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superhero weekly feature theme

EDIT8: We are in need of a new writer for chapter twenty two.  If you are interested, please let me know in the next twenty four hours.

EDIT7: We are in need of a new artist for chapter fourteen.  Please message me or leave a note in the comments if you are interested.

EDIT6: We are in need of a new writer for chapter twenty.  If you are interested, please message me or leave a note in the comments.

Also, let me know if you would be willing to do a second chapter/artwork somewhere down the line should we have a dropout and no one else can fill in.  There is no guarantee that you will actually have to do it, I'd just like to be prepared for anything.</b>

Okay, guys!  Time to sign up for another DA Rangers fictional epic!

The story will be titled Weapons and Meisters.  Here is the official story summary:

A night out for Spirit takes a turn for the strange when he finds himself in a world unlike his own.  There he meets a young man named Tamaki Suoh, and their dysfunctional first meeting will end in surprises for everyone when otherworldly forces that not even Spirit can understand appear, forcing the two to work together.  As their shaky new partnership is born, Spirit and Tamaki are quick to find they are not the only ones being targeted.  Their ragtag team soon consists of a depressed vampire who is a natural as a meister, an angry alchemist who does not like being a short sword, a bald headed soul reaper who is determined to work alone, and more.  Can they learn to work together?  Will Tamaki come into his own as a meister?  Will Spirit ever get home to give Maka her birthday present?  Or will all their efforts in the end be for naught?

Okay, so as you can tell by the summary, the current line up looks like this:

Spirit and Tamaki are partners, and Tamaki is Spirit's new meister.

Zero is a meister and Ed is a weapon (a short sword), but they don't necessarily have to be partnered up.

Ikkaku is an ineffectual loner who wants nothing to do with this crazy meister stuff and just wants to go home.

Everything and everyone else, including Dark Mousy, Prince Baka, Fai, Broly, etc. are fair game, and can become whatever the writer who introduces them wants.

Once again, you are allowed to sign up as both a writer AND an artist.  If you do so, you will be writing a chapter and then creating artwork for that chapter.  However, if you do NOT want to provide artwork for the chapter you wrote, and would instead like to be assigned a different chapter, let me know.  

Also, since we had a lot of drop outs last time around, please make sure you are available to write your chapter when it's your turn.  You can take a little more time drawing the artwork, but the chapters must be written in as timely a manner as possible.  You will have one week to write your chapter, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem.  

If for whatever reason you have to bow out of writing or drawing, please give me at least a few days advanced notice so I can work out a replacement.

Comment below saying if you want to be a writer, an artist, or both.  The first chapter will be posted when sign ups are done.  I want to shot for around thirty chapters this time, but should the story run long, that can change, so don't feel too constricted by any chapter limit.  I care far more about telling a good story.

Feel free to continue commenting even after all spots are filled.  We can always use pinch hitters, so the more volunteers we get, the better.

Alright, that's about all I have to say.  So let's get to it!


Okay, no more caps now.  Those get old fast.  The writing will start now that all thirty writers have signed on.  If you are still interested in writing a chapter, let me know and I will put you on a list of reserve writers.  Same thing goes for artists once all of those spaces are filled.  

The first chapter will be up tomorrow, either in the afternoon or early evening depending on how long it takes me to edit and revise.  A couple of guidelines for those who come after me:

:bulletred: You will have one week to write your chapter.  If you are also drawing the art for your chapter, you will have two weeks after your chapter is written to do the artwork.
:bulletred: For those of you who are drawing art for a chapter that isn't yours, I will inform you when your assigned chapter has been written.  You are allowed to draw artwork of whatever scene catches your eye.
:bulletred: Be sure to read all the preceding chapters so that we can keep the storyline flowing.
:bulletred: Check your spelling and grammar before you post.  Your chapters will be edited before being compiled into a book for Vic, but it would be very helpful if you did some of the work yourself too.
:bulletred: Similar to the above, make sure your chapter is formatted well.  Try to avoid walls of text at all costs.
:bulletred: While we want to keep the focus on Vic's characters, you are allowed to include other characters in supporting/minor roles.
:bulletred: That said, please try to avoid bringing shipping into the story.  You can allude to certain romantic pairings (ex. a scene where Tamaki is pining over Haruhi or Spirit is thinking about his ex-wife) but please keep it off-screen.  Remember that not everyone likes the same pairings that you do.
:bulletred: Try and stay within a limit of 800 words minimum and 2500 maximum (especially try and go over the minimum).
:bulletred: If you have to drop out at any point, let me know first thing, and let me know if you would be willing to write a later chapter instead (ex. if the person doing chapter 20 is going to be busy, but still wants to participate, I can change it so that they are writing chapter 30 and move everyone else up a spot).  Same goes for artists.
:bulletred: For both writers and artists, make sure your work abides by the general Ranger rules.  That is to say no yaoi, yuri, or otherwise mature content.

Alright, I'll see you guys tomorrow!

Story Spark Notes by: :iconotakuyasha:- Weapons and Meisters SparknotesWEAPONS AND MEISTERS SPARKNOTES
Because honestly, ain’t nobody got time to actually read. Especially with finals and graduations. Plus I’m getting kinda confused…
Vic Characters Introduced: Spirit, Tamaki.
    Spirit has a dream of Maka’s birthday after finding the perfect present and wakes up to the chef throwing him out of a “dingy” restaurant. He realizes that he’s not in Kansas anymore. He can’t read any of the signs, it’s suddenly daytime, and the restaurant is nowhere to be seen. When trying (and failing) to keep from panicking, Maka’s present falls out of his pocket and into traffic so he dives into oncoming traffic and retrieves it.
    A limo nearly runs him over but stops in time. The driver gives Spirit a hard time, but then Tamaki exits the limo and he and Spirit bond. Tamaki invites Spirit along, and they realize

Chapter 1:
WRITER: :iconartemis-day:- JFF2: Weapons and Meisters No. 1Chapter One: The Strangest Night of Spirit Albarn's Life
The sun was a bright happy ball in the sky, shining down on the creatures below.  The park was full of life that day, teenagers played touch football and children drew pictures in the sand.  Under the watchful eyes of their parents, they played their tiny hearts out, and when they could play no more, they followed the sugary scent of cake that wafted from a large picnic table.  A seven layer cake all colored in black and red icing sat in the center of it.  At the top was a tiny replica of a pigtailed girl hugging the life out of a redheaded man.  The actual pigtailed girl was just about to cut into the cake, assisted by the actual redheaded man, her loving and devoted father.
"Be careful now, Maka dear," said Spirit Albarn, as he guided the hand that held the dangerously sharp knife through the frosting.  "Don't go too fast.  Daddy doesn't want you to hurt your

:iconkainrin:- The Meeting by KainRin

Chapter 2:
WRITER: :iconluckygirl88:- JFF2: Weapons and Meisters No. 2Chapter 2: A Short Misunderstanding
What is the meaning of exchange? In order to gain something of equal value must be lost or so they say. However, would you exchange something of equal importance to gain something of higher value? Some people might answer no while others might agree depending on the situation. Would you risk your life for that higher purpose?  If you answered no, then you’re smarter than me. Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is Alchemy's First Law of Equivalent Exchange.
It was warm in Resembool with that familiar gentle breeze passing by. My brother and I we’re stopping in to see Granny and Winry to get my automail repaired. The last fight against Roy Mini Skirt Mustang nearly tore it off. Thankfully he let me off easy this time even though I swear I can hear him mocking me. Anyway, Al and I arrived with almost warm greetings. Winry, threw her wre

:iconninjacornpegasus:- :thumb477675697:

Chapter 3:
WRITER: :icon2006kate:- JJF 2 : Weapons and Meisters      Chapter 3 - Swirling fates 
  The fog gave way to room , a room unlike any thing any of them had ever seen . It was painted like the sky , but it had windows placed in various places. The small group walked towards a glass mirror , there they saw two people . A boy with spiky red hair and a boy with dark blonde hair which was tied in a pony tail . They both turned around and yelled at the same time
 The blonde with the ponytail ran up and hugged Ed while the red head hugged Dark . Edward looked at the blonde then said
, the other one nodded and continued to hug him out of pure joy . Eventually all the hugging stopped and everyone got down to introductions . In the end the people in attendance were , Dark , Daisuke , Edward , Alphonse , and Zero . 
"Welcome , Weapons and Meisters to Death City" yelled a voice suddenly.
The boys jumped before turning around to find , well they weren't sure what it was. 
"Who ar

:icon2006kate:- Swirling Fates by 2006kate

Chapter 4:
WRITER: :iconraijimagiwind:- Ranger JFF2: Weapons and Meister's Chapter 4Weapons and Meisters
Chapter 4- This Day Couldn’t Get Any Worse….Could It?
Spirit stood gaping at the now blank mirror for a few moments before turning back to Tamaki.
“Ok, I don’t know what the heck is going on, but apparently we somehow have to get back to Death City to get more information from Lord Death. But the real question is figuring out how to get there. Something weird is going on and whatever it is seems intent on not letting us get to where we need to go.”
Tamaki glance over to Spirit. “Is there any way I can help? I mean if there is, I can try and help you.”
“At this point, I don’t know if you can. And if trouble comes, I can change a little into a weapon, but without Lord Death, or another meister whom I form a proper bond with, I cannot become a proper weapon to fight.
Meanwhile back with Lord Death, the small group watched as he spoke to another person through the mirror. Once the others seemed to

:iconcheeveethecheetah:- Partnered up by CheeveetheCheetah

Chapter 5:
WRITER: :iconsakuradreamerz2:- JFF2: Weapons and Meisters Chapter 5For "Of Weapons and Meisters"
Chapter 5: Out of the Shadows....
Over...well somewhere within the time and space portals...
Within the flicker of the present surroundings, a shadowed silhouette peered into a moonstone orb within its hand, overlooking the worlds chaos with a sickening cackle. "Look how much my baby has taken over..." She hissed in delight, brushing away a flick of wavy, black hair and dusty pearls, "Not even Medusa could conquer as much in one world....of course...she didn't know anything of the multi worlds, did she?"
Word by her word, the glow of the orb grew brighter within the cavern. Shadows jumped and flooded up to terrorizing heights, and the small candles around the room dwarfed in comparison to its blaze. The woman focused in the energy on the orb...but the next sight was nothing praiseworthy for her. She could see two forms falling within her fog, but one blazed, no, covered with the purest streams of fire.
This was something she loathed...better yet, was fille

:iconcandi-rhodes:- lord death and group by Candi-Rhodes

Chapter 6:
WRITER: :iconusachan85:- JFF2: Weapons and Meisters Chapter 6Lord Death nodded at the group gathered in front of him and began speaking, “hello! Alright, we've got some interesting new details on our current situation!”
The meisters and weapons seemed to all stand a little taller as Lord Death spoke.
“It seems to me that a new witch has risen. She is the most powerful sorcerer I've ever seen to this day. More powerful than Merlin!”
“Uh, Merlin was a wizard!” Dark said, tugging on his finger-less gloves slightly.
“No, Merlin was a warlock!” Ed shouted, a smug look plastered to his face.
“You’re a warlock!” Dark shouted back, teasing the young alchemist.
“I’M AN ALCHEMIST, YOU JERK!” Ed screamed, trying to go over to the older man, but being held back by Alphonse.
“Brother, please.”
“Can we focus here?” Zero sighed, leaning up against the wall with a sigh.
“Yeah, what’s this new witch gotta do with our current situation?” D

:iconcandi-rhodes:- spirit knows by Candi-Rhodes

Chapter 7:
WRITER: :iconbrittjustbritt:- JFF2: Weapons and Meisters Chapter 7 "Motives"
Chapter 7
         "No, Edward, for the final time; we are not going to name ourselves the ‘Risembool Rangers,’” Spirit groaned in frustration, “I know that Risembool was Al and your home, but we need something that applies to all of us equally.” Spirit continued to explain to the young boy for the second time within the hour. Had it been an hour? In all honesty, Spirit had lost track of time in the heat of debating a team name. He looked out the window and saw that the once bright, vibrant sunlight had slipped lower into the horizon; becoming now a softer variety of hues. The pinks and oranges blending to create a spectacular scene.
         Spirit sighed. All this time spent in arguing, coming nowhere closer to their primary goal. If he had to give them any credit, they did decide to all work together to collect all the souls required. Though Spirit wondered just how long that would last.

:iconbrittjustbritt:- JFF2: Cover Art by BrittJustBritt

Chapter 8:
WRITER: :iconswifthazephantom:- JFF2 Weapons and Meisters Chap 8Learning New Tricks

“Honestly, I think we should have a team name,” Tamaki complained. The others groaned once more, having given up that notion hours ago.
“Give it a rest, will ya?” Ed griped, “You’re starting to get really annoying…”
“No kidding,” Zero agreed. Tamaki huffed and continued walking with everyone.
“Um, Lord Death?” Daisuke addressed the man leading them, “You mentioned that some of us are weapons, right?”
The man nodded, “Yes, your partner, Dark, for example.”
“Well… How do they… How are we supposed to fight with a person?”
Ed heard the conversation and walked over to join. Being a “weapon” himself, he was curious as to how the whole thing worked. “I was wondering the same thing. I’m honestly hoping my brother won’t be swinging me around…”
Lord Death laughed. “Spir

:iconasel1:- Risembool Rangers [Joint Fanfic] by asel1

Chapter 9:
WRITER: :iconsakuradreamerz2:- JFF2: Weapons and Meisters Chapter 9Chapter Nine of "Meisters and Weapons"
Twists of Fate and Luck....
So Lord Death explained to Ikkaku what was going on in the different worlds, starting from when the fog was spouted by a sorceress to their plan of working together as Meisters and weapons. After all of the explaining of the details and the thought of the incoming threat were over with, Ikakku gave the group a smirk.
"Sure, I c-" He hovered his hand to his left side....aaaand found his sword was not there. " about being unlucky.." He checked his other side, then his back. There was still no bankai sword with him. Annoyed, he turned back to the group. "Sorry, but I can't join you guys."
Most of their relieving smiles got wiped off their faces, turning to him like he had just turned into the pinkest bunny in the world.
(Tamaki squealed a bit as the 4th wall was broken, yet again. "That would be so cute for Hunny-Sempai and my precious Haruhi! Maybe I could make that our next theme after this is all over!"

:iconsakuradreamerz2:- JFF2: Weapons and Meisters Ch. 9 artwork by SakuraDreamerz2

Chapter 10:
WRITER: :iconx-rainflame-x:- JFF2- Weapons and Meisters Chapter 10Chapter 10
Men and Monsters

“This is stupid.”
His brother sighed beside him, but didn’t respond.
“We’ve got homunculi to apprehend, a Philosopher’s Stone to find, and we’re stuck in this . . . this . . .” Ed looked around, unable to find an appropriate word to describe the inane circumstances they’d found themselves in. “This place looking for some sword for some bald nobody for some reason. Look at it!” He spread his arms in an all-encompassing gesture. “This place makes absolutely no sense! Even the buildings defy logic. Is that one made out of skulls? And is it just me, or is that moon smiling at us?”
Alphonse said nothing.
Ed glared up at the seven-foot tall suit of armor. “Are you listening to me?”
“You’re making it hard not to,” Alphonse informed with another longsuffering sigh.
A sudden thought occurred to Edward. He stop


Chapter 11:
WRITER: :iconwinterspheonix:- Weapons and Meisters Chapter 11Spirit sighed as he waited by the door of the DWMA Medical Room. It would've seemed like a quiet and almost boring waiting for Stien's diagnosis. That is, except the fact that Spirit couldn't stop thinking about what was happening behind that door. Those thoughts were also becoming the source of panicking, 'Who knows what he's planning to do with Tamaki. Maybe if he's lucky it won't be too bad, just a simple, normal diagnosis.... Oh, who am I kidding!? This is Stein, of course he wants to do some type of experiment on him!!'
However, before Spirit could attempt to determine exactly what kind of experiment may be done to Tamaki, the door opened.
“How is he?” Spirit asked. “You didn't do anything to him..... did you?”
Stein breathed a small sigh before replying, “Unfortunately, no. Aside from the symptoms he displayed when you brought him in, there's nothing physically wrong with him that I could find.”
“So.... he's fine?” Spirit asked, alm

:iconwinterspheonix:- Mesiters and Weapons Chapter 11 Illustration by WintersPheonix

Chapter 12:
WRITER: :iconusachan85:- JFF2: Weapons and Meisters Chapter 12Al dodged yet another strike from the attacker, the kishin as he remembered Death say they were called.
“Al? What’s our strategy?” Ed’s voice spoke inside of Al’s mind. Al gave a huff as he ran towards the kishin.
“‘Our’?! I think you mean ‘your’!” Al grunted as he ran his brother, or his sword rather, into the kishin.
“WHAT THE HELL?!?” Ed screamed, being shoved headfirst into a kishin was not an enjoyable experience and he was going to make sure Alphonse knew that.
“Sorry, brother, but we had to defeat the kishin,” Al shrugged, dropping Ed as he became human again.
“So, you killed the guy?!” Ed asked, pointing over to where the man was supposed to be lying dead, but instead of a dead man, there was a floating black orb.
“What’s that brother?”
“Dunno, Al, but let’s find out,” Ed walked closer to the black orb, it seemed to be calling to him, whisper

:iconpurplefire40:- I Want To Eat It (Joint FF, DA Risembool Rangers) by Purplefire40

Chapter 13:
WRITER: :iconcatbot158:- JFF2: Weapons and Meisters No. Thirteen       Chapter Thirteen: No Dung Beetle, Please.
       By now, everyone in this dysfunctional group knew that the place where they had been taken was a little strange. But the requests that were pinned up were the most ludicrous things that they had ever laid their eyes on.
“ ‘A six-foot dungbeetle, with strange markings, located near the docks’,” Daisuke read aloud. “What is this, a horror movie?”
“Would explain a lot of the things we’ve seen,” replied Dark, who had snuck up behind the group and was craning his neck to see what was on the board.
Daisuke scanned a request about a strange, trench coat man with hooks for hands and, according to the request, giant spider legs hidden inside his coat, with a frown.  “Though we’ve seen a lot of weird stuff too, right Dark?”
“Yeah,” Dark nodded, “but there’s always been this beauty to all of stuf


Chapter 14:
WRITER: :iconmy5tic-lali:- JFF2: Weapons and Meisters Chapter 14The Risembool Rangers
JJF2: Weapons and Meisters
Chapter 14: What could go wrong?
“You know, Lord Death, I don’t think it’s such a good idea to entrust such a mission to these untried teams.  There are many other viable teams available.”
From his sanctuary of mirrors, Lord Death observed the effects of the mysterious sorceress.  Across his many viewing screens, black, swirling shadows consumed world after world.  They were accompanied by the strange Kishins, who terrorized towns left and right, unable to be stopped.  It would take several powerful teams to take down this many, and to destroy whoever was creating the smoke.  “I know the risks,” he said, voice weighted by the suffering plaguing the worlds.  “But they are the only chance we have.  They are motivated by their desire to get home and protect those they love.  That will keep them going against these odds.”
“But have you see

:iconcandi-rhodes:- weapons and Meisters ch. 14 art! by Candi-Rhodes

Chapter 15:
WRITER: :iconparanormalartist:- Chapter Fifteen of Weapons and MeisterChapter Fifteen of “Weapons and Meisters”
To be Partners….
The group sat in the dark, under a bridge. Dark breaks the silence “So, what have we learned so far? Spirit and Tamaki have been gone for two days now, two guys in masks know who all of us are, and work for an evil sorcerer woman who wants to swallow everything in a shadow”
“And despite all of that were just sitting here, while their looking for us” Ed responded
“We need to find those two and make them bring us to that witch so this can all end already” Ikkaku said with plenty of fight in him
Stein stood up next to Death and lit a cigarette “Before any of that can happen we need to fix you”
“Fix me, just what the hell does that mean?”
“Well to be honest it’s not your fault, you never got to work on your compatibility” Death said tilting his head
Stein taking a drag “We should have helped you to correct this from the star

:iconparanormalartist:-Stein vs. Ikkaku by ParanormalArtist

Chapter 16:
WRITER: :iconjesstalksalot:- JFF2 Weapons and Meisters Chapter 16Chapter 16: Growing Strength
Zero and Ikkaku were soon forced into very frequent sparring matches.  If they weren’t going to improve their resonance by fighting each other as a unit, they could still learn each other’s fighting styles by fighting each other.
Edward created a sword for Zero, eventually.  You don’t bring a gun to a sword fight.  The young man was a quick learner and soon he and Ikkaku became very evenly matched.  The manufactured sword for Ikkaku was fairly plain.  As Edward wasn’t quite fond of Ikkaku, he didn’t give it any his ‘stylish flair’.  The blade was gleaming silver, double edged, and the black hilt had a comfortable grip.  Zero’s sword was similar.  The rose tattoo on Zero’s neck was a nicely added decal imprinted on the blade near the hilt, mostly because Ed liked the design himself.
With the two swords, the men fought.  While everyone else was off collec

:iconjesstalksalot:- JFF2 Chapter 16 artwork by JessTalksAlot

Chapter 17:
WRITER: :iconparanormalartist:- Chapter Seventeen ofChapter Seventeen of “Weapons and Meisters”
Four days had gone by since the three left for their training. The Erick’s, Dark, and Daisuke sat in Death Academy, having some drinks, just passing the time until Zero, Ikkaku, and Stein returned
“So your pet rabbit becomes your wings?” Edward said
“Yup, come to think of it I’ve kept my wings this entire time. Never found the time to really relax I guess” Dark’s wings faded of his back, then changing into With
“It’s really gotta say something about the things we’ve done if were just taking things like this as they come” said Al
A moment of silence passes over with Daisuke breaking the silence
“It doesn’t feel all that right. Zero, and Ikkaku out there working, and were just here waiting. There has to be something we can do”
Edward leaned back taking a swig of coffee “Really what can we do? We collected all our souls, and we found a

:iconparanormalartist:- Calm Nagato by ParanormalArtist

Chapter 18:
WRITER: :iconsakuradreamerz2:- JFF2: Weapons and Meisters Ch 18Chapter 18:
The Blotched Truth...
Two more days had gone by since Tamaki and Spirits return, the two admitted to Stein's medical ward just to check for anything in case Kamikura had done something to them while they had been imprisoned. All in the meanwhile, the rest of the Meisters and weapons (minus Zero and Ikkaku), and Lord Death were trying to see through on the journal double agent Nagato had given to them before they had escaped.
Death raised a pointed finger as the remaining warriors crowded around his office. "Now my dear Soul Knights (thankfully for Tamaki, his group name idea stuck), It seems that we have gathered new intellect from a mysterious source. According to Spirit, Dark, and Tamaki, this journal contains what we may need to know about the threat and possible hostage. Now Alphonse, would you do us the honor of reading of what is inside?"
Alphonse nodded and read aloud as he looked at the first written page, "Sister, sister, where did you go...we use to be good sis

:iconsakuradreamerz2:- JFF2: Weapons and Meisters Ch. 18 artwork by SakuraDreamerz2

Chapter 19:
WRITER: :icongreendragon-fly:- JFF2: Weapons and Meister ch 19Bonds From Nothing
Spirit ran his hands under the water, ran his fingers through his hair, and checked his reflection. I hope the kids can't tell how tired I am he thought to himself. Spirit breathed for a moment and forced his shoulders to relax. For a moment, he felt peaceful.
"Hey! Hey! Hey!" Said a jovial voice. Spirit stumbled away from the mirror in fright. In the mirror, Death was standing in place of his reflection. The peace was gone.
"Good morning, Lord Death." 
"Morning? It's the after noon. But that's not important, I wanted to ask your opinion on something."
 "Hit me." 
"I want to throw a party!"
Spirit stared at him blankly. Death bounced back, explaining "everyone's been working so hard!" 
Spirit rubbed his eyes, "The witch could attack at any moment."
"All the more reason to do so. All of the kids are so tense. They need to relax a little."
Turning to leave, Spirit gave in. "Fine. Do what you want." 
He paused. 
"What did you

:iconchristophergonzales:- JFF: Weapons and Meisters Ch. 19 Illustration by ChristopherGonzales

Chapter 20:
WRITER:  :iconmanic-sparkles:- JFF2: Meisters and Weapons - Chapter 20Chapter 20: Lambs to the Slaughter
“Sorry I scared you, but could you let me in?"
Daisuke held his breath, slightly chilled by the voice he heard outside of the helmet. “I’ll rip this helmet off if you won’t come out.”
The boy didn’t want to come out but he knew that anyone who sounded like this man did wouldn’t hesitate to rip apart Al limb from limb and that would only lead to both of them getting hurt. Right now, he could do with Dark being here but sadly, that didn’t seem as if it was going to happen.
With great caution, Daisuke lifted up Al’s helmet to reveal himself to his enemy. He had orange and pink hair and golden eyes that pierced the soul. It was none other than Luciano. “You finally decided to show your face then?” Luciano lifted up Daisuke by his shirt and threw him with great force out of Al’s armoured body, getting a face full of dirt.
He looked over at Al who even for an armour with no emoti


Chapter 21:
WRITER: :iconpyrophoenix13:- Joint Fanfic 2: Weapons and Meisters Chapter 21The red-headed man came closer. “I’m Nagato.”
Immediately, Zero pulled Bloody Rose out. “You work for Kamikura.”
“I left.”
“Why should I believe you?”
“I don’t expect you to.” Nagato held his hands up as a sign of peace. “But I’d like to help. Let me translate the journal for you.”
Zero narrowed his eyes. “No, thanks. I’ll figure it out myself.”
“That will be near impossible and waste a considerable amount of time – time that you don’t have.”
“What do you mean?”
The former leader of the Akatsuki opened his mouth to answer, then snapped it shut, paling. “We need to go. Now!” He grabbed the younger boy and shunshined away.
The two reappeared outside the DWMA. Zero, disoriented from the fast and sudden movement, stumbled a bit, but kept his bearings. He glared up at Nagato. “Why did you bring me back here?”

:iconpyrophoenix13:- Death by pyrophoenix13

Chapter 22:
WRITER: :iconotakuyasha:- JFF2 - Weapons and Meisters Chapter 22JFF2 - Weapons and Meisters Chapter 22: First Resonance
“Everyone, quiet!” Lord Death’s voice boomed throughout the DWMA’s banquet hall. The team looked at him in surprise. “We are not the enemy. She is.” He pointed at Kamikura, who just smirked.
“Yes. Everyone, remain quiet. In fact, why don’t you weapons just turn back, unless you want something to happen to this sweet little boy h-“ Kamikura turned around, yanking the chains that bound Daisuke before realizing that Daisuke (and the armored boy’s blood seal) had managed to escape the chains and had joined their teammates in battle during the staged commotion.
“Well, that could have gone better…” Luciano hummed. Kamikura glared at him momentarily before straightening out her expression. “Just a minor inconvenience, no? Unless you’re not as powerful as you claim?” Kamikura raised her eyebrows pointedly.
Luciano coughed out a laugh. “Yo


Chapter 23:
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Chapter 24:
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Chapter 25:
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Chapter 26:
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Chapter 27:
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Chapter 28:
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Chapter 29:
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Chapter 30:
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- Artemis
superhero weekly feature theme New pages of Chapter 7 are up! :la:
FMA: Legacy Chap. 7 pg. 17 by Flurrin FMA: Legacy Chap. 7 pg. 18 by Flurrin FMA: Legacy Chap. 7 pg. 19 by Flurrin FMA: Legacy Chap. 7 pg. 20 by Flurrin FMA: Legacy Chap. 7 pg. 21 by Flurrin
Fullmetal Legacy is a Fan Comic adaption of Fullmetal Alchemist, we intend to give the finished volumes to Vic Mignogna as a present.
Here are the assignments for Chapter 6, we'll notify all the Artists with their parts of the story.

We will be keeping our strict deadlines in case a deadline towards giving Vic his next Volume appears.  This Project will last however long it takes to create a coherent, developed and completed story.  

Volume 1: Chapters 1 - 2
Volume 2: Chapters 3 - 4
Volume 3: Chapters 5 - 7

All Artists will be noted with plot and page information.  Thanks all you guys for signing up to help!! ^____^

Read chapters 1 - 7 before drawing!!
:star: :star: :star: :bulletred: Chapter 1:star: :star: :star:
:star: :star: :star: :bulletred: Chapter 2:star: :star: :star:
:star: :star: :star: :bulletred: Chapter 3:star: :star: :star:
:star: :star: :star: :bulletred: Chapter 4:star: :star: :star:
:star: :star: :star: :bulletred: Chapter 5:star: :star: :star:
:star: :star: :star: :bulletred: Chapter 6:star: :star: :star:
:star: :star: :star: :bulletred: Chapter 7:star: :star: :star:

:star: :star: :star: :bulletred: REMEMBER, IF YOU ARE A CONTRIBUTOR IN THIS PROJECT, READ ALL THE RULES IN THIS JOURNAL. :star: :star: :star:

:star: :star: :star: :bulletred: GO HERE FOR INFO ON THE CHARACTERS!!! THIS IS REQUIRED TO READ!!!:star: :star: :star:

:bulletred: Logo:
Fullmetal Alchemist Legacy Logo by DA-Risembool-Rangers

:bulletred: Cover Artist for Volume 3:
FMA Legancy Cover Volume 3 by naoguiarts

:bulletred: :star: Cover Artist Chapter 7: :star:

:bulletred: :star: Comic Page Artists Chapter 7: :star:

Page 1: :icongreendragon-fly: Fullmetal Legacy, Ch 7, pg 1 by GreenDragon-Fly
Page 2: :icongreendragon-fly: WIP Legacy ch7 pg 2 by GreenDragon-Fly
Page 3: :icongreendragon-fly: WIP Legacy ch 7 pg 3 by GreenDragon-Fly
Page 4: :icongreendragon-fly: Legacy ch 7 pg 4 by GreenDragon-Fly
Page 5: :icongreendragon-fly: Legacy, ch 7 pg5 by GreenDragon-Fly
Page 6: :icongreendragon-fly: Legacy ch 7 pg 6 by GreenDragon-Fly
Page 7: :icongreendragon-fly: Legacy ch 7 pg 7 by GreenDragon-Fly
Page 8: :iconnashoba-lusa: FMA: Legacy Page 8 by nashoba-lusa
Page 9: :iconnashoba-lusa: FMA: Legacy Page 9 by nashoba-lusa
Page 10: :iconmmhinman: Fullmetal Legacy Chapter 7 Page 11 by MMHinman
Page 11: :iconmmhinman: Fullmetal Legacy Chapter 7 Page 12 by MMHinman
Page 12: :iconmmhinman: Fullmetal Legacy Chapter 7 Page 13 by MMHinman
Page 13: :iconlucidcloud: WIP - FMA: Legacy pg1 by LucidCloud
Page 14: :iconlucidcloud: WIP - FMA:Legacy pg2 by LucidCloud
Page 15: :iconlucidcloud: WIP - FMA: Legacy pg3 by LucidCloud
Page 16: :iconlucidcloud: FMA: Legacy pg4 by LucidCloud
Page 17: :iconflurrin: FMA: Legacy Chap. 7 pg. 17 by Flurrin
Page 18: :iconflurrin: FMA: Legacy Chap. 7 pg. 18 by Flurrin
Page 19: :iconflurrin: FMA: Legacy Chap. 7 pg. 19 by Flurrin
Page 20: :iconflurrin: FMA: Legacy Chap. 7 pg. 20 by Flurrin
Page 21: :iconflurrin: FMA: Legacy Chap. 7 pg. 21 by Flurrin
Page 22: :iconhapaave:
Page 23: :iconhapaave:
Page 24: :iconhapaave:
Page 25: ---
Page 26: ---
Page 27: ---
Page 28: :iconaspendragon:
Page 29: :iconaspendragon:
Page 30: :iconhope30789:
Page 31: :iconhope30789:
Page 32: :iconhope30789:
Page 33: :iconnight-dusk:
Page 34: :iconnight-dusk:
Page 35: :iconnight-dusk:
Page 36: ---
Page 37: ---
Page 38: ---
Page 39: ---
Page 40: :iconstarlightshymmer:
Page 41: :iconstarlightshymmer:
Page 42: :iconstarlightshymmer:
Page 43: :iconstarlightshymmer:
Page 44: :iconanonymous-muffin:
Page 45: :iconanonymous-muffin:
Page 46: :iconanonymous-muffin:
Page 47: :iconanonymous-muffin:
Page 48: :iconpitrulz:
Page 49: :iconpitrulz:
Page 50: :iconpitrulz:
Page 51: :iconamiyaen:
Page 52: :iconamiyaen:
Page 53: :iconamiyaen:
Page 54: :iconamiyaen:
Page 55: :iconamiyaen:
Page 56: :iconeye-of-the-hawk:
Page 57: :iconeye-of-the-hawk:
Page 58: :iconeye-of-the-hawk:
Page 59: :iconai-alchemy:
Page 60: :iconai-alchemy:
Page 61: :iconai-alchemy:
Page 62: :iconai-alchemy:
Page 63: :iconcybiline:
Page 64: :iconcybiline:
Page 65: :iconcybiline:
Page 66: :iconcantrona:
Page 67: :iconcantrona:
Page 68: :iconcantrona:
Page 69: :iconcantrona:
Page 70: :iconnaoguiarts:
Page 71: :iconnaoguiarts:
Page 72: :iconnaoguiarts:
Page 73: :iconnaoguiarts:
Page 74: :iconnaoguiarts:
superhero weekly feature theme
Hello-Hello My Lovely Rangers!!  Speedy here!!  As of today, I am officially retiring as Lead Admin here at the DeviantART Risembool Rangers.  I'll still be an Admin here but I'll be a "Project Manager" of sorts for group colaborations such as Fullmetal Alchemist: Legacy ( the-da-ranger-group.deviantart… ) Fullmetal Alchemist: The Abducted Alchemist, ( the-da-ranger-group.deviantart… ) and so on.  So I'm not leaving totally, I'm just going to be an Admin. :iconahehplz:

I wanted to thank all of you Rangers for helping me out so much during my time as Lead Admin!!  You're all fantastic and I love all you guys!!! :icongigglesakuraplz: :iconmoesnuggleplz: :iconyuiglompplz: :iconslowhugplz: :iconrubcheeksplz: :iconaawplz: :iconk-hugplz:

Now!  Lets get down to business!! defeat...the Huns...  

...sorry I could not resist. :giggle:

You all know the lovely Admin who's being promoted to supreme leader person here on the DA Branch!!  
MICHELLE/ARTEMIS!! :iconartemis-day:

Lets all give a big hand to Artemis!!  The lovely lady who'll be your new Lead Admin!!  It also happens to be her Birthday today so feel free to wish her well!!! :party: :clap: :cake: :iconsnugplz:

And so, a new chapter begins!!   *Dawns armor like Mulan to serve our new leader person*

She is now in charge of the Ranger Account which can be located here: :iconda-risembool-rangers:

:clap: She's a wonderful super person and is gonna be a super Lead Admin!!  Lets all welcome her in her position!! :clap:

RED DAWN!!  Have a great night everyone!!

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:bulletred: Joint Fan Fic 1: Vic and the Secret Door - the-da-ranger-group.deviantart…
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Are you a fan of Vic Mignogna and the awesome work he's done? We'd love to have you join our group! Everyone is welcome here.

All art should be submitted to the Featured 7 folder. We will sort submissions into the appropriate folders.

Be sure to read the Group Rules so you can know what's allowed and what's not. Thank you!!

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About Vic Mignogna

Just who is Vic Mignogna? Only the most awesome voice actor EVER!

He's lent his voice to over 150 characters, including:

Edward Elric, (Fullmetal Alchemist)
Dark Mousy, (D.N.Angel)
Broly, (DragonBall Z)
Tamaki Suoh, (Ouran High School Host Club)
Rin Matsuoka, (Free!)
Kurz Weber, (Full Metal Panic!)
Vega,(Street Fighter II V)
Yukito Kunisaki, (Air (TV))
Ikkaku Madarame, (Bleach)
Gawl Kudo, (Generator Gawl)
Fai D. Flourite, (Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle)
Spirit "Death Scythe", (Soul Eater)
Zero Kiryu, (Vampire Knight)
Obito Uchiha, (Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3)
Yoshimori Sumimura, (Kekkaishi)
Greece, (Hetalia Axis Powers)
Nagato, (Naruto: Shippuuden)
Omega, E123, (recent Sonic the Hedgehog Games)
Keldeo, (Pokemon Best Wishes! Season 2: Kyurem vs. Seikenshi)
Baka "Prince, Baka-ouji" Ki El Dogra, (Level E)
And various other anime and video game characters.

He is a very talented songwriter and Musician. He's super kind to all of his fans and loves the Rangers to pieces. Vic is a strong believer in Jesus Christ and credits all his success to God.

Vic Mignogna Risembool Rangers deviantARTReferences:
Vic on IMDB
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Vic on
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Voice Actor Birthdays

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Wally Wingert: May 6, 1961
Christine Auten: May 7, 1969
Chuck Huber: May 8, 1971
Tony Oliver: May 12, 1958
Maile Flanagan: May 19, 1965
J. Michael Tatum: May 25, 1976
Laura (Willingham) Bailey: May 28, 1981
Liam O’Brien: May 28, 1976

Artist of the Month:

superhero weekly feature theme
The Artist of the Month is Lucy alllll the way from New Zealand with this GORGEOUS Elric brothers piece!
Elric brother's desire by NellLim



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