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Recent Journal Entries

Prize Artists:

:iconmeganekko-bomb: :iconwindrider01: :iconlandiddy: :iconmaddiejk: :iconkojika: :iconperfectlykawaii93: :iconamiyaen: :iconcybiline: :iconsophizo: :iconstarlightshymmer: :iconforeverfrosty: :iconfrenchiesttoast: :iconnekkohime: :iconasinglepetal: :iconarcticfox223: :iconaichibiai: :iconkristinaelyse: :iconshinken-silver-14: :iconxpuremaplecanadianx: :iconamy-oh: :icontheroseprince: :iconoreo-otaku15: :iconotakuyasha: :iconlcextrordinaire: :icongummigator: :icontessa95: :iconalexis360100: :iconsoraroxas-15: :iconaseliger: :icongreendragon-fly: :iconsakura-araragi:
superhero weekly feature theme Thank you very much to the participants, we had wonderful entries and we hope you have fun!! :la:  
and now... Its time to vote!! Please vote with the number of your favorite entry in a comment ;)

:star: :iconpumpkin-plz: :star: :bulletred: Contest Info :star: :iconpumpkin-plz: :star:
Halloween festivities are a great time to have fun but... what about our favorite characters? :ninja:  This contest is about it. :eyes:
:iconpumpkin-plz: How do you think our favorite characters would enjoy Halloween??
Yes, this contest its for cosplaying a character and showing us how he/she would spend Halloween.

:star: :iconpumpkin-plz: :star: Entries :star: :iconpumpkin-plz: :star:

1) Halloween...Festivities? by KaeldraaTheEpic by :iconkaeldraatheepic:
2) Ed Found the Candy by Usachan85 by :iconusachan85:
3) Halloween Tamaki cosplay by CrystalRobot by :iconcrystalrobot:
4) Zombie Edward Elric by xXxdefiantchildxXx by :iconxxxdefiantchildxxx:

:star: :iconpumpkin-plz: :star:  Rules  :star: :iconpumpkin-plz: :star:

:bulletred: Must be fitting to the Theme.
:bulletred: No yaoi or yuri. (Referring to the character Cosplayed.)
:bulletred: No hentai.
:bulletred: Picture must be taken after Contest opens.
:bulletred: You can add other characters but at least 1 character must be related to Vic´s characters
:bulletred: You can submit 1 entry per participant.

:star: :iconpumpkin-plz: :star: Deadline:  :star: :iconpumpkin-plz: :star:
October 30

:star: :iconpumpkin-plz: :star:  How will we pick who wins? :star: :iconpumpkin-plz: :star:
Contest decided by member vote.
There are no campaigning for votes allowed in any contest.
If there is a deadline conflicting with another contest, the polls may be delayed until the first contest that was put up ends.

:star: :iconpumpkin-plz: :star: Prizes: :star: :iconpumpkin-plz: :star:

:star: 1st Place:
:bulletwhite: A year-long feature!
:bulletwhite: A drawing (1 character full body OR 2 waist up) by: :iconnaoguiarts:

:star: 2nd Place :
:bulletwhite: A year-long feature!
:bulletwhite: A drawing (1 character waist up) by: :iconnaoguiarts:
superhero weekly feature themeHello all you wonderful people!  We know that this is still October haha but this is something we have to start early!  What's the big Christmas project along with Purple's Secret Ranger?  Well here it is! :santa:

The Risembool Rangers this year, and maybe years to come, are going to host a Project to make Custom Merry Christmas Cards for Kids! :holly:

There are a lot of Hospitalized kids even over the Holidays, and we thought we'd like to try and make somebody's day!  But to do that, we need your help!  All you Artists and Letter Writers out there, we're going to make a team effort to spread some good will!  Sound like fun?  Alright, here's how to participate!  The kids are gonna love it! :la:

Feel free to spread the word of this Project around!  We'd love to have as many people participating as possible! :dance:

:santa: :bulletred: Project: The Christmas Card Project!
:holly: :bulletgreen: How to contribute:
:bulletred: Those doing Cards:

-Draw a card.  It can be of anything at all, doesn't have to be anime-related just make sure its cheery!  Make sure "Merry Christmas" is on the card.  The card will be given to a child in a hospital this Christmas!  

-After you're finished drawing your card, post it as a deviation and link us in the comments. (Make sure that the card/drawing/deviation is a decent size, no tiny cards please.)

-Donate $1 to the Ranger Paypal to cover printing and shipping.  I/Speedy will be printing out all the cards and letters and shipping them out to www.cardsforhospitalizedkids.c…  which is the organization that gives out the cards and letters!

:bulletgreen: Those doing Letters:

-Write a letter, it has to be generic as it can be given to any child.  Make sure its uplifting and a big "Merry Christmas" is at the top!  None of your information has to be given out don't worry, but a first name or nickname at the bottom of the letter to make it feel more personal to the child you give it to would be nice.

-After you're finished writing the letter, either upload it as a deviation and post the link in the comments or, if you want it to not be personally shared, you may send me an email at: with the letter attached and the title of the email saying "Christmas Card Project" and I will be sure to collect it.

-Donate $1 to the Ranger Paypal to cover printing and shipping.  I/Speedy will be printing out all the cards and letters and shipping them out to www.cardsforhospitalizedkids.c…  which is the organization that gives out the cards and letters!

:bulletgreen: Donation info to cover the cost of printing/shipping:
-Only $1 is necessary from each person that participates. ( I'd cover it all myself but I'm a poor college student this year.  But I am paying for however extra it costs so don't worry. =) )
-Donate $1 to to:  and send the dollar as a "gift" if you need help on this let me know!  
-Any overflow will be refunded!  Please only donate $1 per person.

I will be using Staples to print out your cards and letters.  Make sure they have a lot of color!  And if you writers want to use green and red in your writing that would be great.  We want this to be an encouraging project where us Rangers can do something nice for a lot of kids.  I hope you all decide to participate, because we'd like this to become a tradition if it all goes well!!  Have a happy Halloween, a nice Thanksgiving, and a terrific Christmas as they come! :dance:

:bulletred: Deadline: December 14th.

Speedy Tagline

superhero weekly feature themeAlright guys!  Vote for 1 entry in EACH CATEGORY!  Make sure you vote in all categories, a lot of work went into these pieces!  Thank you all for making Ed month really flipping awesome! :la:

Holy Gate of Truth!  The time has finally come!  It's Edward Elric Month! :iconpuppyyayplz:

:bulletred: Entries DIGITAL ART:
1: :star: :star: :iconk--chou: - 3RD.OCT.11 by K--Chou
2: :star: :star: :star: :star: :iconezariaumiko: - Edward Elric! by EzariaUmiko
3: :star: :iconcrazyfandomslut: - Ed Elric Month by CrazyFandomSlut
4: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :iconmedli45: - 86. We Who Flew Too Close to the Sun by Medli45

:bulletred: Entries TRADITIONAL ART:
1: :star: :star: :iconzeliga: - Renkinjutsushi by Zeliga
2: :star: :star: :iconrizuheartless: - FMA day 2014 by RizuHeartless
3: :star: :iconkittyninja125: - Fanart: Don't Forget 3.Oct.10 by Kittyninja125
4: :star: :iconlemystere3: - Commission #1- Edward Elric by LeMystere3
5: :star: :iconatem15: - walk through the cherry blossoms by atem15
6: :star: :iconveryberry781: - Nina by veryberry781
7: :star: :star: :iconedwardsalterego: - Don't Forget by EdwardsAlterEgo
8: :star: :iconjesstalksalot: - A Heart Made Fullmetal by JessTalksAlot
9: :star: :iconzwesomerachel: - .:Sleeping Ed:. by ZwesomeRachel
10: :star: :iconmikadzuki-ookami: - Edward Elric by Mikadzuki-Ookami
11: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :iconmarucosplay: - Please, Don't Forget by MaruCosplay
12: :star: :iconmmhinman: - Edward Sketch In Sweater by MMHinman

:bulletred: Entries COSPLAY:
1: :star: :iconbahamut-dragoon: - FMA Day - Don't Forget 3.10.11 (VIDEO + VOTE NOW!) by Bahamut-Dragoon
2: :star: :iconmarucosplay: - Don't Forget 3. Oct. 11 by MaruCosplay
3: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :iconmikadzuki-ookami: - We shall try and get you back Nina by Mikadzuki-Ookami
4: :star: :iconxxxdefiantchildxxx: - 3.Oct.10 by xXxdefiantchildxXx
5: :star: :star: :star: :iconkaeldraatheepic: - Reach by KaeldraaTheEpic
6: :star: :iconatem15: - Mayes and Edward Elric cosplay by atem15
7: :star: :star: :star: :iconcrazylittleotaku: - Image by CrazyLittleOtaku

:bulletred: Entries FICTION:
1: :star: :star: :iconyamifangirlqueen: - Stay by my side (Edward Elric One-Shot)I stared out in the distance after the others and I looked everywhere for that masked man. but we found some food along the way. But then I hear footsteps coming and stopped its tracks. "Roberta?" A voice called when I turn and saw Ed there. I smiled at this one. "Hey there, Edward." I said when he walked up to me, and stopped his tracks to look out at the sunset.
"How's um... Alice's ankle?" Ed asked me. "I've done something that I didn't do to her years ago. I'm entirely the one to blame for what happened back then. If only I hadn't been so helpful." I said to him. "Come on, don't blame yourself too much, Roberta. Things like this are bound to happen when we're together all the time." Ed said to me. "Edward. Are you unable to be yourself, unless you have your arm and leg back?" I asked him.
"You asked me something like that before." Ed said to me. "Wouldn't you like to stay by my side?" I asked him as he faced me. "Huh? What do you mean?" Ed asked me as I faced him. "Stay by my side

2: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :icontarnisis: - Through the Years
:bulletred: Through the Years :bulletred: 

It was October once again; a sublime and most mellow time of year. Amestris had suffered a blistering summer that year, so when the cool autumn wind finally blew in from the South; it was accepted with a surprisingly warm welcome.
Though it was still early in the month one could already see the tell-tale signs of the season, in nature’s natural transformations. The leaves were shifting from their usual green for more flamboyant shades of red and orange; the grass was yellowing around the edges, and the sky now held an assortment of purple and gray clouds. It was the same simple adaptions every year, but to one man who currently sat alone in the growing evening; it was truly awe-inspiring and thought provoking.
This man sat calmly upon his porch- covered in a thick coat- and leisurely watched the sun as it began to set over the rolling hills of the countryside Resembool. This man- who was obviously quite old in age- was a str

3: :star: :icondark-amethyst: - Sacred SimplicitySo we just hold on fast
Acknowledge the past
As lessons exquisitely crafted
Painstakingly drafted
To carve us as instruments
That play the music of life
But we don't realize
Our faith in the prize
Unless it's been somehow elusive
How quickly we choose it
The sacred simplicity
Of you at my side
- "Eric's Song" by Vienna Teng

You've been waiting for this day for so long that when it comes, everything feels like a dream.
Every day for the past six months, you've run over in your head what it was like the day he left. Sometimes you think you're just secretly a masochist, or maybe you're trying to punish yourself in some sort of twisted Equivalent Exchange for everything he's endured for you. But when you're really honest with yourself, you know you do it because you're afraid you'll forget what he looks like.
It's been so long that your memories of him are worn and brown, like the faded photographs Granny keeps in a special album. Photos of her husband, of her children. Still

:bulletred: Entries POETRY:
:iconmia-sparks: - Edward Elric-promiseHow can I keep moving forward? All I do is cause pain and destruction. I caused you to have your soul ripped away,because of my selfish reasoning. I apologize brother, for I have done wrong to you, and committed the ultimate taboo. I promise one day,somehow I will make it up to you. No matter the expense. I will do this I promise you. ( Won by default. ^^ )

:bulletred: Entries ARTS AND CRAFTS:
:iconpurplefire40: - Fullmetal Alchemist Charm by Purplefire40 ( Won by default. ^^ )

Edward Elric Month comes along every October, it's tradition at this point.  We have all categories open including a new one this year, the Arts and Crafts category!  Because this Contest is a BIG one, you should all have a lot of fun.  

Don't forget October 3rd, Fullmetal Alchemist Day is this month too!

This Contest includes categories for Traditional and Digital Art, Cosplay, Fiction, Poetry, and Arts and Crafts!  We hope you'll enter as many categories as you'd like!  1 entry per category is accepted.

You guys all know Edward Elric, the Fullmetal Alchemist and one of Vic's most beloved roles, lets give him a fantastic month guys!! :iconimbishieplz:

:bulletred: Art Categories:
-Digital: Art drawn either completely on the computer or colored and re-done on the computer.
-Traditional: Art drawn with pencils and completely non-digital means.  Can be non-colored or colored traditionally, pencils, crayons, markers, ect.

-You can submit 1 Entry per category!

:star: :star: :bulletred: Contest Info ART, COSPLAY, FICTION, POETRY, ARTS AND CRAFTS: :star: :star:
The Theme for this Contest is, "Edward Elric" none-other than the Fullmetal Alchemist!

-For those of you doing Traditional and Digital Art, draw Edward Elric!  Be really original with your concept and art piece.  The world of Fullmetal Alchemist is huge with lots of interesting concepts, we hope you take the chance to experiment a little!  Show us something of Ed we haven't seen before!  Color your work and have a blast!

-For those of you Cosplaying, work hard to capture the atmosphere of Fullmetal Alchemist and work hard on your cosplay!  Find a good place to take the shot, and make it look as if you've entered the world of Fullmetal Alchemist!

-For those of you writing Fiction, write a one-shot of Fullmetal Alchemist featuring Edward Elric!  Be creative and very descriptive, as if your fiction was the first time anyone's ever heard of Ed.  Make the story your own, and have fun!

-For those of you writing Poetry, write a poem featuring Ed as the theme.  There are many subjects you could use Ed for in your piece, make it flow well and enjoy writing!

-For those of you doing Arts and Crafts, your theme is Edward Elric, but you could make any number of things related to Ed.  Make a plushie, a paper creation, a sculpture, anything goes in Arts and Crafts.  Once you finish, take a picture of your work and enter it in the contest!  Enjoy creating!

We hope all you have a wonderful time in this contest!  And a special thanks to our Prize Artists who will be working extra hard this month! :iconhappyderpplz:

superhero weekly feature theme

:bulletred: Rules ART:
:bulletred: Must be a picture of Edward Elric.
:bulletred: More characters in addition within the picture is allowed.
:bulletred: No tracing or copying of official art.
:bulletred: No yaoi, yuri, or hentai.
:bulletred: Must be drawn after Contest opens.
:bulletred: 1 Entry Per category.

:bulletred: Rules COSPLAY:
:bulletred: Must be fitting to the Theme. (Edward Elric)
No yaoi or yuri. (Referring to the character Cosplayed.)
:bulletred: No hentai.
:bulletred: Picture must be taken after Contest opens.

:bulletred: Rules FICTION:
:bulletred: You must have a minimum of 800 words, and a maximum of 2,500 words. Anything over or under this amount can't be counted.
:bulletred:In this case, your story must be a one-shot.
:bulletred: Must be written after the Contest has opened.
:bulletred: Please Focus on Edward Elric!
:bulletred: No Yaoi/Yuri, no Hentai, and nothing beyond PG.
:bulletred: Any genre of Writing is fine, Comedy, Romance, Drama, ect.
:bulletred: Spell check please.

:bulletred: POETRY:
:bulletred: There are no real restrictions word count or genre wise, you are open to how ever you want to express the piece.
:bulletred: Please Focus on Edward Elric!
:bulletred: It must be written after the Contest has opened.
:bulletred: No Yaoi/Yuri, no Hentai, and nothing beyond PG.
:bulletred: Spell check please.

:bulletred: Rules CRAFT:
:bulletred: Must be fitting to the Theme.
:bulletred: Must be made by YOU and not store bought or by another person.
:bulletred: No yaoi or yuri.
:bulletred: No hentai.
:bulletred: Must be created after Contest opens.

:bulletred: Deadline:
October 29th.

:bulletred: How will we pick who wins?
Contest decided by member vote.
superhero weekly feature theme

:bulletred: Prizes:
If anyone would like to offer a Donation Prize let us know! :la:

:star: :star: :bulletred: 1st Place DIGITAL: :star: :star:
:bulletred: A drawing by: :iconmeganekko-bomb: one of our AWESOME Prize Artists!

:star: :star: :bulletred: 1st Place TRADITIONAL: :star: :star:
:bulletred: A drawing by: :iconwindrider01: one of our AWESOME Prize Artists!

:star: :star: :bulletred: 1st Place COSPLAY: :star: :star:
:bulletred: A drawing by: :iconlandiddy: one of our AWESOME Prize Artists!

:star: :star: :bulletred: 1st Place PHOTOGRAPHER: :star: :star:
:bulletred: A drawing by: :iconsoraroxas-15: one of our AWESOME Prize Artists!

:star: :star: :bulletred: 1st Place FICTION: :star: :star:
:bulletred: A drawing by: :iconamiyaen: one of our AWESOME Prize Artists!

:star: :star: :bulletred: 1st Place POETRY: :star: :star:
:bulletred: A drawing by: :iconsakura-araragi: one of our AWESOME Prize Artists!
:bulletred: A drawing by: :iconwitches-labyrinth:

:star: :star: :bulletred: 1st Place ARTS AND CRAFTS: :star: :star:
:bulletred: A drawing by: :icongummigator: one of our AWESOME Prize Artists!
:bulletred: A drawing by: :iconaerilaya: one of our AWESOME Prize Artists!

Speedy Tagline

More Journal Entries

Finished Projects (And Vic's Reactions!)

superhero weekly feature theme
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superhero weekly feature theme
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DA Ranger Logo Feature:

Submit Art

Group Information & More

Submit Art
Group Rules

Are you a fan of Vic Mignogna and the awesome work he's done? We'd love to have you join our group! Everyone is welcome here.

All art should be submitted to the Featured 7 folder. We will sort submissions into the appropriate folders.

Be sure to read the Group Rules so you can know what's allowed and what's not. Thank you!!

Club Manager:
:iconspeedyalchemist: - Speedy - Jenna
:iconda-risembool-rangers: - Speedy's Other Account

Group Admins:
:iconcaramelcat123: - Cammie :iconmeganekko-bomb: - Cael :iconartemis-day: - Michelle
:iconr-spanner: - Spanner :iconflurrin: - Flurrin :iconpurplefire40: - Purple
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Group Officers:
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Retired Admins:
:icondearheart42: - Stephanie :iconbroadway-luv: - Sarah :icongilko: - Stacey :iconsakiree: - SakiRee :iconrockinrobin: - Robin :iconlostdreamz82: - Christine :iconazuriea: - Erin :icontooloftheday: - Kristy :iconromexaeenova: - Veronica
:iconobi-quiet: - Anne

ID Card Templet:
DA Ranger Card Templet by DA-Risembool-Rangers

Are YOU a Risembool Ranger?
DA Ranger Stamp by SpeedyAlchemist Risembool Ranger Stamp 2 by SpeedyAlchemist

Ranger Meme:
:BLANK: Risembool Rangers meme! by Caramelcat123

About Vic Mignogna

Just who is Vic Mignogna? Only the most awesome voice actor EVER!

He's lent his voice to over 150 characters, including:

Edward Elric, (Fullmetal Alchemist)
Dark Mousy, (D.N.Angel)
Broly, (DragonBall Z)
Tamaki Suoh, (Ouran High School Host Club)
Kurz Weber, (Full Metal Panic!)
Vega,(Street Fighter II V)
Yukito Kunisaki, (Air (TV))
Ikkaku Madarame, (Bleach)
Gawl Kudo, (Generator Gawl)
Fai D. Flourite, (Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle)
Spirit "Death Scythe", (Soul Eater)
Zero Kiryu, (Vampire Knight)
Obito Uchiha, (Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3)
Yoshimori Sumimura, (Kekkaishi)
Greece, (Hetalia Axis Powers)
Nagato, (Naruto: Shippuuden)
Omega, E123, (recent Sonic the Hedgehog Games)
Keldeo, (Pokemon Best Wishes! Season 2: Kyurem vs. Seikenshi)
Baka "Prince, Baka-ouji" Ki El Dogra, (Level E)
And various other anime and video game characters.

He is a very talented songwriter and Musician. He's super kind to all of his fans and loves the Rangers to pieces. Vic is a strong believer in Jesus Christ and credits all his success to God.

Vic Mignogna Risembool Rangers deviantARTReferences:
Vic on IMDB
Vic on
Vic on
Vic Mignogna on Twitter
DA Ranger Group on Twitter
The Risembool Ranger Website
Ranger Chat Room
Ranger Official Fan Listing
Risembool Ranger Official Facebook
Project Don't Forget
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Voice Actor Birthdays

superhero weekly feature theme
:star: October: :star:
Monica Rial: October 5, 1975
Jamie Marchi: October 8, 1977
Sam Riegel: October 9, 1976
Tiffany Grant: October 11, 1968
Aaron Dismuke: October 13, 1992
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn: October 16, 1966
John Swasey: October 18, 1964
Christopher Bevins: October 31, 1973

Artist of the Month:

superhero weekly feature theme
The Artist of the Month is Lucy alllll the way from New Zealand with this GORGEOUS Elric brothers piece!
Elric brother's desire by NellLim



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