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November 10, 2012
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Ranger Activity: First Kiss Contest~ A/C/F/P

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 10, 2012, 8:23 PM

superhero weekly feature themeContest closed.

:star: :star: :bulletred: Entries DIGITAL: :star: :star:
:icon14amychan: - Contest Entries:  OTP/First Kiss by 14AmyChan
:icontsaritza-mika: - Think Fast! by Tsaritza-Mika
:iconomnipotentmiku: - First Kiss Contest by omnipotentmiku
:iconprincesskisa: - I wanted to see you by princesskisa
:iconlovelyladyamalthea: - Tactics: I met someone by LovelyLadyAmalthea
:icondrawerelma: - Edwin - First kiss by DrawerElma

:star: :star: :bulletred: Entries TRADITIONAL: :star: :star:
:iconlandra15: - Al and Winry by landra15
:iconninasnon-sense: - Getting Away with Murder by NinasNon-Sense

:star: :star: :bulletred: Entries COSPLAY: :star: :star:

:star: :star: :bulletred: Entries FICTION: :star: :star:
:iconnumbuh4gal: - The First Kiss"You don't have to do this, sempai." Haruhi said, tugging at her gloves.
"I want to! Besides, it'll be fun to experience more commoner things!" Tamaki exclaimed, opening the door as they walked onto the sidewalk.
"It's not that fun, not really fun at all actually. It's a job, you really don't have to help."
"I want to, really! It's a new experience!"
"We'll just be shoveling snow, but if you insist." Haruhi sighed and they walked along the sidewalk, Tamaki adjusted the shovels over this shoulder. "They live on the other side of town, we'll be there soon."
Tamaki grinned and began skipping down the sidewalk, Haruhi chuckled and jogged after him.  It only took a few minutes before they arrived and pushed the gate open. "Do we talk to them or..." Tamaki asked, truly having no idea what to do.
"I'll run inside and tell them we're here. I'll be back in a moment." Haruhi said and ran inside, coming right back out. "Let's get to work." she smiled and took a shovel from him, starting to w

:star: :star: :bulletred: Entries POETRY: :star: :star:
:iconthenoteangler: - :thumb338098713:
:iconnumbuh4gal: - The Lieutenant and The ColonelThe Lieutenant and The Colonel.
By each other's sides forever.
Leave each other? No, never.
A moment of peace on the battle field.
The lovers sweet first kiss.
A moment of happiness and bliss.
There is someone she has to protect.
She'll always pull the trigger.
Even to shoot him, with her cold shaking finger.
Her Father his mentor, his teacher.
Trusting him with the secrets kept forever on her back.
It forever breaks her heart, how they were used to attack.
But that moment in the eye of the storm.
The moment of happiness, that fleeting moment.
The one time in the war they won't need atonement.
The Gun and The Flame.
Fierce brown eyes meets black.
One thing they would never give back.

You guys have said you like it when there's a writing category as well as a poetry section, and cosplay, drawing, ect.  So we're gonna just have a big one!!  We're not going to do these very often though, cause we don't wanna overwork our prize artists after they work so hard for us! XD

And we thought, why not have something all romantic this time.  SO!!  This contest is for romance!!  And all you tough-guy-Rangers, remember romance can be manry too! (lol)

This is a 5 Category Contest, Traditional and Digital Art, Cosplay, Poetry and Fiction!

:bulletred: Art Categories:
-Digital: Art drawn either completely on the computer or colored and re-done on the computer.
-Traditional: Art drawn with pencils and completely non-digital means. Can be non-colored or colored traditionally, pencils, ect.
-You can submit 1 Entry per category!

:star: :star: :bulletred: Contest Info ALL: :star: :star:
The Theme for this Contest is, "First Kiss" you can Draw, Cosplay, and Write about any character in any Anime or video game but we want you to portray that moment where two characters share their first kiss!!  Really show us some tender emotion in your work, grab a innocent and beautiful atmosphere in your drawings, if you're cosplaying be creative!!  And if you're writing build that moment up and then make it meaningful!!  For this contest, it doesn't have to be Vic related unless you choose it to be~
Make sure the couple you pick are in character and if you're portraying a moment that actually happened in an anime, video game, manga, do your best to show your own version of that moment!!!  Make your works beautiful, put the emotion into it and make us wanna go: ;__; Awww.

:bulletred: Rules ART:
:bulletred: Must be a picture related to the theme.
:bulletred: More characters in addition within the picture is allowed.
:bulletred: No tracing or copying of official art.
:bulletred: No yaoi, yuri.
:bulletred: No hentai.
:bulletred: Must be drawn after Contest opens.
:bulletred: 1 Entry Per category.

:bulletred: Rules COSPLAY:
:bulletred: Must be fitting to the Theme.
No yaoi, yuri. (Referring to the character Cosplayed.)
:bulletred: No hentai.
:bulletred: Picture must be taken after Contest opens.

:bulletred: Rules FICTION:
:bulletred: You must have a minimum of 800 words, and a maximum of 2,500 words. Anything over or under this amount can't be counted.
:bulletred: It is allowed to be a chapter of a Ongoing Series, or a one-shot but it must be written after the Contest has opened.
:bulletred: Please Focus on the theme~
:bulletred: No yaoi, yuri.
:bulletred: No hentai.
:bulletred: Nothing beyond PG.
:bulletred: Spell check please.

:bulletred: POETRY:
:bulletred: There are no real restrictions word count or genre wise, you are open to how ever you want to express the piece.
:bulletred: Please Focus on the theme~
:bulletred: It must be written after the Contest has opened.
:bulletred: No yaoi, yuri.
:bulletred: No hentai.
:bulletred: Nothing beyond PG.
:bulletred: Spell check please.

:bulletred: Deadline:
December 2nd.

:bulletred: How will we pick who wins?
Contest decided by member vote.
superhero weekly feature theme

:bulletred: Prizes:
If anyone would like to offer a Donation Prize let us know! :la:

:star: :star: :bulletred: 1st Place DIGITAL: :star: :star:
:bulletred: A year-long feature!
:bulletred: A drawing by: :iconsakuraichigo15: one of our AWESOME Prize Artists!
:bulletred: A drawing by: :iconpandakitty103:

:star: :star: :bulletred: 1st Place TRADITIONAL: :star: :star:
:bulletred: A year-long feature!
:bulletred: A drawing by: :iconperfectlykawaii93: one of our AWESOME Prize Artists!
:bulletred: A drawing by: :icondrawerelma: one of our AWESOME Prize Artists!
:bulletred: A drawing by: :iconmyselfonly:

:star: :star: :bulletred: 1st Place COSPLAY: :star: :star:
:bulletred: A year-long feature!
:bulletred: A drawing by: :iconamiyaen: one of our AWESOME Prize Artists!

:star: :star: :bulletred: 1st Place FICTION: :star: :star:
:bulletred: A year-long feature!
:bulletred: A drawing by: :iconcybiline: one of our AWESOME Prize Artists!

:star: :star: :bulletred: 1st Place POETRY: :star: :star:
:bulletred: A year-long feature!
:bulletred: A drawing by: :iconjapanimeranger: one of our AWESOME Prize Artists!

Have fun guys!

layout designed by rockinrobin
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omnipotentmiku Dec 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
My traditional entry: [link]
SpeedyAlchemist Dec 2, 2012  Student Writer
Sadly the contest already ended.
omnipotentmiku Dec 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Aw...I thought today was the last day to enter...Oh well. ^^;
Is it too late too submit?
SpeedyAlchemist Dec 2, 2012  Student Writer
Yeah sadly, though if you do today I can make an exception for fiction~
Cool that's dad nice but I was goin' for tradition. Ah well I'm still gonna have a go at the crossover contest! Thanks anyway!
TwilightMoon117 Dec 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Darn. Was hoping to get done in time. Oh well.
[link] My entry. :) Did I stay enough on topic to count? I was really worried about that.
lol You might be the only one entering. *Adds*
really? lol, I figured there would be alot.
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