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June 12, 2012
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The Comic Project 2: Fullmetal Legacy - Characters

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 12, 2012, 12:32 PM

superhero weekly feature theme
:bulletred: The characters:
:bulletred: Trisha "Trish" Elric:
Age: 16
:icondajhdjkhjhaj: -…
(She is the "Quick Silver Alchemist" but this plot does not establish that yet.  It'll probably come in later.)

Trisha was born gifted with Alchemy but her brother was not, and for this she feels guilty.  This complex of her brother's made Trisha want to compensate for it, so the two became close as a result of it.  She is stubborn and has a fiery spirit.  She can’t take criticism well and is easy to provoke.  She tends to run into action without thinking of the consequences, but it's never out of selfishness.

Trisha is self-conscious because of Edward’s legacy and everything he accomplished and she has trouble living up to that.  She's always concerned about fulfilling his expectations; Edward does not pressure her, but all the stories he told her through the years growing up stayed with her and made her wonder if she was ever going to be as good an alchemist as he was.  She wants to make her own name, to set herself apart.  

Trisha also has an incredible weakness for cute things, she thinks it's not cool so she tries to pretend she's not fazed.  Undeniably, she has a love of anything utterly adorable.  She causes trouble for her brother who constantly takes the heat for her, giving her more to owe him for.  But this is something she looks on fondly, that he is always protecting her, even if he gets all the blame.  Edward continually warns them never to try human transmutation and has them each promise never to do so.

Because of all the stories about her father she’s interested in the military and though Edward is not particularly fond of the idea, being from hell and back from his experiences, she doesn’t take his warnings seriously.  She has the mind-set that all the stories Edward told her are just, “Stories” and nothing more. Those same stories made her admire him greatly but did little to quench the thirst for knowledge. She doesn’t speak her mind enough and when she does she feels unheard because of so many differences in opinion and her lack of experience.  As a girl, she frightened the boys with her alchemy and all the kids thought she was weird.  Despite Ed’s reassurance she only really has a friend in Aaron growing up, which made their bond far stronger than normal.  It also distresses her later in life as she considers boys to be very, “Cute” which is her weakness.

:bulletred: Aaron Elric:
Age: 17
:iconmanu-chann: - Aaron Elric by manu-chann
From a young age, Aaron has been unable to perform Alchemy.  Being the old brother, it’s incredibly hard for him to forget that he is leagues under his little sister but is conflicted because of the strong bond they both have and his natural nature to want to put others first.  Although he shares physical traits similar to his father, they are very different in attitude.  Aaron doesn’t like to say what’s on his mind and has trouble getting across to others how he’s truly feeling.  He’s very tender-hearted, which can be frustrating when he wants to open up to others.  He feels guilty that he is so jealous of his sister so he tries his best to be supportive of her in return.

Because of being deprived of the gift for Alchemy, he became closer to Winry and spent years studying the trade of Automail engineering and mastering the craft.  He’s incredibly sarcastic and condescending to where Winry is constantly slugging him with a wrench whenever she tries to teach him something new.  He has no problem finding female attention because all the work with Automail had given him broad shoulders, he is however, way too shy and dense to ever notice.  His relationship with his father is strong, they brag about how tall he is and Ed often loves to point out, “He takes after his old man.” Despite Edward not being entirely truthful in that respect.  Ed never truly caught on to how much not having alchemy bothered him because Ed himself can’t perform it either after trading Truth his ability for his brother’s life.  

:bulletred: Maes Mustang:
Age: 16
:iconrhiakolareny: - Maes Mustang by RhiaKolareny
Maes is the only child of Roy Mustang and Risa Hawkeye.  Roy has become the Fuhrer as time has passed; a position he had to sacrifice and strive for.  Although Roy regained his sight from Doctor Marco and used the last remnants of the last stone to achieve it, Maes at a point of his life turned blind and because of this, it greatly limited his alchemy and has left an empty space in his heart.  He has a temper in him, partly because of Mustang’s traits passed down to him, but to a much worse extent.  

Turning blind caused him to be resentful towards his father because he sees Roy’s turning blind in the past as the cause for his own loss of sight.  His use of Alchemy is not of flames as his father's alchemy, because Risa forbid it, so he could only do small things any average alchemist could do; this also contributed to his bitterness.  He’s hot-headed and full of pride but deep inside he doesn’t truly hate Mustang, only punishes him for refusing to apply human transmutation on him to restore his sight.  He does not understand why it’s so taboo when it’s been said to have worked for another renowned Alchemist in the past.  (Edward Elric)

He is stubborn, quick to anger, selfish and ambitious and does things half-heartedly, but when it comes down to it all he wants is to be able to be respected like his father and have the ability to achieve great things.

:bulletred: Elliott Lewis:
Age: 16
:iconstarlightshymmer: - Elliott Lewis by StarlightShymmer
He is An Ishvalen young man about Trisha’s age and is also taking the alchemy exam.  He's intelligent and a bit of a show-off if not really arrogant, but has an irrational fear of heights, spiders, closed spaces, and the dark, which kind of ruins his rational and in-control appearance to others.  (Trisha often creates spiders through alchemy and other things when he pisses her off.)

In his past, he was at the top of his class, an only child but his parents both died of disease.  He is studying medical alchemy in hopes of stopping anybody else from dying, but as an Ishvalen is constantly excluded from ignorant people who don’t consider him worthy of such an exam.  He has a distant personally as a result from intolerance of his race and eventually Trisha slowly sees it beginning to affect him.  

Elliot bottles his emotions up and tries to pretend ignorance doesn't bother him, but it takes its toll on him emotionally.  He becomes very angry and starts beating one of the boys ridiculing him almost to death.  Having no purpose now that he will never become a doctor because of this one incident, he searches for a new one.

:bulletred: The Emerald Stone “Hermes”:
Age: Unknown
:iconmanu-chann: - Emerald stone sketch by manu-chann Emerald Stone human form sketch by manu-chann
The tablet provides a text purporting to reveal the secret of the primordial substance (Time itself and the beginning of all alchemy) and its transmutations.  The legend is if you touch it, you gain the knowledge to a wish with no equivalent exchange.  Though in reality, those who touch it get their soul devoured by this “lie” this “deceit” and cease to exist.  The Emerald Stone considers itself to be above the laws and truths of this world as it thinks itself the foundation of life itself. (Really, it is just the foundation of alchemy and the arts, creating the very laws of equivalent exchange.)

It is very vain and not interested in humans, only the alchemy. “What is above is from below, what is below is from above.  The work of wonders is from one, what they call Truth.”

It speaks in a very queenly manner, as if everything she says is meant to be written into the laws of alchemy.

:bulletred: Elysia Hughes “The Soil Alchemist”:
Age: 20
:iconmanu-chann: - Elysia Hughes design sketch by manu-chann
Elysia is the Soil Alchemist, and focuses her art a lot of the ground and is able to recognize materials in the soil in order to best create things through it.  She made her whole house, surprising Trisha.  She is an air-head and has a short attention span but is very caring; she’s more like a teacher than an Alchemist.

:bulletred: Selim Bradley:
Age: 16
:iconstarlightshymmer: - FMA:L Selim Bradley by StarlightShymmer
Selim, who was originally Pride, grows up but is slowly seeing flashes of memories he did not have before.  It starts to confuse him to the point of seeing shadows with faces on people everywhere he goes, yet nobody else sees them.  Seliem is full of Pride but growing up as a human child makes things all the more confusing to him, his nature, verses nurture.

-The ages of the characters are:
Trisha: 16
Aaron: 17
Maes: 16
Edward: 35
Elliott Lewis: 16
Selim: 16
Elysia: 20

:bulletred: -General Things that have happened over the years

Technology has advanced.

While Mustang has become the Fuhrer, there are constant plots to overthrow him in hopes of starting a new war against Ishval, which has progressed because of Miles and Scar’s influence.  Xing is blamed for its rapid growth in population because of Ling’s leniency to the still persecuted Ishvalen people, letting them come to their boarders in guise of Xing citizens.  Roy too has the same problem with the people of Amestris, he also let Ishvalens within their boarders.

Roy takes it upon himself to not let them take what he worked so hard for, burdens himself with a lot of the responsibility while constantly under assassin threats on his life, making him tired and always alert despite Risa’s attempts to guard his life.

The people start to resent the ways Roy has done things, claiming he helped cause the stir when Bradley died and accusing him of treason.

The “Emerald Stone” a legendary tablet said to have been written by The Truth awakens, granting a single wish to all that look upon it.  But as everything is equivalent, the wish backfires and the human loses their life as soon as it is granted.  For every life it takes, it grows stronger, until it can awaken to a human form with the ability to grant wishes to others and then absorb their life with the touch of their fingers. This becomes the main threat later on.

layout designed by rockinrobin
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I have a question. How old are Elysia and Selim in this? They must be in their early twenties.
It's 17 years after Hughes' death, so that would make Elysia around 20 years old. =)

Selim is 16.
Kyoeichi Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
I couldn't help but notice a bunch of spelling mistakes and grammar issues in the comic as well as in this Journal. I don't want to be rude so if you're misspelling on purpose let me know and I'll look past that but if you want a grammar editor I'd love to help out. I could even help with the drawing if you want.
We grammar proof the comic pages before the end result, don't worry. ^^
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