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:iconmeganekko-bomb: :iconwindrider01: :iconmaddiejk: :iconkojika: :iconperfectlykawaii93: :iconamiyaen: :iconcybiline: :iconsophizo: :iconstarlightshymmer: :iconforeverfrosty: :iconfrenchiesttoast: :iconnekkohime: :iconaichibiai: :iconkristinaelyse: :iconshinken-silver-14: :iconxpuremaplecanadianx: :iconamy-oh: :icontheroseprince: :iconoreo-otaku15: :iconotakuyasha: :iconlcextrordinaire: :icongummigator: :icontessa95: :iconalexis360100: :iconsoraroxas-15: :iconasel1: :icongreendragon-fly: :iconsakura-araragi: :iconyugi-dan-yami: :iconbrittjustbritt: :iconwinterspheonix: :iconamufujibioshi: :iconquincysoulz: :iconmatsuomiwa: :iconwerehorse89: :iconplaidcatcchi: :iconjoileanna:
superhero weekly feature theme
Hello Rangers!  We're going to start posting a new question every week for you guys to discuss!  We encourage you guys to post in the comments of this journal and interact with your fellow Rangers and learn about your similar or different interests!  Remember to be respectful and have fun! :la:

This question is curtsey of :iconartemis-day: ! =D

:bulletblue: :bulletblue: Question of the Week: What psychic power would you want to have and why? :bulletblue: :bulletblue:

-Post your reply in the comments and share your opinion! :la:

Speedy Tagline

superhero weekly feature themeDeadline extended to 6 march.  That's as long as we can extend it while still possibly having the time to print it.  Additionally, if you guys could donate towards the card that'd be super awesome but that is of course not mandatory at all.  Do your best! :la:

:bulletgreen: Donation Info:
If you'd like to donate towards the printing of the cards, please send donations via to  All donations will be appreciated and used to fund the printing of the cards!

Donation target: $50 ( If it costs less than this while printing, the excess donations will be refunded to the last to donate. =) )

Hey guys!  We've been creating a lot of super cool things at the Rangers lately!  We just wanted to thank you guys for being so creative!

We just shipped out Vic's Rin Matsuoka (From Free) Calendar!  He'll be receiving it in the mail as his belated Christmas Gift! =D

And the project you guys did for Christmas, sending off letters to kids, were mailed and happily received by kids in hospitals.  You guys were very thoughtful participating in that! =D

So, we thought we might host another new Project!  There's always room for new things here at the DA Rangers!  Would you guys be interested in making Vic Mignogna - Playing Cards ?  It might be super fun if you Artists out there would like to design a specific card for a deck!

A deck like this:
superhero weekly feature theme
1 Card for each character!!!

Does that sound like a lot of fun?!  Well this is the Risembool Ranger Card Deck Project!  Lets get this party started!  For this to work, we need a LOT of you artists to sign up, so please lend us your artistic talent for this fun activity!

We thought that possibly for Sakura Con (April/in the US/Washington) if we can make it in time, of presenting it to Vic!  If we don't make Sakura Con we'll be sure to select another convention he attends to present the cool gift for him!  So either way, there will be a reaction video for this project if we can arrange it! :la:

:star: Artists Signed Up So Far:
:iconsalamangkiro: :iconsoraroxas-15: :iconsakuradreamerz2: :icontsaritza-mika: :iconsleepywiredstudios: :iconmanic-sparkles: :iconlight-girl: :iconjadefowl: :iconsamrockshion: :icondammithughes:
:iconunigirl150: :iconmedli45: :iconmarifuu: :iconlcextrordinaire: :iconparanormalartist: :iconcreativedaki: :iconlupie1324: :iconshadamylover1236: :iconnelllim: :iconpurplefire40:
:iconkomoriuta-san: :iconotakuyasha: :iconbrittjustbritt: :iconoreo-otaku15: :iconsnowy-mist: :iconyumeyorunotenshi: :icongreenandnavybluerae: :iconwinterspheonix: :icongeckogirl315: :iconpokemon-ranger-casey:
:iconquincysoulz: :icontainteddna: :iconchristophergonzales: :iconotaku-mom: :iconessieofwho: :iconmia-sparks: :iconangelhanna: :icononepieceforever1: :iconjoileanna:

:star: How to participate:
-Post a comment in this journal saying "Sign me up!" and you'll be added to the list of participants.
-Once you receive a note from us, you will be randomly assigned a character and a card to draw.  So for instance, if you receive the character of Tamaki Suoh, and the card is a "King!" card, you'll be drawing a picture for the card.
Here's an example:…
You're basically designing a playing card, only with an anime character Vic Voices!
Please incorporate in the card something affiliated with the character.  Be creative!  So for example if you have Rin, you might have sharks in the design.
-Use color, for this project you can use either digital or traditional art
-Use this picture as a good templet for the actual size of your drawing:…
-Once you finish your drawing, post the link to your deviation in the comments of this journal and we shall collect it.  We'll later be printing your card out for Vic's surprise so do your best!  

-Additionally, if you would like to participate by creating your own unique gift for Vic, note me here: :iconda-risembool-rangers: and I'll see about Vic getting it.  So say, if you were to mail me a plushie you made for him, a cute drawing, ect, we may be able to present it to him for you if we can.  

Alright!!!  Here's the list of Cards and the characters that will be on them.  Spots will be assigned via note after sign ups end, which will be pretty quickly hopefully!  Many of you signing up may do alternative versions of the same card and character, so for clubs and hearts and the different suits!  Alrightie!!

:bulletred: Cards
Ace - Clubs: Zero Kiryu (Vampire Knight) - :iconjadefowl: Ranger Card #1 by JadeFowl
Ace - Diamonds: Ichiru Kiryu (Vampire Knight) - :iconlupie1324: Ichiru Kiryu Ace of Diamonds by lupie1324
Ace - Hearts: Zero Kiryu (Vampire Knight) - :iconbrittjustbritt:
Ace - Spades: Ichiru Kiryu (Vampire Knight) - :iconbrittjustbritt:

2 - Clubs: Rin Matsuoka (Free!) - :iconlcextrordinaire: Rin Matsuoka: 2 of Clubs by LCextrordinaire
2 - Diamonds: Rin Matsuoka (Free!) - :iconotaku-mom: 2 of Diamonds -Rin colored by Otaku-Mom
2 - Hearts: Rin Matsuoka (Free!) - :iconsoraroxas-15: Rin - 2 of Hearts by SoraRoxas-15
2 - Spades: Rin Matsuoka (Free!) - :iconquincysoulz: Rin - two of spades card by QuincySoulz

3 - Clubs: Yukito Kunisaki (Air (TV)) - :iconquincysoulz:
3 - Diamonds: Yukito Kunisaki (Air (TV)) - :iconotaku-mom: Yukito by Otaku-Mom
3 - Hearts: Yukito Kunisaki (Air (TV)) - :iconchristophergonzales: Yukito 3 of Hearts Playing Card (Rangers Project) by ChristopherGonzales
3 - Spades: Yukito Kunisaki (Air (TV)) - :iconjoileanna: 3 of Spades by Joileanna

4 - Clubs: Greece (Hetalia Axis Powers) - :iconmanic-sparkles: 4 of Clubs - Greece by Manic-Sparkles
4 - Diamonds: Greece (Hetalia Axis Powers) - :iconyumeyorunotenshi:
4 - Hearts: Greece (Hetalia Axis Powers) - :icongreenandnavybluerae:
4 - Spades: Greece (Hetalia Axis Powers) - :iconwinterspheonix: Ranger Card- 4 of Spades by WintersPheonix

5 - Clubs: Obito Uchiha (Naruto Shippuden) - :iconsakuradreamerz2: Obito Uchiha playing card by SakuraDreamerz2
5 - Diamonds: Obito Uchiha (Naruto Shippuden) - :iconsleepywiredstudios:
5 - Hearts: Obito Uchiha (Naruto Shippuden) - :iconmia-sparks: 5 of hearts-Obito Uchia (Naruto Shippuden) by Mia-Sparks
5 - Spades: Obito Uchiha (Naruto Shippuden) - :iconpokemon-ranger-casey: Obito Uchiha 5 of Spades by Pokemon-Ranger-Casey

6 - Clubs: Kurz Weber (Full Metal Panic!) - :iconlupie1324: 6 of clubs kurz weber by lupie1324
6 - Diamonds: Kurz Weber (Full Metal Panic!) - :iconangelhanna: Diamonds: Kurz Weber (Full Metal Panic!) by AngelHanna
6 - Hearts: Kurz Weber (Full Metal Panic!) - :icontsaritza-mika:
6 - Spades: Kurz Weber (Full Metal Panic!) - :iconunigirl150: Kurz Weber Six of Spades by Unigirl150

7 - Clubs: Spirit "Death Scythe" (Soul Eater) - :iconotakuyasha:
7 - Diamonds: Spirit "Death Scythe" (Soul Eater) - :iconpurplefire40: Spirit Albarn the 7 of Diamonds by Purplefire40
7 - Hearts: Spirit "Death Scythe" (Soul Eater) - :iconyumeyorunotenshi:
7 - Spades: Spirit "Death Scythe" (Soul Eater) - :iconjoileanna: 7 of Spades by Joileanna

8 - Clubs: Ikkaku Madarame (Bleach) - :iconsalamangkiro: Ikkaku Club 8 by salamangkiro
8 - Diamonds: Ikkaku Madarame (Bleach) - :iconjoileanna: 8 of Diamonds by Joileanna
8 - Hearts: Ikkaku Madarame (Bleach) - :icongeckogirl315:
8 - Spades: Ikkaku Madarame (Bleach) - :icononepieceforever1:

9 - Clubs: Dark Mousy (D.N.Angel) - :iconsalamangkiro: 9 of Clubs - Dark by salamangkiro
9 - Diamonds: Dark Mousy (D.N.Angel) - :icondammithughes: Dark Mousy, Diamond Nine by DammitHughes
9 - Hearts: Dark Mousy (D.N.Angel) - :icongeckogirl315:
9 - Spades: Dark Mousy (D.N.Angel) - :iconjoileanna: 9 of Spades by Joileanna

10 - Clubs: Broly (DragonBall Z) - :iconjadefowl:
10 - Diamonds: Broly (DragonBall Z) - :iconsamrockshion: 10 Of Diamonds for DA Rangers Card deck project by SamrockShion
10 - Hearts: Broly (DragonBall Z) - :iconparanormalartist: Ten of Hearts Broly by ParanormalArtist
10 - Spades: Broly (DragonBall Z) - :iconessieofwho: Brolly Playing Card by EssieofWho

Jack - Clubs: Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist) - :iconsoraroxas-15: Edward Elric - Jack Clubs by SoraRoxas-15
Jack - Diamonds: Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist) - :iconsnowy-mist:
Jack - Hearts: Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist) - :iconyumeyorunotenshi:
Jack - Spades: Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist) - :iconmedli45: Jack of Spades: Edward Elric by Medli45

Queen - Clubs: Fai D. Flourite (Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle) - :iconlupie1324: Queen of Clubs Fai by lupie1324
Queen - Diamonds: Fai D. Flourite (Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle) - :iconshadamylover1236:
Queen - Hearts: Fai D. Flourite (Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle) - :iconmedli45:
Queen - Spades: Fai D. Flourite (Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle) - :iconparanormalartist: Fai D. Flourite by ParanormalArtist

King - Clubs: Tamaki Suoh (Ouran High School Host Club) - :iconoreo-otaku15:
King - Diamonds: Tamaki Suoh (Ouran High School Host Club) - :icontainteddna:
King - Hearts: Tamaki Suoh (Ouran High School Host Club) - :iconkomoriuta-san:
King - Spades: Tamaki Suoh (Ouran High School Host Club) - :iconoreo-otaku15:

Joker: Baka "Prince, Baka-ouji" Ki El Dogra (Level E) - :iconnelllim: Ki El Dogra joker card by NellLim

The deadline may change, depending.
Deadline: March 6th


Many of you are working on our other Group Projects as well!  In case you haven't seen them, here are the links to the many wonderful group collaborations:

:bulletred: Comic 1: For VICtory! - the-da-ranger-group.deviantart…
:bulletblue: Comic 2: Fullmetal Alchemist Legacy - the-da-ranger-group.deviantart…
:bulletpink: Comic 3: A Match Made By Anime - the-da-ranger-group.deviantart…
:bulletgreen: Comic 4: Voice Actor Adventures - the-da-ranger-group.deviantart…
:bulletyellow: Comic 5: Fullmetal Alchemist: The Abducted Alchemist - the-da-ranger-group.deviantart…

:bulletred: Joint Fan Fic 1: Vic and the Secret Door - the-da-ranger-group.deviantart…
:bulletblue: Joint Fan Fic 2: Weapons and Meisters - the-da-ranger-group.deviantart…

:bulletpink: The Mini Comic Project - the-da-ranger-group.deviantart…
:bulletgreen: The Art Book Project - the-da-ranger-group.deviantart…
:bulletyellow: The Art Book Project: Phase 2 - the-da-ranger-group.deviantart…
:bulletred: The Picture Project - da-risembool-rangers.deviantar…
:bulletblue: The Post Card Project - da-risembool-rangers.deviantar…
:bulletpink: The Chibi Birthday Card - da-risembool-rangers.deviantar…

:bulletgreen: Other collaborations - the-da-ranger-group.deviantart…

If you guys would like to see Vic's reactions to our collaborations, here are the links!
:bulletred: The Art Book Project -…
:bulletblue: The Art Book Project 2 -… -…
:bulletpink: The Mini Comic Project -…
:bulletgreen: A Match Made By Anime - the-da-ranger-group.deviantart…
:bulletyellow: Fullmetal Alchemist Legacy -…
:bulletred: Fullmetal Alchemist Legacy: The Making of Artbook -…
:bulletblue: The Post Card Project - the-da-ranger-group.deviantart…
:bulletpink: For VICtory!…
:bulletgreen: The Picture Book Project - the-da-ranger-group.deviantart…

Speedy Tagline

superhero weekly feature themeUpdate:

Hello!! :la:
This is Nao, I want to update this journal to tell the rangers who asked about drawing more than 1 plushie character that Speedy and I were talking about it and we decided to accept them, so, if you want to draw a new pic with you and more than 1 plushie feel free to do it. Just please tell me the pic you posted before and I will change it :) and sorry for the late journal ^^;

See you!


Hello Rangers!!  Ready to try out a new Art Project? :la:

:iconnaoguiarts: had this awesomely fun idea!  We're going to make a DeviantART Risembool Ranger Photo Album!! :iconpuppyyayplz:

Sound like fun?!  We hope to get as many of you guys participating as possible!!  Here's how! :iconchuuplz:

:bulletgreen: Rangers Signed Up:
:iconspeedyalchemist: :iconsakuradreamerz2: :iconchristophergonzales: :iconnarutoeatsasuke: :iconatem15: :iconpokmoncardz: :iconautumn-maple: :iconforeverfrosty: :iconotaku-mom: :iconshinken-silver-14: :icondammithughes: :iconmatsuomiwa: :iconanime17: :iconfullmetalandcatlover: :iconamy-oh: :iconreireithealchemist: :icon2006kate: :iconlcextrordinaire: :icontalentless-actress: :iconlight-girl: :iconkermitgirl08: :iconmadaakuma: :iconsalamangkiro: :icondestinyssky: :iconmia-sparks: :iconamiyaen: :iconmanic-sparkles: :iconsamrockshion: :iconlandra15: :iconpurplefire40: :iconwhyisithard: :iconquincysoulz: :iconsodambored: :iconcatbot158: :iconmaddiejk: :iconlululollipop: :iconkevinkamondo: :iconsonicgirl1999: :iconsilverangel-14: :iconmedli45: :icontheupgradedmodel: :iconangelhanna: :iconpurrloin77: :iconcandi-rhodes: :iconusagi-chan14: :iconnatsumehirai: :iconparanormalartist: :iconadi-arty: :iconnightwing430: :icondalibabe91: :iconxxanimeseekerxx: :iconamufujibioshi: :icononepieceforever1: :iconwinterspheonix: :iconindependantartist: :iconkadrin-chan: :iconjesstalksalot: :iconjoileanna: :iconinlalaland707: :iconeloise7783: :iconvanillametal: :iconlovelyladyamalthea: :iconlucijohn: :iconawffulwafflez: :iconholothewiseotaku:

:bulletgreen: How to Participate!
-Ask to sign up in the comments!
-Draw a picture of yourself in Anime-Style!  Either use a mirror or a picture of yourself for a reference, and draw YOU!
Draw yourself with a plushie of your favorite character voiced by Vic Mignogna! (You can hold the plushie, or the plushie could be hiding behind you, or something cute!  Be creative)
-Please have a transparent or white background.

-Write in the comments of your deviation:
-Your first name: (Nicknames are fine).
-Your DeviantART Username.
-A couple of sentences about why you like being a Ranger!

-Once you've finished your picture, post it in the comments here and we'll feature it here.
-After a lot of you have drawn your pictures, we'll put them all together and make an album!!  We may also give it to Vic Mignogna as a present.

:bulletgreen: FINISHED WORKS

Ed and me by atem15 My little Tamaki by Manic-Sparkles Little Me With Little Ed by whyisithard Me and Dark Mousy by MadaAkuma Me and plush Spirit by Lululollipop Me and the Oran king by dalibabe91 Me and Rin by Nightwing430 Me and Zero! by XXanimeseekerXX Looking good while sleeping his EXHAUSTING!! by FullmetalAndCatLover Ranger Portrait ID 2015 by Purplefire40 Me with Plushie Ed by AwffulWafflez Me by Purrloin77 Me and my band of Plushies! by SakuraDreamerz2 Photo Album Project! by INlalaLAND707 Anime-style thing by HoloTheWiseOtaku

We hope you all have fun!!

Deadline: April 16th.

Speedy Tagline

More Journal Entries

Finished Projects (And Vic's Reactions!)

superhero weekly feature theme
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Current Projects

superhero weekly feature theme
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:iconfma-coexist: FMA-Coexist An FMA group for everyone :iconfullmetal-heart-fc: FullMetal-Heart-FC :icontsubasarc: TsubasaRC Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE Club :iconoc-house-party: OC-House-Party Join The Party! :iconfma-role-play: FMA-Role-Play :iconzero-kiryu-love: Zero-Kiryu-Love :icondaisuke-and-riku: Daisuke-and-Riku Daisuke & Riku <3 :iconthe-legend-of-broly: The-Legend-of-Broly The Legendary Super Saiyan :iconpanstwowi-alchemicy: panstwowi-alchemicy Oto i my! :iconbleach-cosplay: Bleach-Cosplay :iconminiboolarmyrangers: MiniboolArmyRangers For the Rangers in Miniskirts! :iconequivalentxexchange: EquivalentxExchange A Place for Fullmetal Fans! :icontokyomajin-fc: TokyoMajin-FC :iconanime-persora-club: Anime-Persora-Club For Anime/Video Game Otakus :iconhappytimeart: HappyTimeArt

DA Ranger Logo Feature:

Submit Art

Group Information & More

Submit Art
Group Rules

Are you a fan of Vic Mignogna and the awesome work he's done? We'd love to have you join our group! Everyone is welcome here.

All art should be submitted to the Featured 7 folder. We will sort submissions into the appropriate folders.

Be sure to read the Group Rules so you can know what's allowed and what's not. Thank you!!

Club Manager:
:iconspeedyalchemist: - Speedy - Jenna
:iconda-risembool-rangers: - Speedy's Other Account

Group Admins:
:iconcaramelcat123: - Cammie :iconmeganekko-bomb: - Cael :iconartemis-day: - Michelle
:iconr-spanner: - Spanner :iconflurrin: - Flurrin :iconpurplefire40: - Purple
:iconamiyaen: - Amiya :iconnaoguiarts: - Nao

Group Officers:
:iconheza-chan: - Heather

Retired Admins:
:icondearheart42: - Stephanie :iconsarahschreck: - Sarah :icongilko: - Stacey :iconsakiree: - SakiRee :iconrockinrobin: - Robin :iconlostdreamz82: - Christine :iconazuriea: - Erin :icontooloftheday: - Kristy :iconromexaeenova: - Veronica
:iconobi-quiet: - Anne

ID Card Templet:
DA Ranger Card Templet by DA-Risembool-Rangers

Are YOU a Risembool Ranger?
DA Ranger Stamp by SpeedyAlchemist Risembool Ranger Stamp 2 by SpeedyAlchemist

Ranger Meme:
:BLANK: Risembool Rangers meme! by Caramelcat123

About Vic Mignogna

Just who is Vic Mignogna? Only the most awesome voice actor EVER!

He's lent his voice to over 150 characters, including:

Edward Elric, (Fullmetal Alchemist)
Dark Mousy, (D.N.Angel)
Broly, (DragonBall Z)
Tamaki Suoh, (Ouran High School Host Club)
Rin Matsuoka, (Free!)
Kurz Weber, (Full Metal Panic!)
Vega,(Street Fighter II V)
Yukito Kunisaki, (Air (TV))
Ikkaku Madarame, (Bleach)
Gawl Kudo, (Generator Gawl)
Fai D. Flourite, (Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle)
Spirit "Death Scythe", (Soul Eater)
Zero Kiryu, (Vampire Knight)
Obito Uchiha, (Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3)
Yoshimori Sumimura, (Kekkaishi)
Greece, (Hetalia Axis Powers)
Nagato, (Naruto: Shippuuden)
Omega, E123, (recent Sonic the Hedgehog Games)
Keldeo, (Pokemon Best Wishes! Season 2: Kyurem vs. Seikenshi)
Baka "Prince, Baka-ouji" Ki El Dogra, (Level E)
And various other anime and video game characters.

He is a very talented songwriter and Musician. He's super kind to all of his fans and loves the Rangers to pieces. Vic is a strong believer in Jesus Christ and credits all his success to God.

Vic Mignogna Risembool Rangers deviantARTReferences:
Vic on IMDB
Vic on
Vic on
Vic Mignogna on Twitter
DA Ranger Group on Twitter
The Risembool Ranger Website
Ranger Chat Room
Ranger Official Fan Listing
Risembool Ranger Official Facebook
Project Don't Forget
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Random from Favourites


Voice Actor Birthdays

superhero weekly feature theme
:star: March: :star:
Cynthia Cranz: March 3, 1969
Yuri Lowenthal: March 5, 1971
Chris Patton: March 15, 1971
Patrick Seitz: March 17, 1978
Luci Christian: March 18, 1973
Gwendolyn Lau: March 23, 1975

Artist of the Month:

superhero weekly feature theme
The Artist of the Month is Lucy alllll the way from New Zealand with this GORGEOUS Elric brothers piece!
Elric brother's desire by NellLim



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am so sad I don't have anyone to go with me to shuto con :(
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Thanks so much for the invite! I've considered joining the Rangers for a while ^-^
kermitgirl08 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2015
am still stuck on my next cosplay I need helpNo, I disagree! 
Who're you Cosplaying? =D
kermitgirl08 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2015
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Thanks for adding a couple of my drawings to your gallery! I appreciate it! :)
Happy to! :highfive:
Yugi-Dan-Yami Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey Guys found an awesome AMV, here's the link:…

And yes i think its based on one of Vic's characters :D
SpyroShurtagul Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2015  Professional General Artist
omgosh! thank you so much for the invite and request for a bunch of my deviations!!!! it means so much to me!!! i've been working on vic mignogna characters because i will be putting them all into a spread and having him sign it at this years denver comic-con!!!
No problem friend!  That's great!!  I hope you have fun! :highfive:
SpyroShurtagul Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2015  Professional General Artist
I will!!! Thanks! ^_^
sakurablossom143 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2015  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Guys, if anyone of you guys are willing to note me, please do so... I am heavily going through some really stressful times right now and I am so tired of seeing so much stuff on tumblr about Vic that I am literally having panic attacks beyond what I usually have, crying my eyes out, and giving myself a headache. 

If anyone here believes in Vic, and is a fan of him you will find somethings like this:… disheartening. I've already reported a post of someone setting his twitter picture on fire. 

Truth is, he's human, and human's have feelings too. I'm not trying to sound needy or pushy, but if we can eliminate these bad things, even for a little while, it'd make this life so much more meaningful.


PS: Yes, I've tried to ignore these posts...but no matter what, it'll still get to me. =(
DA-Risembool-Rangers Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2015
Looking at the evidence, I don't see anything really but Vic being a dude and sometimes rubbing people the wrong way.  If people are going to go on believing that he's this evil person, they're trying to forget the fact that he's human.  I'm sure if he realized he was bugging people, he'd just apologize.  Also some of that is not based on anything but hearsay. 
People are going to naturally want to believe something negative about somebody, that's normal, that's why high school is hard for people because rumors get spread about people and they believe it.

I'm not going to tell you to ignore them, but if you're having panic attacks and crying, try to avoid them.  Us Rangers see Vic as who he is, a human guy who makes mistakes, but is ultimately a very good influence.  He's a kind, sweet guy who loves anime and is a hugger and a kissy guy, that's his personality and I think that's great, some people need hugged.  I know in my experince, many have been called names like Nerds in a negative way and don't get hugged, so Vic hugs everybody.  He assumes people who line up to see him, want to see him, so he hugs them to make them feel comfortable.  I don't think I met anyone that didn't want a hug from Vic or Todd Haberkorn?  If they do, like people say, it's weird they'd get in his line. lol

My advice for you, is to not say anything at all about the hate.  Instead, go to tumblr, post cool panels about Vic, post pictures and evidence that backs up he is a nice guy.  Most powerful defense against ugly rumors is happy positive words and pictures and videos.  Just try spreading the love.  Vic's gonna be the kind that gets a lot of haters, but on the flip side he's gonna get a lot of people who like him too. =)
AT-fangirl Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
So. Anyone in this group gonna be at Ohayo-con this weekend?
AT-fangirl Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Well since no one is saying that they will be there i guess not
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i love being a risembool ranger ! ^^
Glad to hear it!! =D
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Thank you for Adding my  Cosplay :D 
No problem your Cosplay's awesome! =D
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Thanks for you invitation, but i'm afraid I do RP groups only.
No prob. ^^
SparrowOfTheDawn Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Uh...I apologize, but I'm not really into anime or Vic Mignogna, so I don't think I would be a good choice for this group.  I appreciate the invite, though!  ^u^
No problem. =)
Yugi-Dan-Yami Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey Guys i'm holding a mini contest, for the colouring of this Ideal FullMetal Alchemist…

For more detail about the comp, plez follow this link to my journal…

Also there is a prize for winning the comp :D
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