKaySweetLena (Merry Christmas, Ranger!) by BrittKaySweetDSR CoolCat eating Oreo by Amy-Oh
Secret Ranger Gift by Forever-13Secret Ranger Gift for PrettySoldierPetite by VicodinFlavoredMintsA Fullmetal Christmas by atem15Secret Ranger gift for FullmetalAndCatLover by Mickxbeth2012Secret Ranger: TaintedDNA by haydenmaye
Secret Ranger Gift for vicodinflavoredmints by Usachan85Secret Ranger Gift for lcextrordinaire by Usachan85 Secret Ranger '14- Cheering UpA/N: I just want to warn you, Amy-Oh, I have never heard of this anime before, and I am basing all my guesses on the characters' personalities on that image you linked to and the sparsely detailed TvTropes page.  Sincerest apologies if I screwed up anywhere.
It wasn't like Amy-Oh had never had a bad day before.  She'd had plenty!  Everyone in the world had off days sometimes.  They didn't always have a reason for it--Amy-Oh didn't today--sometimes, you just wake up the the doldrums, and you spend the day shuffling from place to place like a zombie, with a perpetual rain cloud storming things up over your head.  
As Amy-Oh slumped over the kitchen table in her tiny little home that was really only big enough for one person, cramped into a corner with three shadows looming over her.  That wasn't to say she was in any danger, at least not in the traditional sense.  The only way in which she was currently at risk was if Shinsaku finall
Holiday Greetings. by EmeraldAngel2 Secret Ranger '14- Dog SittingRoy Mustang's bad day started like this: he woke up exactly twenty two minutes later than he was supposed to, because in his haste to get to bed the night before, he'd forgotten to shut his bedroom window in preparation for the high gusts of wind the radio warned about.  His favorite old alarm clock was in pieces on the floor, and he almost stepped on a cog while running to the closet.
His car was stuck between two other cars, some chuckleheads thought it was funny to leave a high ranking military official double parked.  Roy was sure to take down their license plate numbers before beginning the walk to HQ.  Just wait until he was Fuhrer.  Then they'd get it...
Hawkeye was out sick with the stomach flu, just about the only thing that could've kept his most trusted subordinate out of bed ("I wouldn't want to infect anyone else," she'd say), and with the rest of his team either out on assignment or taking vacation time of their own to visit family, it looked like he w

Gravity Falls for ALNyll :3 by tsuna1410Merry Christmas secret ranger by animenyancatSecret ranger gift by animenyancatSecret ranger - Sky and Gohan by Adi-ArtySecret Ranger - Kiss by Adi-Arty
Let it Go and Throw Glitter! by YugaMizuno

That’s right!! It’s time to spread some Christmas cheer and have a giant Ranger GIFT EXCHANGE!

It’s been a tradition for years now to host a big Gift Exchange twice a year, one in July and one in November/December. We’ve taken the idea of a Secret Santa exchange and put a Ranger twist on it: SECRET RANGER!

Please, please, please, PLEASE do NOT sign up for this unless you intend to give someone else their gifts! It’s no fun to wait and wait and wait for a gift that never comes. We don’t want any drop outs so we hope you into the spirt! Let’s all do our best and have some fun!!! :dance:
This year is a DOUBLE Secret Ranger! That means that each of you will be assigned TWO Secret Rangers! W00t! That means double presents! Double awesomeness!! This way, everyone gets a gift!
Let’s get the fun started then!!!



:bulletred::holly:How do I contribute?
Post in the comments that you want to participate and we’ll add you to the sign up list!! In exchange for signing up to receive presents, you will also give two people presents.
Please remember that it’s important to give as well as receive, so do NOT sign up unless you absolutely intend to give presents to both of your Secret Rangers!! No excuses everyone!! It’s Christmas, so it’s your turn to make someone smile!!

We will have a “Secret Ranger Request Journal posted after sign ups end! So, if you’re uncertain about what to draw or write for your Secret Ranger, you can use that as a point of reference.
We can’t control everybody getting their presents so PLEASE remember to GIVE your gifts!! If you have any questions, feel free to send me a note when sign ups end!

Note: We will note you about your Secret Ranger after sign ups close! Sign ups fill up fast to hurry and sign up while you can!

:bulletred::holly: What is done in a gift exchange?
You draw your Secret Rangers a gift or write them something, whatever you’d like and two Rangers do the same for you in return!
Give two gifts and get two gifts!! What a great way to spread some happiness!
Please be thoughtful and do your best about the gift you give, that’s all we ask for. This is all in the spirit of niceness. Enjoy it!

This is a great way to get to know other Rangers. You can tell your Ranger-Receiver that you’re their Secret Ranger once you’ve given them their gifts! Be sure to tell us so we can share it here as well!!

:bulletred::holly: Gift Exchange Deadline:
December 25th (So finish your gift for your Secret Rangers before then!! Don’t make them wait too long!)

No Chocolate siggie photo NoChocolate.jpg
~Purplefire *throws glitter*
superhero weekly feature themeIts feature time! :la:

*Spoiler warning*

:star: This is really inspiring and lovely.  Enjoy! =D

Anime: Mixed Anime
Song: Keep Your Eyes Open - NEEDTOBREATHE

superhero weekly feature theme

:star: This is real cute.  Enjoy! ^__^

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superhero weekly feature theme
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Group Rules

Are you a fan of Vic Mignogna and the awesome work he's done? We'd love to have you join our group! Everyone is welcome here.

All art should be submitted to the Featured 7 folder. We will sort submissions into the appropriate folders.

Be sure to read the Group Rules so you can know what's allowed and what's not. Thank you!!

Club Manager:
:iconspeedyalchemist: - Speedy - Jenna
:iconda-risembool-rangers: - Speedy's Other Account

Group Admins:
:iconcaramelcat123: - Cammie :iconmeganekko-bomb: - Cael :iconartemis-day: - Michelle
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ID Card Templet:
DA Ranger Card Templet by DA-Risembool-Rangers

Are YOU a Risembool Ranger?
DA Ranger Stamp by SpeedyAlchemist Risembool Ranger Stamp 2 by SpeedyAlchemist

Ranger Meme:
:BLANK: Risembool Rangers meme! by Caramelcat123

About Vic Mignogna

Just who is Vic Mignogna? Only the most awesome voice actor EVER!

He's lent his voice to over 150 characters, including:

Edward Elric, (Fullmetal Alchemist)
Dark Mousy, (D.N.Angel)
Broly, (DragonBall Z)
Tamaki Suoh, (Ouran High School Host Club)
Kurz Weber, (Full Metal Panic!)
Vega,(Street Fighter II V)
Yukito Kunisaki, (Air (TV))
Ikkaku Madarame, (Bleach)
Gawl Kudo, (Generator Gawl)
Fai D. Flourite, (Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle)
Spirit "Death Scythe", (Soul Eater)
Zero Kiryu, (Vampire Knight)
Obito Uchiha, (Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3)
Yoshimori Sumimura, (Kekkaishi)
Greece, (Hetalia Axis Powers)
Nagato, (Naruto: Shippuuden)
Omega, E123, (recent Sonic the Hedgehog Games)
Keldeo, (Pokemon Best Wishes! Season 2: Kyurem vs. Seikenshi)
Baka "Prince, Baka-ouji" Ki El Dogra, (Level E)
And various other anime and video game characters.

He is a very talented songwriter and Musician. He's super kind to all of his fans and loves the Rangers to pieces. Vic is a strong believer in Jesus Christ and credits all his success to God.

Vic Mignogna Risembool Rangers deviantARTReferences:
Vic on IMDB
Vic on
Vic on
Vic Mignogna on Twitter
DA Ranger Group on Twitter
The Risembool Ranger Website
Ranger Chat Room
Ranger Official Fan Listing
Risembool Ranger Official Facebook
Project Don't Forget
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Voice Actor Birthdays

superhero weekly feature theme
:star: December: :star:
Greg Ayres: December 7, 1968
Leah Clark: December 20, 1979
Spike Spencer: December 21, 1968
Joel McDonald : December 23, 1980
Kent Williams: December 27, 1950

Artist of the Month:

superhero weekly feature theme
The Artist of the Month is Lucy alllll the way from New Zealand with this GORGEOUS Elric brothers piece!
Elric brother's desire by NellLim



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