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Submitted on
September 24, 2013


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Ranger Activity: Meaningful Moments Contest [ART]

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 24, 2013, 2:55 PM

superhero weekly feature themeContest ended.

We're going to try something new in this contest!  Instead of you guys drawing 1 contest entry, we're going to have you draw 3!!

:bulletred: Entries:
:iconkageninja37: 1:  Kurama and Naruto by KageNinja37 2: I Can't Lose by KageNinja37 3: Broken Masks by KageNinja37
:iconadi-arty: 1: Pika Pi by Adi-Arty 2: Dont Give in. by Adi-Arty 3: Ill always remember... by Adi-Arty
:iconblackrabbit28: 1: Ace and Luffy by BlackRabbit28 2: Ed by BlackRabbit283: 3: Final Getsuga Tenshou by BlackRabbit28
:iconawffulwafflez: 1: :thumb402859176: 2: I... Lost by AwffulWafflez 3: :thumb403758163:
:iconredwallchick1303: 1: Meaningful Moment #3 - Ash and Celebi by RedwallChick1303 2: Meaningful Moment #2 - Tamaki and Haruhi by RedwallChick1303 3: Meaningful Moment #1 - Alphonse Elric.. by RedwallChick1303
:iconthedragonsensi: 1: Bang by TheDragonSensi 2: A Sweet Goodbye by TheDragonSensi 3: Why Are They Burying Daddy? by TheDragonSensi
:iconmedli45: 1: You're all we've got right now by Medli45 2: I Had One Left... by Medli45 3: Friendship by Medli45
:icontophlee: 1: 49th Me by Tophlee 2: Lord Faustus by Tophlee 3: 2000 by Tophlee
:icondrawsgirl101: 1: Meaningful Moments [1] by DrawsGirl101 2: Meaningful Moments [2] by DrawsGirl101 3: Meaningful Moments [3] by DrawsGirl101
:iconkimono-chimera: 1: Meaningful Moments Trigun- The Death of Legato by Kimono-chimera 2: Meanigful Moments TTGL - Change of Heart? by Kimono-chimera 3: Meaningful Moments Ouran - Kyouya's Discovery by Kimono-chimera
:iconaseliger: 1: Fullmetal [entry] by aseliger 2: Next time, in Paradise ~Tsume's Death [entry] by aseliger 3: The Word is Courage [entry] by aseliger
:iconkrazykat22: 1: Lets go Home! by KrazyKat22 2: Stay with Me! by KrazyKat22 3: I'm So Sorry Ushio! by KrazyKat22
:iconbloodkaika: 1: I See the Path From This Dark Place by BloodKaika 2: MOTHER!!! by BloodKaika 3: Forgiveness by BloodKaika
:iconwinryi-chan: 1: Ushio and Tomoya (Meaningful Moments 1) by Winryi-chan 2: Yui and Hinata (Meaningful Moments 2) by Winryi-chan 3: Mikasa and Eren (Meaningful Moments 3) by Winryi-chan
:iconoreo-otaku15: 1: I really thought I was gonna die... (MM 1/3) by oreo-otaku15 2: I didn't want mama to forget me.... (MM 2/3) by oreo-otaku15 3: Will you be my friend, Crona? (MM 3/3) by oreo-otaku15
:iconbyakuyasgirl: 1: Gaara What Am I? by ByakuyasGirl 2: Your mother loved you by ByakuyasGirl 3: Yoruichi vs soifon by ByakuyasGirl
:iconredaugen: 1: You're jealous, aren't you, Envy? by RedAugen 2: The Last Words of Sir Aaron by RedAugen 3: I just wanted to be strong like you! by RedAugen

It's going to be a more emotional contest this time!  We're planning on some more light-hearted ones in the future but we thought, why not do something more meaningful for this contest.  

Think hard over what 3 moments in all the Anime you've watched were the most touching to you!  And draw a picture for each of those moments!  This is a very special contest because we get to see all those moments expressed through your beautiful artwork.

Because of this, the traditional and digital categories will be combined, that way you can draw the 3 pieces in the style you choose.

This is an Art Contest.

Note: You HAVE to enter 3 pieces, 1 or 2 will not do, 3!  So try not to cut finishing up too close to the deadline.

:bulletred: You can submit 3 entries for this contest and all 3 will be judged in the polls! (Be sure to mark them, 1st favorite, 2nd favorite, and 3rd favorite in order of your own personal love for the scene you chose.)

:star: :star: :bulletred: Contest Info: :star: :star:
The theme for this contest is, "Favorite 3 Meaningful Moments in Anime" we want you guys to think hard about 3 different moments in Anime that really moved and touched you, 3 moments from 3 different Anime that moved at your heartstrings.  It doesn't have to be a Ranger-related Anime, just choose moments that impacted you personally. (Explain why in the comments of your deviation, so we know why you decided to draw those 3 moments.)

We want you then to enter 3 pieces of Artwork, 1 picture for each moment.  It can be whatever moment you'd like, the Nina scene from Fullmetal Alchemist, the end of Ouran High School Host Club, that one moment everyone remembers in Trigun, pick your favorite moment from the Anime you've seen, it doesn't have to be sad to be touching, it just has to have personally moved you.

When you finish all 3 pictures, link them in the comments below.  This is our first time having a contest where you guys enter 3 pieces, so do your best!

superhero weekly feature theme

:bulletred: Rules ART:
:bulletred: Must be fitting to the Theme.
:bulletred: No tracing or copying of official art.
:bulletred: No yaoi or yuri.
:bulletred: No hentai.
:bulletred: Must be drawn after Contest opens.

:bulletred: Deadline:
November 6th.

:bulletred: How will we pick who wins?
Contest decided by member vote.

:bulletred: How do I enter?
Post your contest entries as a url in the comments here.

:bulletred: Regarding Polls:
-Contests are decided by member vote.
-There are no campaigning for votes allowed in any contest.
-The Deadlines for contests are both a deadline as well as the date that the polls go up, give or take a few minutes.  Midnight, right when the clock turns to the new day, is when the polls go up for each contest so please be sure your entries are up by then. (Central Time, USA)
-If there is a deadline conflicting with another contest, the polls may be delayed until the first contest that was put up ends.

:bulletred: Prizes:
If anyone would like to offer a Donation Prize let us know! :la:

:star: :star: :bulletred: 1st Place for 3 Entries: :star: :star:
:bulletred: A year-long feature!
:bulletred: A drawing by: :iconlandiddy: one of our AWESOME Prize Artists!
:bulletred: A story by: :iconxxamufujibioshixx:

:star: :star: :bulletred: 2nd Place for 3 Entries: :star: :star:
:bulletred: A year-long feature!
:bulletred: A drawing by: :iconazuriea: one of our AWESOME Prize Artists!

:star: :star: :bulletred: 3rd Place for 3 Entries: :star: :star:
:bulletred: A year-long feature!
:bulletred: A drawing by: :iconstarlightshymmer: one of our AWESOME Prize Artists!

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