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superhero weekly feature theme

EDIT4: Apologies for the long wait between updates.  We are in need of a new artist and writer for chapter five.  If anyone is interested, please let me know within twenty four hours.  Otherwise, everyone will move up one spot, and the person who was going to do chapter six will now be doing chapter five, and so on and so forth.  WE ARE STILL IN NEED OF A WRITER FOR CHAPTER TWELVE.

EDIT3: Chapter Twelve is now open.  If you would like chapter twelve, please let me know asap.

EDIT2: We need someone to fill in for chapter eight.  If you would like to have it and you have not already signed on for a chapter, let me know by tonight (11 pm CST).  Otherwise, I will be contacting someone on the pinch hitter list, so stay close if you are on it. SPOT FILLED

EDIT: Forgot to mention, if you plan to deactivate your account for any reason after your work on the project is complete, please let us know so we can back up your work.

Also, let me know if you would be willing to do a second chapter/artwork somewhere down the line should we have a dropout and no one else can fill in.  There is no guarantee that you will actually have to do it, I'd just like to be prepared for anything.

Okay, guys!  Time to sign up for another DA Rangers fictional epic!

The story will be titled Weapons and Meisters.  Here is the official story summary:

A night out for Spirit takes a turn for the strange when he finds himself in a world unlike his own.  There he meets a young man named Tamaki Suoh, and their dysfunctional first meeting will end in surprises for everyone when otherworldly forces that not even Spirit can understand appear, forcing the two to work together.  As their shaky new partnership is born, Spirit and Tamaki are quick to find they are not the only ones being targeted.  Their ragtag team soon consists of a depressed vampire who is a natural as a meister, an angry alchemist who does not like being a short sword, a bald headed soul reaper who is determined to work alone, and more.  Can they learn to work together?  Will Tamaki come into his own as a meister?  Will Spirit ever get home to give Maka her birthday present?  Or will all their efforts in the end be for naught?

Okay, so as you can tell by the summary, the current line up looks like this:

Spirit and Tamaki are partners, and Tamaki is Spirit's new meister.

Zero is a meister and Ed is a weapon (a short sword), but they don't necessarily have to be partnered up.

Ikkaku is an ineffectual loner who wants nothing to do with this crazy meister stuff and just wants to go home.

Everything and everyone else, including Dark Mousy, Prince Baka, Fai, Broly, etc. are fair game, and can become whatever the writer who introduces them wants.

Once again, you are allowed to sign up as both a writer AND an artist.  If you do so, you will be writing a chapter and then creating artwork for that chapter.  However, if you do NOT want to provide artwork for the chapter you wrote, and would instead like to be assigned a different chapter, let me know.  

Also, since we had a lot of drop outs last time around, please make sure you are available to write your chapter when it's your turn.  You can take a little more time drawing the artwork, but the chapters must be written in as timely a manner as possible.  You will have one week to write your chapter, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem.  

If for whatever reason you have to bow out of writing or drawing, please give me at least a few days advanced notice so I can work out a replacement.

Comment below saying if you want to be a writer, an artist, or both.  The first chapter will be posted when sign ups are done.  I want to shot for around thirty chapters this time, but should the story run long, that can change, so don't feel too constricted by any chapter limit.  I care far more about telling a good story.

Feel free to continue commenting even after all spots are filled.  We can always use pinch hitters, so the more volunteers we get, the better.

Alright, that's about all I have to say.  So let's get to it!


Okay, no more caps now.  Those get old fast.  The writing will start now that all thirty writers have signed on.  If you are still interested in writing a chapter, let me know and I will put you on a list of reserve writers.  Same thing goes for artists once all of those spaces are filled.  

The first chapter will be up tomorrow, either in the afternoon or early evening depending on how long it takes me to edit and revise.  A couple of guidelines for those who come after me:

:bulletred: You will have one week to write your chapter.  If you are also drawing the art for your chapter, you will have two weeks after your chapter is written to do the artwork.
:bulletred: For those of you who are drawing art for a chapter that isn't yours, I will inform you when your assigned chapter has been written.  You are allowed to draw artwork of whatever scene catches your eye.
:bulletred: Be sure to read all the preceding chapters so that we can keep the storyline flowing.
:bulletred: Check your spelling and grammar before you post.  Your chapters will be edited before being compiled into a book for Vic, but it would be very helpful if you did some of the work yourself too.
:bulletred: Similar to the above, make sure your chapter is formatted well.  Try to avoid walls of text at all costs.
:bulletred: While we want to keep the focus on Vic's characters, you are allowed to include other characters in supporting/minor roles.
:bulletred: That said, please try to avoid bringing shipping into the story.  You can allude to certain romantic pairings (ex. a scene where Tamaki is pining over Haruhi or Spirit is thinking about his ex-wife) but please keep it off-screen.  Remember that not everyone likes the same pairings that you do.
:bulletred: Try and stay within a limit of 800 words minimum and 2500 maximum (especially try and go over the minimum).
:bulletred: If you have to drop out at any point, let me know first thing, and let me know if you would be willing to write a later chapter instead (ex. if the person doing chapter 20 is going to be busy, but still wants to participate, I can change it so that they are writing chapter 30 and move everyone else up a spot).  Same goes for artists.
:bulletred: For both writers and artists, make sure your work abides by the general Ranger rules.  That is to say no yaoi, yuri, or otherwise mature content.

Alright, I'll see you guys tomorrow!

Chapter 1:
WRITER: :iconartemis-day:- JFF2: Weapons and Meisters No. 1Chapter One: The Strangest Night of Spirit Albarn's Life
The sun was a bright happy ball in the sky, shining down on the creatures below.  The park was full of life that day, teenagers played touch football and children drew pictures in the sand.  Under the watchful eyes of their parents, they played their tiny hearts out, and when they could play no more, they followed the sugary scent of cake that wafted from a large picnic table.  A seven layer cake all colored in black and red icing sat in the center of it.  At the top was a tiny replica of a pigtailed girl hugging the life out of a redheaded man.  The actual pigtailed girl was just about to cut into the cake, assisted by the actual redheaded man, her loving and devoted father.
"Be careful now, Maka dear," said Spirit Albarn, as he guided the hand that held the dangerously sharp knife through the frosting.  "Don't go too fast.  Daddy doesn't want you to hurt your

:iconkainrin:- The Meeting by KainRin

Chapter 2:
WRITER: :iconluckygirl88:- JFF2: Weapons and Meisters No. 2Chapter 2: A Short Misunderstanding
What is the meaning of exchange? In order to gain something of equal value must be lost or so they say. However, would you exchange something of equal importance to gain something of higher value? Some people might answer no while others might agree depending on the situation. Would you risk your life for that higher purpose?  If you answered no, then you’re smarter than me. Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is Alchemy's First Law of Equivalent Exchange.
It was warm in Resembool with that familiar gentle breeze passing by. My brother and I we’re stopping in to see Granny and Winry to get my automail repaired. The last fight against Roy Mini Skirt Mustang nearly tore it off. Thankfully he let me off easy this time even though I swear I can hear him mocking me. Anyway, Al and I arrived with almost warm greetings. Winry, threw her wre

:iconninjacornpegasus:- Joint Fanfic Chapter 2 art by NinjacornPegasus

Chapter 3:
WRITER: :icon2006kate:- JJF 2 : Weapons and Meisters      Chapter 3 - Swirling fates 
  The fog gave way to room , a room unlike any thing any of them had ever seen . It was painted like the sky , but it had windows placed in various places. The small group walked towards a glass mirror , there they saw two people . A boy with spiky red hair and a boy with dark blonde hair which was tied in a pony tail . They both turned around and yelled at the same time
 The blonde with the ponytail ran up and hugged Ed while the red head hugged Dark . Edward looked at the blonde then said
, the other one nodded and continued to hug him out of pure joy . Eventually all the hugging stopped and everyone got down to introductions . In the end the people in attendance were , Dark , Daisuke , Edward , Alphonse , and Zero . 
"Welcome , Weapons and Meisters to Death City" yelled a voice suddenly.
The boys jumped before turning around to find , well they weren't sure what it was. 
"Who ar

:icon2006kate:- Swirling Fates by 2006kate

Chapter 4:
WRITER: :iconraijimagiwind:- Ranger JFF2: Weapons and Meister's Chapter 4Weapons and Meisters
Chapter 4- This Day Couldn’t Get Any Worse….Could It?
Spirit stood gaping at the now blank mirror for a few moments before turning back to Tamaki.
“Ok, I don’t know what the heck is going on, but apparently we somehow have to get back to Death City to get more information from Lord Death. But the real question is figuring out how to get there. Something weird is going on and whatever it is seems intent on not letting us get to where we need to go.”
Tamaki glance over to Spirit. “Is there any way I can help? I mean if there is, I can try and help you.”
“At this point, I don’t know if you can. And if trouble comes, I can change a little into a weapon, but without Lord Death, or another meister whom I form a proper bond with, I cannot become a proper weapon to fight.
Meanwhile back with Lord Death, the small group watched as he spoke to another person through the mirror. Once the others seemed to

:iconcheeveethecheetah:- Partnered up by CheeveetheCheetah

Chapter 5:
WRITER: :iconsakuradreamerz2:

Chapter 6:
WRITER: :iconusachan85:

Chapter 7:
WRITER: :iconbrittkaysweet:

Chapter 8:
WRITER: :iconswifthazephantom:

Chapter 9:
WRITER: :iconsakuradreamerz2:

Chapter 10:
WRITER: :iconx-rainflame-x:

Chapter 11:
WRITER: :iconwinterspheonix:

Chapter 12:

Chapter 13:
WRITER: :iconcatbot158:

Chapter 14:
WRITER: :iconmy5tic-lali:

Chapter 15:
WRITER: :iconparanormalartist:

Chapter 16:
WRITER: :iconjesstalksalot:

Chapter 17:
WRITER: :iconmiddeniht:

Chapter 18:
WRITER: :iconmariekagede:

Chapter 19:
WRITER: :icongreendragon-fly:

Chapter 20:
WRITER: :iconvocataku02:

Chapter 21:
WRITER: :iconpyrophoenix13:

Chapter 22:
WRITER: :iconzeldaisawesom:

Chapter 23:
WRITER: :iconpokemon-ranger-casey:

Chapter 24:
WRITER: :iconphantom5401:

Chapter 25:
WRITER: :iconphoenixthehedgehog16:

Chapter 26:
WRITER: :iconnarutoeatsasuke:

Chapter 27:
WRITER: :iconreflectedshade:

Chapter 28:
WRITER: :iconswifthazephantom:

Chapter 29:
WRITER: :iconotakuyasha:

Chapter 30:
WRITER: :iconkittykax33221:

Speedy Tagline

- Artemis
superhero weekly feature theme

Don't you just hate rl stuff?  It messes everything up.  But we're back now with more Feature Friday!

Let's get started with...


:iconakirveva:- Edward Nerd by akirveva

Okay, this is just too cute to pass up.  Look at those glasses even.  Of course, Ed wouldn't be your typical TV nerd.  If someone tried to put his head in the toilet, he'd probably beat them up.


:iconjedininjaprincess:- Phantom Dark Mousy NDK 14 by jedininjaprincess

Look at those wings right there.  This is a well-made cosplay for sure.  

Why yes, Dark, I will come to you.  First I need to watch your anime.


:iconkaeldraatheepic:- Fullmetal Sorrow"It's all my fault, Al..." 
The words echoed throughout the stone chamber. A young teenager lay slumped on the cold floor, though his face could not be seen - for it was covered by a silken red hood, which was attached to the coat that he wore. The material was adorned with gold on the edges of the hood and sleeves, and, further down, a symbol lay splayed out across the fabric. It was what appeared to be a black cross, with a snake coiled around it. Above was a crown with two simple wings stretched out on either side.
Those who knew it would recognize it as Flamel's Cross of Alchemy. It symbolized perfection - achievement - and was worn by those who believed they could surpass God himself.
But there was no one else in this place besides the coat's owner. The room was box-like, with walls of gray stone bricks, seemingly worn with age. There were no doors, no windows. The boy on the ground clenched his gloved hand into a fist, bits of bright blonde hair peeking out from ben

And now that we've had some fun, let me just preemptively apologize for breaking your heart into a million pieces.  When you're an FMA fan, it comes with the territory.

Remember, if you want to help pick next week's features, leave a link in the comments along with why you think it should be featured!

Speedy Tagline

- Artemis
superhero weekly feature themeHey guys!  Time for a Featured AMV~ =)

Sent to us by one of our Rangers, enjoy the cuteness! :la:

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The Artist of the Month is Lucy alllll the way from New Zealand with this GORGEOUS Elric brothers piece!
Elric brother's desire by NellLim



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