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April 20, 2013


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Ranger Roleplay: The Ranger Cooking Hour WRITERS

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 20, 2013, 7:45 PM

superhero weekly feature theme

Chapter twenty five is up! Chapter 25 : and the winner is...Chapter 25
"and the winner is..."
The whistle was blown and the match started. The Risembool Rangers and the Mini skirt army grabbed their balls and started throwing it at each other. Ed had dodged perfectly "hey" he said "this isn't bad at all". Tamaki was having a good time too "Haruhi will be pleased when he finds out that we won because of me" He exclaimed while he grabbed another ball.
Dark dodged most of the time "Is that all yoou got?" he said with a tease tone and he got hit. "Aw man!" he said and stood outside next to Fai who was hit a few minutes after the game was started
"do you think will win?" Dark asked "well" Fai answered "I think we can". Dark looked at the rest of the players playing the game.
Zero played well too. He was fast and really good at dodging and catching the balls. Ed was good too and because of his height, most of the balls missed him. Tamaki played like a pro and spirit played well..just for Maka's sake.
The mini skirt army fought with all their might bu

And with that, we bring this roleplay to an end.  Thanks to everyone who participated! 

Leave a note in the comments section if you'd like to participate.  Only the first 25 are guaranteed spots, but if you don't make it in time, I can put you on reserve in case someone drops out.  I will note you when it's your turn to write a chapter, and you will have 24 hours to write it and post a link in the comments.  WE WILL NOT BE STARTING UNTIL ALL 25 SLOTS ARE FILLED.

Full rules and regulations can be found here: the-da-ranger-group.deviantart…

Rangers Signed Up:

1: :iconotakuyasha:- Chapter One: The Chaos Begins            Tamaki hurried down the stairs with an overflowing cardboard box held between two excited hands. "Oooooh, they'll love this!" He sang to himself as he took the steps two at a time. "Master Tamaki, your guests are getting rather... antsy." One of Tamaki's maids caught him as he was about to jump over the last five steps. "And if you do that, the stairs will break." She turned away and continued up the stairs. Tamaki waited until she was out of sight before he jumped cleanly over the steps. 
            A sudden cracking made the King whirl around. The maple staircase that curved so delicately to the side had split precisely down the middle. Tamaki raised his eyebrows. Oopsie. He ran away with his burden before anyone could realize what he had done.
            Tamaki turned the corner into one of the many parlor rooms scattered throughout his mans

2: :iconaddictedtothescript:- Chapter 2: Of Flour, Fanmail, and Sparkles“Next, we need to preheat the oven! Spirit, would you tell us how high we need to set it?” the king of flower power – I mean, the king of the host club chirped. The red haired man didn't even bother to look up from his extensive photo album as he grabbed the recipe.
“ Three hundred and fifty degrees,” he read, quickly returning to the pictures of his daughter. “Look at my little Maka! Isn't she just the cutest thing you've ever seen?” Ed snatched the album away from him.
“I guess there's a Hughes in every universe,” he grumbled. He was lucky he had automail, considering how quickly Spirit attacked him to get the photo album back. As Zero began wondering why the hell he was there in the first place, Fai grinned.
“I'll do it, Tamaki!” he ran over and preset the oven.
“Thank you, Fai. Now, Dark, would you kindly bring me the flour?” the blonde asked.
“What? You can't use that mystical fairy flower t

3: :iconcolresslawliet:- Chapter 3: Impeachment of the Prince“Well, this is just great…” Ed replied, still completely covered in the sparkles.  “This show is going just peachy. We are all covered in Armstrong schtick, our oven is useless, and so is our flour. Why? Because we had to have some idiot take control of all this! Whose idea was it to put him in charge again!?”
Everyone looked at each other. Ed looked to Dark, who looked to Spirit, who looked to Fai, who looked to Zero, who looked to Tamaki, who looked back to Ed.
“I kind of saw this coming…” Zero replied. “Well, after this fiasco, it will be pretty difficult to continue the show, wouldn’t it?”
Tamaki did a double take and turned to Zero as he mentioned the show possibly being pulled. “What are you talking about? We can still go on!” Tamaki exclaimed, running over to Zero and shaking him around as if he were a ragdoll.
“I’d love to see how we could.” Spirit said, sighing softly. “And

4: :iconyamifangirlqueen:- Chapter 4: A New Leader'Looks like Zero's the new leader.' the Colonel thought while she's in the audience watching from behind the door. She then leaves the room and walks down the hall. She wore a uniform similar to the uniform worn by the State Alchemists, except it's red like Ed's coat. But it also has a flamel symbol on the back of her jacket, just like on the back of Ed's coat, and she wore short-shorts and long high-heel boot that reach to her thighs. She can also be seen with her hair up or down depending on the look you think looks sexy for her.
"We're leaving General, we're heading to the meeting room." she said to the General of the Rangers.
"As you say Colonel." she replied.
"We'll take the elevator, would that be a problem?"
"Not in the slightest." she said.
"Nothing is going to get in my way, as the Colonel of the Risembool Rangers.......I swear it." she said to herself.
But then, the Kekkaishi himself was in a hurry.
'I made it.' he thought to himself before entering the room.
"Yoshimori Sumim

5: :iconkininfu:- Dissention in the RanksChapter 5: Dissention in the Ranks
Zero glared sullenly at the camera, trying hard as he could to ignore the fact that the others had just shoved a great big, pink, “Kiss the Cook” chef’s hat on his head. The surrounding audience continued to giggle.
“So, we’re baking a cake and you want me to be in charge?” Simultaneously the girls nodded. “Alright, fine.”
Fai grinned. “Go Zero! Taking charge!”
“But-! But-!” Tamamki brought out his puppy face. “I’m the King of the Host Club!” Unsurprisingly, they all ignored him.
“So we need to bake this dumb cake-“
“It’s not dumb!” Spirit interrupted. “It’s for my darling Maka! She’s just the most adorable thing in the world! This cake has to be absolutely perfect! This way I can give it to her and she’ll have the best birthday ever! My Maka will-!” He continued ranting.
Zero grit his teeth. “We need to bake this INCREDIBL

6: :icontiger002:- Chapter 6: Don't try this at homeChapter 6: Don't try this at home
And we rejoin our heroes; two of whom are fighting over a mixer, while it splatters goop all over the room, one of whom is being held by two very large security guards, and one other who is trying to resist the urge to lash out violently, one was searching for matches.
This show had to be more exciting than those boring shows like Emeril at least.
The security guard dropped Ed back on the ground and towered over the alchemist. “Now listen here little alchemist,” the guard said as Ed got back to his feet. When Ed stood back up, the guard decided to use Ed's head as an armrest.
With this slight statement of annoyance, Ed punched the guard sending him flying back while slightly seething.
“Now back to the cake!” Tamaki said running back in front of the camera while

7: :iconallice-mae:- Chapter 7: What is Cooking? Chapter 7: What is Cooking?
“Ladies and the occasional guy watching this show, we now will be taking a short break from the actual “cooking”  part and continue with our commercials. However, since I never planned things would get this... uh colorful and since this is a alive audience, we shall now interview the cast members until we can get this mess cleaned up.” Tamaki stated trying his best to stay upbeat.
“I thought Zero was the leader,” came a remark from a moody little alchemist who at the moment was shirtless and covered in foam.
“It’s not like I care,” came Zero’s reply.
“Well I do! I don’t think someone as incompetent as him,” Ed furiously pointed towards Tamaki, “should be making the decisions around here.”
“I’m sorry, but I don’t think someone as short...” Tamaki began, but was cut off by Ed’s rage.
“I’m not short! It’s my short temper

8: :iconcatbot158:- Ranger Roleplay: Chapter 8“And now, ladies and gentlemen, let’s us resume the show!”
The lights shone on the set, finally cleaned of the clutter from earlier. It almost looked brand-new; which wouldn’t have been a surprise to any, due to their location. All the equipment had been polished and shined to perfection again, but that was nothing compared to the boys.
“The hell did you put us in?” Ed muttered to Tamaki, tugging on his shirt.
Tamaki couldn’t help but grin. “Only the finest in culinary fashion,” he replied, striking a model’s pose. The show’s host had bathed and changed their outfits; they all wore the same lacey white shirts, black dress pants, and leather shoes.
“And let us not forget the handmade aprons!” Tamaki added, “made from the best in apron-tailoring!” He struck another fancy pose, stretching out his cream-colored apron with the words “Kiss The Prince” printed on it. Every guy in the studio g

9: :iconringonamida:- Ranger Roleplay, Ch. 9: When Life Gives You Feta    Greece let out a quiet purr as Prince Baka rubbed a thumb against his surprisingly soft cat ears. His purr was rough and less catlike than he intended; his voice sounded more like a soft wave against a beach than a pleased feline.
    Meanwhile the other boys were confused as to how they now had several bags of feta instead of flour. Ed voiced everyone's thoughts first while he stared at the feta that was now spilling slightly onto the floor that had just been cleaned minutes ago.
    "How are we supposed to make a cake with cheese?!"
    Greece suddenly snapped up and said, "Cheesecake."
    After several pairs of eyes turned on him he shrugged. "Well, not exactly a cheesecake, but it does have feta in it. It's a nice recipe, and it's not that hard..."
    Someone from backstage ran up with a piece of paper and handed it to Zero--trying hard to avoid Tamaki so he didn't snatch it away--it was the recipe

10: :iconjadefowl:- RCH Story Chapter 10. Flaming Doughnuts@KidnappedTamaki stood and brushed himself off.
 “ everyone alright? “ Everyone nodded Sea of doughnuts leering over them ominously.
 “NOOO! THE CAKE IS UNDER THE SWEETS! HOW IS MY CUTE LITTLE MAKA GOING TO GET HER CAKE NOW?!?” Spirit started digging through the pile on his hands and knees. Soon joined by Tamaki . Edward, Dark and Zero had been completely covered in powder and melted chocolate, making them look like the worlds worst ghosts with brown splotches. Spirit screamed like a little girl as he found the bowl, it and its containments surprisingly intact. As he picked it up, the mountain of candy burst into flame. Tamaki and spirit reeled back and fai stood with a dumbstruck expression, holding a lighter.
 “Hey guys I got the fire to work- Oh, your on fire, Whoops.”
Within the time frame of an hour, they quickly disposed of the flameing mass of sugar. Many jokes made, and many Midgets angered. They Finally opened the stage curtains

11: :iconkimrimiphantomhive:- Chapter 11 - What Really HappenedWinry smirked evilly as she swung the feta bag menacingly in front of her. Her prisoner gulped.
"Mmm phnt oo mmeephng!"
"Sure you didn't. Not alone, anyway. What I'm here to find out, is why you would aid him in such a ridiculous scheme!"
Winry rolled her eyes. "Don't play dumb. All the cow in Amestris have stopped producing milk and it's obviously alchemy! And if you weren't involved, do you care to explain-" She pulled out a black feather "this?"
Dark's eyebrows furrowed and he began pulling on the licorice that bound his wrists. How the heck were they holding him?
"Hmm mpht oompheephng wiph phat phipskep!"
Somewhere, Edward sneezed. Winry looked utterly confused and un-gagged him.
"Never mind. I've ben framed and- What the hell's with this licorice?"
She held up her palm and put her other hand to her ear. Her eyes widened and she paled visibly. Moving quickly, she flipped out a pocketknife and cut the licorice then ran off.
Rubbing his wrists, Dark looked ar

12: :iconotakugirlpwnsall:- Chapter 12- The beginning of the *possible* end..."GYAAAAAH!!!! MUSTANG PUT ME DOWN PUT ME DOWN PUT! ME! DOOOOOOOOOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Edward screamed and kicked as the flame alchemist just casually ran through the chaos, out the door, to his military truck and threw Ed inside.
"Shut up, shorty." Roy snapped at Ed, pulling the car out of the driveway and begining to leave.
"The least you could do is put some clothes on..." Edward muttered.
In the meantime, Spirit was still shoving pictures of Maka in Winry's face, and, for some reason, COMMODORE MAES HUGHES DECIDED TO POP IN!!
"HELLO!!!! Hey, Winry, did Roy pass through here?" Winry, seeming to make a fast recovery, sat up for about three seconds to sanswer.
"Yup...." Then the blue-eyed blonde passed out again.
"Okay. See, he was out drinking, and..." Maes looked down, only to see an unconsious Winry.
"Oh, I see, you're busy. Alright then." 
Tamaki piped up.
"Well hello there, my good sir, may i interest you in-"
"I'm straight. And married" Tamaki fro

13: :icon123gomegirl:- Chapter 13 of the Rangers Cook Off"Now ladies, and it look like six gentlemen in the audience it's time to vote for your favorite daughter, just pick on from keypad next to your seats to-" Ed says before a pushy spirit takes the mike away.
"MY LITTLE MAKA-WAKA NEEDS YOU TO VOTE FOR HER" say Spirit. "Dad I've told you not to do this" Maka says as she gets out of the stage chair pull a mirror out of her pocket, fogs it up and writes "42-42-564" and proceeds to talk in to it like a telephone.
"Lord Death it's me Maka could you send someone to pick me up...Yeah he's done it again...I don't know how I think he's insane...No this time there is no pie...I understand apple is the best, can you help me or not...Okay I'll be waiting outside." She puts the mirror back in her pocket and leaves the studio.
"So is that all it takes to leave this place, Does anyone have a mirror." Zero asks and is then readily ignored
"Since one of the daughters has dropped out the battle is now between Little Elicia from Amestris, or Haruhi from wel

14: :iconmoonspider95:- Ranger Roleplay Part 14 - And Fight They ShallFai kept the letter to himself, politely plucking it out of Zero's hands, allowing Edward and Tamaki to read from behind him.
"W-what...?" Tamaki was nearly in tears again. "Surely there is a safer way to entertain our audience..."
Edward could not hide his excitment. "Finally! A part of this show that I can get behind!"
Dark has given up his search for the phantom and rested his arm on the shrimp's head, though said shorty was steaming from the indignity. The theif was pleased by this news too. He called back to Spirit, who was using a cell phone to plead with his daughter.
"Hey Spirit, you wanna come see this?"
"Maka, I'm sorry~! I know you don't like competitions, but Daddy just wanted to show how special his little girl was!"
"I mean, you're a death scythe, right? So you might be into this..."
"No, no, you don't have an ugly side, Maka! Oh me...I would never! I wasn't THAT aggressive about..."
"But you ARE the best, Maka!!!"
"OK...your loss." He turns his head to someo

15: :iconamy-oh:- Chapter 15 the cook and the haterChapter 15
Zero and Edward were getting ready for the first round, the fans stared to scream insanely and wild.
Zero: I didn’t want to do this anyway.
he looked at Ed shinning his auto mail arm, he looked at Zero, Ed saw Zero’s nerves and shaking,  Fai was about to say to begin the round then “BOOM” the Fans started to run in fear and left Zero, Edward and Fai speechless.
Fai: hehe well that’s odd, who put a bomb in this building?
Zero: dam, if i know better it could be a more series thing or something, Ed, what are you thinking?
Edward: hmm i’m not sure, i’ll have a quick look.
Ed ran to bomb and saw nothing, except a little pink lipstick at the end of the bomb ed was shocked it could be a fan.
Edward: hey Zero, Fai, I saw a lipstick at the end of this bomb, we should ask Tamaki.
They all agree and went to find Tamaki, Dark and Greece  with Tamaki saw Zero, Edward and Fai running towards them.
Tamaki: so who won the First round?

16: :iconmy5tic-lali:- The Cooking Hour Chapter 16: Arguing and HuntingThe Cooking Hour Chapter 15: Arguing and Hunting
“Where do we start?” Fai looked around, unconcerned, at the circle of destruction that surrounded the explosion.
Zero was moodily examining the lipstick and grouchily commented, “Maybe we should start in the rafters, where that weird guy came from.”
Dark glanced up from where he sat, staring at the empty seats.  “I think we should find all those girls first.  Make sure they're all okay.  They seem like a high-strung bunch.”
“Yes!” Tamaki, who had been dreamily babbling about some Host Club theme that this disastrous night was inspiring him to do, shot up like a bullet and practically flew towards the Phantom Thief.  “We must find the girls and reassure them that everything is alright!”
“Who cares about a couple of silly girls?” Ed interrupted Tamaki's excited chatter.  “We need to find the person who planted the bomb.  If that twis

17: :iconotakuyasha:- Chapter 17: RestartChapter 17: Restart
"Shall we see who we have here?" Dark asked, grabbing the cloaked figure's shoulder and spinning it around to face him. With the other hand, he flicked off the hood.
A tall person with long, wavy blonde hair and blue eyes pouted at the group surrounding him."That's no way to treat a guest, you know." He said, pushing aside Zero's gun with a delicate finger. Dark took a step back, leaning into Fai's ear. "Is that a guy or a girl?" He asked the puzzled mage, who shrugged.
Tamaki, however, was much more certain. Seeing the long hair and pink shirt, he launched into a long-winded apology to the "pretty lady" Dark had knocked off the rafters. "He pretends to be such a lady's man, but in all honesty-"
"Shut up." The blonde said boredly. "Eh?" Tamaki froze for a second before continuing. " - he's a real jerk. And so to make up for it, I can only offer this rose." Tamaki bowed gracefully a rose held delicately between his fingers.
The alien glared at the rose. Whipping out

18: :iconxpuremaplecanadianx:- The Cooking Hour: Chapter 18 - Now what?!The Cooking Hour: Chapter 18 – “Now what?!”
The announcer quickly spoke into the MIC just in front of his face. “On the last episode of the Cooking hour we have this burnt cake that has now just been placed in the trash and now the whole crew is getting the girls back to restart such a lovely cake. OH also forgot this mysterious figure is still lurking around, what is going on with this dark figure’s plan??”
The group of smoked covered boys returned to the kitchen set in hopes that the girls had returned. Tamaki had sent Edward to go find them. Or in this case just yell for them.  
As hands dusted each other’s clothing to get the remnants of the smoke out of their clothing, Fai noticed that there was a bin of flour that was sporadically spilled over the floor.
“Oh no, this just won’t do! Someone is playing a prank on us! Who did this!!?” Tamaki shook his head just as he seen Edward walking in with the girls.

19: :iconmiddeniht:- The cooking hour- chapter 19The cooking hour- chapter 19
Missing midgets and calamitous cooking
The group froze as they heard a scream echo across the stage.
'What was-?'
'Who was that?'
They looked around trying to figure out who screamed. 'I think it was the alchemist.' Zero said 'unless, of course, he's too small for us all to see him.' They all paused.
'Yep definitely ed, he would have exploded by now.' Fai chuckled
'I guess we need to go find him,' dark said 'we'll have to delay our attempts at cooking.'
'What!?' Tamaki and Spirit cried.
'What about my maka's cake!'
'We can't stop  making the cake! This is a cooking show!!' Tamaki cried
'Then get someone else to do it.' Dark sighed
Tamaki seemed to calm down and turned to face Haruhi 'right! Haruhi, make cake!' Haruhi blinked, still wiping the batter of her face, before sighing. 'Sorry sempai, but this show is dangerous. I'm leaving. You coming Winry?' Winry paused before nodding 'you better find ed' she grumbled 'if he's lost my wrench I'm going to mur

20: :iconusagi-chan14:- Chp.20-Dolls, Magic rope, and angry midgets oh my!~In the Kitchen/Studio~
Tamaki pinched his nose as crimson blood dripped out, the culprit (banana peel) laying across the floor.
"Apparently banana's can do more damage than expected." Zero smirked, for once enjoying this forced event.
"SHUT UP!" Tamaki yelled, a piece of cotton now stuffed up his nostril. " We must finish this cake!" He stood up triumphantly forgetting about his "injury".
"YES! Maka must have her cake!!" Spirit said, rubbing a doll that looked like the pig-tailed scythe wielder across his face and mumbling her name.
"W... Where did you get that?" Fai asked in horrified curiosity.
"ISN'T IT ADORABLE???? It looks just like my Maka!!" Spirit announced still rubbing the doll across his face. Tamaki reached out and grabbed the doll, launching it out into space. "MAKAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!" Spirit screamed tears smearing across his face. Zero stood arms crossed, again wondering just how he was mashed in with this weirdo fest. Spirit sank to the floor in a heap of tears.

21: :iconkitsunelolita:- Ranger Roleplay- Chapter 21: Zero Versus the World Chapter 21: Zero Versus the World
The resident mysterious figure smirked, watching the pandemonium going on. Going unnoticed, and eyed the only 'smart' one of the group. Yes, that would be the next target. Then, sweep away the rest of them while they panicked. The figure began to laugh maniacally, only to gag only seconds until the laugh.
"....Ick. Hairball. Shouldn't do that again..."
Then the figure fled, before one of the dimwits could actually find him.
                                                   *****insert epic page break here******
Zero was done. Absolutely finished with Tamaki's insistent whining, and don't even get him started on Spirit. Death Scythe or not, if that stupid man ever said one more thing about his 'precious daughter Maka' the vampire was going to take off his head with the rustiest chainsaw he could find. He had heard s

22: :iconmistylovesrocklee:- Chapter 22 A Failed Rescue~Back in the kitchen~
"How are we supposed to make a cake for my precious Maka using candy bars?!" Spirit wailed while hugging yet another Maka doll to his chest.
"It's like using chocolate chips, you just need to make them smaller and mix them in the batter, I'm sure it'll be delicious." Fai said smiling happily as he started to pick up some of the Milky Way Dark up off of the floor.
"Yes, and we will make sure that nothing else happens!" Tamaki exclaimed proudly as he snapped his fingers and large security guards with walkie-talkies positioned themselves at every exit and around the stage.
"Now why didn't you think of that before?" Fai asked curiously as he set all the candy bars he found still wrapped on the counter.
"You know, I'm not really sure." Tamaki said looking slightly puzzled as he placed his thumb and index finger on his chin as if he were deep in thought.
~A creepy surveillance room~
"Well this will complicate things a bit, but I can still handle all of the

23: :iconcheetah775:- Ranger 'Cooking Hour' Capter 23~Who's your daddy?CHAPTER 23: WHO'S YOUR DADDY?
It was dark and pleasantly quiet.  A single light flickered in the middle of the room revealing Dark sitting on the chair at the table. "where am I? " he questioned finding himself in darkness seeing nothing but the  little peas of table where the light was shining on. Suddenly eight more lights appeared revealing the other nine people sitting at the table all quietly drinking tea. Dark freaked out when he realized that the people sitting there were the ones that were last trapped in that cursed room with him.
wait what were Tamaki and Fai doing here? Were they captured as well?  and why are they all so calm? "okay what's going on here?" Dark shutted standing up from his chair leaning over the table. Tamaki looked up raising his head "ow im sorry! do you want some tea as well?" he asked smiling politely. The rest of the people sitting there now turned to him as if they were expecting an answer. "No I don't drink tea with man!" Dark refused completely freak

24: :iconfallingblossoms:- Chapter 24- everyone ready for dodge ball?Chapter 24- everyone ready for dodge ball?
“You’re kidding me.” Edward finally managed to say, staring at this strange man. Not only had he claimed to be the ‘father of his voice’ or whatever, but he was planning to save everyone with some kind of candy?
Spirit, however, cheered. “Hurry! I have go help make my darling Maka’s cake, I’m sure we’ll have a bonding conversation and my darling little girl will-“
Zero glowered at the cheerful man and groaned. “Do what you want, but get us out of here, I can’t take this for much longer.”
The man smiled, walking over to Dark and unwrapping the candy. He held it out, and Dark smirked up at the man that the girl in the red cloak was so excited to see. “What, is that an ancient relic that grants the user some secret power?”
Vic smiled back, winking. “No, actually, it’s an amazing new discovery which is only effective if you eat it.”

25: :iconmarceline0098:- Chapter 25 : and the winner is...Chapter 25
"and the winner is..."
The whistle was blown and the match started. The Risembool Rangers and the Mini skirt army grabbed their balls and started throwing it at each other. Ed had dodged perfectly "hey" he said "this isn't bad at all". Tamaki was having a good time too "Haruhi will be pleased when he finds out that we won because of me" He exclaimed while he grabbed another ball.
Dark dodged most of the time "Is that all yoou got?" he said with a tease tone and he got hit. "Aw man!" he said and stood outside next to Fai who was hit a few minutes after the game was started
"do you think will win?" Dark asked "well" Fai answered "I think we can". Dark looked at the rest of the players playing the game.
Zero played well too. He was fast and really good at dodging and catching the balls. Ed was good too and because of his height, most of the balls missed him. Tamaki played like a pro and spirit played well..just for Maka's sake.
The mini skirt army fought with all their might bu

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