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Vic and the Secret Door: part 1 of 5 by Avatoh Vic and the Secret Door: part 2 of 5 by Avatoh Vic and the Secret Door: part 3 of 5 by Avatoh Vic and the Secret Door: part 4 of 5 by Avatoh

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Vic FanFic Cover by hermioniemaidde

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Vic and the Secret Door: R.R. Joint FF Spark NotesThe Chapter List:
-I have blocked off each set of chapters in groups of ten...
Chapters 1-10
Chapter 1-:icontrixieprower: "The Train Tracks"
-The adventure starts...Vic is transported to Amestris and meets Ed and Al. Ed saves our beloved Vic from being squished by a train.
Chapter 2-:iconMerides: "Picturesque"
-Vic tries to make sense of everything as we begin to learn that the fandom is slowly being torn apart. And with it, the insanity begins by dropping a dazed Ikkaku from Bleach to join Ed, Al and Vic in the world of Fullmetal Alchemist.
Chapter 3-:icongazzy-nico-iggy-seth: "...Will Be Waiting For You"
-Things get even more complicated as Vic tries to stop Ikkaku and Ed from fighting. We meet Winry and she chucks a wrench at Ed, before  explaining about more unexpected vis

:bulletred: Writers:
:iconspeedyalchemist: - Chapter 1 - Vic and the Secret Door - 1Vic and the Secret Door
Chapter One "The Train Tracks"
Vic yawned loud, covering his mouth with his hand. If he didn't have to keep his eyes on the road he might have run over a pedestrian with how tired he was at the moment. A few of them hesitated to cross the streets when they saw the car moving from side to side.
"Gosh, Broly really takes it out of me." Vic's poor voice added to his comment, as it was barely there and came across rather squeaky.
The light in the sky was a darkish blue, like it was carpeted over the sun this time of night. Finally, Vic was able to pull in to his driveway.
A huge smile was on his fiancee's face, eager to have him home once again. Her eyes opened up wide as Vic almost fell asleep at the wheel, nearly taking out the mailbox.
She squealed running to his side, Vic laughed when he got out the door. "Hey Pookie Bear, how's it going?"
She shook her head. "You know, the driveway is for parking." She gave him a nudge as she walked through the front door.

:iconmerides: - Chapter 2 - Vic and the Secret Door, Ch. 2"Vic and the Secret Door"
Chapter 2  -- "Picturesque"
His blond eyebrow twitched as his fist clenched.  "Alright," Ed said through gritted teeth, "you're pretty good at imitating people, I'll give you that.  But that doesn't explain how you know my name."
Vic spread his hands, at a loss for an explanation that they would accept.  Al sighed, still trying to stop laughing.  "Brother, you really shouldn't be worried about that, you know."
"Oh yeah?" Ed still looked like he could slap his hands together at any moment and send the guy flying through the air via a shaft of transmuted stone.  Preferably shaped like a massive fist.  
"Honestly guys," Vic interrupted, pushing himself to his feet and brushing the dust and grass off his pants, "I don't exactly know what's going on here, but I'd really like to figure out where I am and how to get… home…" He looked down at Ed, a bit surprised.  "Wow… you

:iconcharmingcacophony: - Chapter 3 ---
:iconfujiokafriends: - Chapter 4 - Vic And The Secret Door Ch. 4Vic and the Secret Door
Chapter Four: "It's because of the Risembool Rangers..."
The room was filled with the shouts of the arguing characters. All Vic could here was himself yelling at himself. It filled his head like madness. He stood up, and stretched to his full height. Now I know how Stein felt when he was taken by the madness, he thought. He cleared his throat, and yelled as loud as he could.
"Guys, let's just all shut up for one minute!" All the other characters stood still, shocked at Vic yelling. "You guys are all yelling about how you're away from your homes, but think how I feel! I'm not even in my universe any more!" Kyoya maintained his calm expression as he spoke. "That brings to mind a thought. Say we take your hypothesis that we are all fictional characters in different series. Why are we all placed in this one?"
Ed gave Kyoya a smug grin. "Clearly it's because I'm the most popular character out of all of you." Ikkakku coughed. "And the shortest." "WHO ARE YOU CALLING S

:iconartemis-day: - Chapter 5 - Vic and the Secret Door- No. 5Vic and the Secret Door
Chapter 5: The PMoF
Vic ducked out of the way.  He cared about his fans, of course, but right now he was far too stressed out to deal with them.  He remained hidden for a few seconds before he heard snickers, which then broke into full blown laughter.  Tentatively, he looked up and saw the Hitachiin twins doubled over, laughing.  He instantly understood what had just happened and narrowed his eyes in annoyance.
"That wasn't funny."
"Says you, Old Man." Muttered an also snickering Ikkaku.
"Hang on a minute," said Haruhi.  "If that was Hikaru and Kaoru screaming, then where did that crash come from?"
The twin's laughter slowly died down, and they shrugged in confusion when everyone looked to them for an answer.  Their attention then moved to the front door as three voices, two male and one female were heard.  The male voices were quickly growing louder, one of them seeme

:iconsadistic-writer-desu: - Chapter 6 - Vic and the Secret Door - 6Vic and the Secret Door
Chapter 6: Complications and a Newcomer

        The young boy who had fallen in front of them was still for a few moments; whether he was knocked out from the fall or simply just asleep, they had no idea.
        Just as Vic was going to go see if the boy was okay, the boy got to his knees and rubbed his head.
        "Owwwwww..... what in the world was that? Did an Ayakashi do that so something?"
        He got to his feet and bushed off the dust that had collected onto his purple kimono and into his dark coloured hair. It was only after adjusting the position of the yellow knapsack on his back did he notice the several pairs of eyes on him.
        "Uhhh....." The boy stared at them with a puzzled look on his face, but then it quickly changed to

:iconpokemon-ranger-casey: - Chapter 7 - Vic and the secret door Ch.7Vic and the Secret Door
Chapter 7: The beginning of an epic quest
"I'll get it! It might be a beautiful lady needed of my service!" Tamaki said running to the door.
" Okay then,here guys I made tea and some scones for you all.This will keep your mouths shut." Winry smiled.
The door opened,...Ed's rival, Colonel Roy Mustang. "WHAT IS HE DOING HERE!?" Ed screeched.
"Don't be rude Ed!" Winry slapped him across his face. Dark, Zero, and Yoshimori was looking at him with a death-stare, while Tamaki was disappointed Mustang wasn't a beautiful lady like he had hoped.
"Who is this dunce Vic?" Ikkaku laughed.
Vic didn't say a word for a while, until finally he mumbled"Roy Mustang." "I expected you to be here Edward.I have business to discuss with you,but looking around the room I figure you already know?" Mustang questioned."Yeah, what's it to you?"Ed asked with an irritated voice. "Oh nothing really,there's just a strange robot destroying things where I was. I was going to

:iconwolfxofxsilver: - Chapter 8 - Vic and the Secret Door Ch. 8Vic and the Secret Door
Chapter Eight; "We're Never Late!"  
     The wooden room was filled with laughter, many different characters from many different anime's sharing a good joke. Well, good for them, anyways. Tamaki, who was actually dead-beat serious about the fact of cross-dressing as Winry, was in the western corner of the room, which seemed oddly full of shadows and cobwebs, holding his knees to his chest and rocking slightly. Though nobody really noticed... I mean, he's Tamaki. Nobody ever notices, really.
     As the bellowing laughs settled down quite a bit, Vic Mignogna sighed with a grin, swiping his right hand through his hair, looking over the many males in which he would have to journey with. "Alright, guys! We have a Magical Orb to find!"
     There were various "Yeah!"'s and "Let's find it!"'s and others of the sort as the group now began to walk out of the house for at least t

:iconmrsmcginty: - Chapter 9 - Vic and the Secret Door 09Vic and the Secret Door
Chapter 9 "One Big Reservoir of Uh-Oh"

As the group kept walking with seemingly no destination, Zero walked up next to Vic.
"So any ideas on what this 'orb' could be?" he asked. Vic looked at him almost surprised that the vampire hunter was being friendly.
"To be honest, no," Vic said. "I was thinking of trying to find Izumi, Ed and Al's teacher, to see if she had any ideas, but I don't know if she will."
"That's right, Teacher might know something!" Ed exclaimed, coming up on Vic's other side. "I'll lead the way!"
The group settled into following Ed. Every now and then a small squabble would break out but it was quickly hushed. After almost an hour of walking, the sky began to move again, but it was different than the door that had dropped everyone else. It looked like the sky was melting and a big glob of it dripped down to the ground right in front of him. They stopped, making the characters behind them bump into each other.
"Ow! Hey! Why the traffic j

:iconstorm137: - Chapter 10 - Vic and the Secret Door Chp.10Vic and the Secret Door
Chapter 10: Calm before the storm.
Even though Ed was in front previously he had allowed himself to fall back in the band of characters and one voice actor as he looked at his brother. "Say Al since this guy 'voices' me." He said this quietly with quotation marks. "Perhaps we could sway him to tell us how to get your body back."
"Brother there is a more important matter at hand."
Ed gave him a look. "I know but I also know an opportunity when I see it." He answered back. "I mean after we take care of this clown." Adding this as he turned to look ahead. He had to admit it was a little scary that everyone infront of him sounded like him but he had seen weirder. Envy for one thing.
The short alchemist moved ahead so he was walking next to Vic. "So what's your world like?"
Vic sighed. He shouldn't tell Edward anything about his own world. Recalling the original FullMetal Alchemist Edward had ended up in his world in the 1940's of all time periods. "It's very...Diffe

:iconstacytheemo: - Chapter 11 - Vic and the Secret Door - 11"Vic and the Secret Door"
Chapter 11: The Akuma Fight

Approaching the next town, the entire group was filled with apprehension. Screams and smoke could be seen, rising from the town.
"So, what exactly is this thing, old man?" Ed asked, walking up next to Vic.
"It's called an akuma. It was created by this evil man, called the Millennium Earl. But this one is advanced. If it touches you, it can acquire your looks and your powers, so we have to be careful," Vic said, as he looked at the town. Like it or not, he had to do something. He couldn't just let the akuma go on wreaking havoc on the town.
"You know, things sure have gone to hell since you showed up here," Ed sneered.
"I'm sorry, Ed. But I promise, as soon as I find out how to send us all back, I will," Vic replied, looking down at Ed who stared up at him angrily.
"So, do we have a plan for defeating this akuma?"
Vic turned around to face his characters. They all sounded so alike that he wasn't really sure who had

:iconcantrona: - Chapter 12 - Vic and the Secret Door Ch. 12Chapter 12: "The Orb that Brought Change"
The ground began to shake with more and more force. Tamaki began to run around in a panic. Ikkaku began to smile, as if anticipating a fight. His hand griping Hōzukimaru tightly. The rest just stayed calm and waited for what was to come.
Vic looked around, he was having a hard time keeping his ground. He was only human after all. No alchemy, chakra, ki, magic or anything of the sort. But he couldn't let anyone else know that. What kind of a leader would he be if he was the weakest of them all? 'Well' he thought to himself 'not the weakest. Theres still Tamaki.' He looked in the direction of his favorite host. He was still running around, scared for his life.
The shaking suddenly stopped, and there was a small poof. From that small cloud of dust emerged the white silhouette of the PMoF. It looked just as it had in their previous meeting. A white body of a teenaged human with constantly changing facial features.
Omega, Obito, Fai, Gaw

:iconhigetoboelover: - Chapter 13 - Vic and the Secret Door Chapter 13Chapter 13 -- "New Plans"
Original Contributor HigeToboelover
  "All right, all right, now," Vic said, raising his hands to quiet all of his characters. Ed and Ikkaku were about ready to brawl it out,
and the rest were bickering non such at one another to drown one another out. "C'mon, guys, settle down."
     "Where ARE WE?!" Tamaki screamed. The whole place was white, and seemed to have no exits or walls. If one tried getting out, they'd be doomed to stay here forever, wandering in a hidden maze. Fai looked around nonchalantly and shrugged. "Not sure, but I have a feeling we need to stay where we are for now. I dunno what could happen if we don't."
     Suddenly the PMoF appeared before the group, the faces flashing now looking bored and amused. "You figured it out."
     "So you DID know more about this stupid orb!" Edward snapped at it. "You knew it would transport us to this...this place, and yet you pretended

:iconbreakshifter: - Chapter 14 - :thumb254534109:
:iconfaustyix: - Chapter 15 -
:iconphoenixlight13: - Chapter 16 - Vic and the Secret Door Chapter 16Chapter 16 -- "Mending Relationships"
Originall Contributor Phoenixlight13
"W-What's going on?!" Tamaki panicked.
"The house is falling apart!" Spirit realized.
The two similarly-voiced (and personality-wise as well) men began panicking.
"It's because shorty here can't get a clue!" Ikkaku pointed out, pointing at Ed.
"ALL OF YOU STOP IT RIGHT NOW!" Dark Mousy shouted.
Everyone fell silent.
"None of you realize why the house is starting to fall apart! All of the fighting and whining is beginning to ruin the team!" Dark Mousy scolded.
"Since when did he get serious?" Ed muttered to Yoshimori, who shrugged in response.
"Now, we have to remember, this is life or death, people! We have friends and family to go back to!" Dark Mousy reminded.
As if the words willed it upon the house, a small piece of furniture appeared near the Phantom Thief. It was a chair that, in all honestly, was someth

:iconsnowsghost: - Chapter 17 - Vic and the Secret Door Ch. 17VIC AND THE SECRET DOOR: CHAPTER 17
Vic and the Final Puzzle Piece
   "Alright, now since we've figured that all out let's go and beat this clown." Obito said as he reached for the door handle. But a hand on his shoulder made him stop before he could open it. He turned around to find it was Spirit who had stopped him.
   "I don't think that's a good idea. We aren't ready to go out there and face this thing yet." the weapon said to the group.
   "Why not? We're all getting along now. I say let's go." Ed said, heading for the door. Ikkaku followed the young alchemist agreeing, "The sooner we defeat this thing the sooner you can get back to your Maka. So why are you stopping us?" Many of the other characters seemed to have the same idea.
   "Because if we go out there now, we may not make it back to our worlds." This time it was Dark who spoke up. "Spirit's right, we aren't ready yet. We need to learn to work together and

:iconpwnedbypineapple: - Chapter 18 - Vic and the Secret Door Ch. 18Chapter Eighteen: In Which Compliments Are Given
To say that what happened next was unexpected would be a gross understatement. And that was the thing about Plans. They could be perfect, absolutely beautiful in theory, but life was like Winry Rockbell in that it had a way of throwing a wrench in things.
"Aw, man, what the hell?" said Edward's voice.
At least, Vic thought it was Edward's voice. His hearing had begun to rapidly overcompensate, adding the edge of an echo to everything, or maybe that was just the place. He couldn't tell, because it was black - completely, pitch, doom-is-upon-us-and-I-can't-see-it-coming black.
"Where's the akuma clown?" demanded another of his vocal doppelgangers - Ikkaku, probably. The voice thing hadn't been a problem up to this point, but Vic now had to tell on inflection and personality alone, which wouldn't have been so difficult if the sheer blackness wasn't so disorienting. He couldn't see a thing, not even when he waved

:iconsadistic-writer-desu: - Chapter 19 - Vic and the Secret Door Ch. 19Vic and the Secret Door
Chapter 19: Onwards!
Every one of them paled at the sight of the Akuma Clown. Even the few that had not met the clown yet looked like bedsheets.
Vic opened his mouth and was about to tell the others to back away slowly since the clown hadn't moved yet, but then he noticed something and he stopped in mid-word. The clown had flickered.
He took a step towards the clown.
"What the Hell are you doing!?" said his voice in various octaves, which also included the one in his head.
The clown flickered again.
"It's not real." Vic said to his characters. He stuck out a hand to the clown and it went right through it.
"A hologram!" said...was that Tamaki, or was that Dark?
The rest of them came closer to the clown and tested for themselves that the clown was only an illusion. The lot of them sighed with relief.
The mix-matched world around them faded into black again, but this time, even though there was no light source to be seen, Vic could still see the others just fin

:icontsumerfl1726: - Chapter 20 - Vic and the Secret Door Ch.20Vic and the Secret Door Chapter 20: Beginning In A New World
"Who are we looking for anyway?" Ed asked as the group walked through Karakura town. It was almost dark and not many people were out anymore.
"We're looking for someone named Ichigo" Vic answered before Ikkaku could even open his mouth, "He doesn't live very far from here, so you'll get to meet him soon."
Before they could continue any further, there was a loud crash from nearby. All of them rushed towards the sound, wondering what on earth could be happening this time. As they approached, they saw a silver haired man laying on the ground, and they all guessed he was another one of there group.
"Where am I?" he asked, sitting up and looking around him, "and who are all of you?"
Vic walked towards him, recognizing him immediately, and he began to explain to him exactly what the situation was.
"Everyone, this is Yukito, another character that I voice." Vic explained though it was pretty obvious that Yukito didn't belong in this

:iconjesstalksalot: - Chapter 21 - Vic and the Secret Door Ch. 21Vic and the Secret Door
Chapter 21: Food for the Poor
Hollow by hollow came at them. Those who couldn't fight stood staring as the others fought. It seemed useless to try though. Were the hollows going to stop coming?
Vic couldn't help but ask himself this. A hollow rushed at the favored voice actor when Tamaki jumped in front of him. Something splattered across both of them, but it wasn't blood. "Ink?" Just then, the rest of the hollows collapsed into pools of black ink. Everyone but Yoshimori, who had placed a Kekkai over himself, was drenched in it.
"What just happened?" Ed asked.
"It seems whatever put us in this mess doesn't want us to die... or not yet at least." Fai said.
The alchemist scowled, "So it was just messing with us?" the tone of his voice was dripping with annoyance.
"Whatever's doing it, even if it's the PMoF I will rip it's head off! I don't want to fight then find out it's fake. That's no fun at all."
Vic sighed, "Everybody just calm down. Let's find out what the p

:iconbreakshifter: - Chapter 22 - :thumb270067293:
:iconxintelligentxidiotx: - Chapter 23 - Vic and the Secret Door Chapter 23Vic and The Secret Door
Chapter 23: The Quirks of a Host
"Excuse me sir," Kyoya interrupted, as Vic was about to lead his characters out of the Host Club doors.
Vic turned slowly; wondering else could hinder their mission.
"But I can't allow you to take Honey-Sempai or Tamaki with you. Club sales are already down without taking away our king or honey."
"But Kyoya!" Tamaki whined.
"Tamaki, if you don't oblige, I'll have to increase Haruhi's debt by 13%." Kyoya threatened.
"Who do you think you are ordering everyone around as if you're king of the world!" Ed cut it.
Great, Vic thought. Just as we got him quiet…
"He's pretty small, don't you think?" The twins said, seemingly appearing out of nowhere and encircling Edward.
There was a collective pause from the group as they counted down the seconds before Ed would explode.
He was thankfully cut of as a door opened from the ceiling, dumping another character on top of him.
Everyone could still here Ed's muffled r

:iconmadsam7: - Chapter 24 - Vic and the Secret Door - 24Vic and the Secret Door
Chapter 24
"The Place of Many Places"
All of a sudden a wrapped box fell infront of Greece with a number 4 on it. Vic walked over to the box to investigate."Greece?" Vic said as he picked up the box.
"ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz..." Greece snored in reply.
"huh?" Greece replied sleepily.
"Your number four. Open the box please" Vic smiled.
"Hurry up already!!!" Ikkaku yelled impatiently.
Tamaki was in mid glomp when Greece opened the box and then they where in the white abyss again with a lack of Haruhi for Tamaki to glomp. Tamaki then procceds to fall on his butt. "Owww!" Tamaki exclaimed in pain.
Edward of course found this very amusing and began to laugh, as well as Ikkaku, Spirit and Dark. Before anyone else could comment or join in the laughter Vic shushed them all with the question "Do you mind?" he said this because at this point Vic was really missing his Milky Way Darks a

:iconskyknightsora: - Chapter 25 - Vic and the Secret Door Ch 25Vic and the Secret Door
Chapter Twenty-Five: The Philosophers Stone
"I was hungry; you guys are taking too long…" replied the PMoF, taking a bite of the pasta. "Well, good luck to ya." And it vanished.
"Well, who's next then?" Vic asked, looking around at all of his beloved characters. They all looked at each other before Dark spoke up.
"I think that would be me…" he said, holding up his package. He quickly opened it up and looked inside. Smiling, he held up a small card between his fingers, "this looks interesting…"
"What is it?" Vic asked, but he had already guessed.
"It's a note card I would send to the police before a robbery…it was more fun that way" Dark replied.
Oh dear… thought Vic, "well, what does it say?"
Darks smile immediately vanished, "that's funny… it's blank!" he started flipping the card this way and that, holding it up to the light but nothing changed. It was a blank card.
"Now what are we supposed to do?" one of Vic's voices questioned,

:iconkittykax33221: - Chapter 26 - Vic and the Secret Door Ch 26Vic and the Secret Door
Chapter Twenty-Six: A Love Interest Appears
It was a beautiful night in Los Angeles, the full moon was out, coyotes were howling in the distance and Michele was lightly humming to herself as she tapped away at her macbook enjoying a nice quiet evening, until she was too quiet. Over the past few years she had gotten used to her fiancee's trekkie behaviors...including the noises and comments he'll make whenever there was an episode of Star Trek on, and yet she had not heard a sound from him. Curious, she closed her macbook and walked downstairs to check on him, only to find the living room empty.
"Honey?" Michele called out confused, she looked all downstairs and even went back upstairs to check all the rooms, looked outside, and checked the driveway to see if his car was still there(which it was). She must have looked at every inch of the house but Vic was nowhere to be found. "Viiccc! Where are youuu???" she yelled walking down the stairs, a little

:iconwickedawesomeness12: - Chapter 27 - Vic and the Secret Door Chapter 27Chapter 27 -- "Key To Symmetry"
Original Contributor wickedawesomeness12
"Where are we?"  Edward asked.  This world, while bearing many similarities to his world, seemed... eerie.  He felt as if he were looking through a mirror, only the other side is warped at the very slightest.
"This must be Spirit's world," Vic said, noting the incredibly creepy moon looming above them.
Everyone turned to Spirit, who was practically vibrating with happiness.
"I... get to see.. my Maka again..." he whispered softly, barely able to contain himself.  Everyone else rolled their eyes.
"Okay, but first we need to figure out the clue" Vic said, trying to get everyone on track.  "What does it say?"
Spirit opened his box.  "It says... symmetry is key." 
"Huh?" everyone asked.
"It probably has to do with Death the Kid," Vic told Spirit.
"Of course!  We should try his house first."
As the characters walked across Death City, Michele wondered exactly how al

:iconcaramelcat123: - Chapter 28 - Vic and the Secret Door- Chapter 28Vic and the Secret Door- Chapter 28
That which has been lost
It was only a moment before Vic and the rest of the gang realized that they were now on solid ground, something that was treasured dearly at this point.
"Ah, this is starting to hurt my head..." one of the groups' member mumbled, still a little dazed it was hard to tell who was who, what with everyone having the same voices and all.
Ed scoffed "It only started hurting you now? I feel like there's a fire blazing in my head." He was rubbing his head intently when he stood up. "Where are we now, anyway?"
As Vic stood up, he noticed that his fiancée, Michele, was no where to be seen.
"Ah, Michele, where's Michele??"
"It would appear..." Zero began "That we are in a forest."
"Is anyone listening to me? Michele's gone missing!"
Greece stood up "A forest? Then what world could this be?" he was obviously beginning to get more of a grasp on the situation.
"I only just got her back, too! This is no fair…"
There was a moment o

:iconkainrin: - Chapter 29 - Vic and the Secret Door- Chapter 29Vic and the Secret Door Chapter 29
"The Quest for Michele and Tamaki"
"Find that which has been lost…" Dark inquired.
"Well that's just great! Now we have two people to find!" Ed yelled angrily.
"Look on the bright side," Zero muttered "There's no gaping whole in this world and at least now we have a bit of peace and quiet."
Everyone agreed that the group had become significantly quieter without Tamaki there. They were almost glad that he was gone.
"Come on, let's start looking" Vic said.
"There are a few problems with that," Fai pointed out "Firstly, where exactly do we start looking? And secondly, are those two even in the same place?"
Everyone turned to Obito. It was logical that the turn to Obito for the first question because it was his world that they were stuck in.
Obito thought for a moment, thinking of all the places in the world that they could be. More than a hundred places crossed his mind. Finally he said "I honestly don't know. My world is pretty big so they could be

:iconidinajoshfan21: - Chapter 30 - Vic and the Secret Door Chapter 30 by idinajoshfan21
:iconmoonpiefsn: - Chapter 31 - Vic and the Secret Door- Chapter 31"Vic and the secret door chapter 31"
"the nine elusive numbers"
"WHAT COULD IT BE!?" Vic punched his fist into the floor. He had to figure out that code or else... he didn't want to think about that.
"This is giving me a headache!" Wined Ed.
"Shut up and keep thinking, shorty" Ikkaku spat back.
"Wow." Vic thought.
"I need to remember that one." Vic whipped out his pocket notebook and pen and began writing. As he was writing the word "Birthday", a light bulb went of in his head.
"Birthday? BIRTHDAY! ED YOUR A GENIUS!" Ed (and everyone else) turned to Vic in surprise at his sudden outburst.
"I am? I mean.. I AM!.. exactly why am i a genius again?" But Vic was too busy scribbling to answer his question.
"Ed, what's your birthday?" Vic snapped.
"Uh.. February Third? Where are you taking this old man?" Vic chose to ignore the "old man" remark and continued writing.
"What year?"
"Erm.... 1899" Ed looked at h

:iconartemis-day: - Chapter 32 - Vic and the Secret Door- No. 32Chapter 32: Raising the Stakes
They did find the correct two numbers in the end, and managed to escape the Naruto world with no further troubles and their newest mission: returning the feather to Syaoran.  Everyone was tired from the journey, but their spirits were somewhat renewed, hopefully things wouldn't get any worse from here.
Vic opened his eyes, and that confused him because he didn't recall ever closing them.
Him and his group stood clumped together, leaving him all the more aware of how large and hard to manage it had become since the start of his little adventure.  The fact that there seemed to be nothing he could do to keep them calm and amiable and generally not at each other's throats for longer than six minutes at a time just made him feel worse.  He felt a gentle hand squeeze his and his eyes flicked to the redhead beside him.  He smiled.
'At least I've got Michele,' he thought.
"Hey, what the hell is this pla

:iconmack2468: - Chapter 33 - Vic and the Secret Door- No. 33The next thing Vic knew, he was in what look like the base of a tower, his headache even worse than before.
"Now where the hell are we?" Ed shouted.
"Don't you ever shut up, runt?" Ikkaku complained.
"Who're you calling a-"
"You're giving us all a headache!" Zero exclaimed, still covered in pudding and looking rather angry at the alchemist.
Looks like I'm not the only one, Vic thought.
"He's right, though. Where are we?" Michele interjected. Her comment was met with many suggestions, but no answers.
"Hey, where's Fai?" Yoshimori asked. Vic looked around, but Fai was nowhere in sight. Then, everything started to come together. This wasn't an ordinary tower, it was in the Valeria Country, Fai's home, and where his brother had died. Fai had been imprisoned at the base of the tower, but his brother was at the top. So maybe...
"Ed, can you make a staircase leading to the top?" Vic asked.
"Sure. I don't see why not," Ed replied clapping his hands together and slamming them on the floo

:iconringonamida:  - Chapter 34 -
:iconpuppyloverpearl: - Chapter 35 - Vic and the Secret Door: Chapter 35Vic and the Secret Door
Chapter 35: A Blizzard of Confusion

The first thing that Vic noticed was the cold. He sat up, blinking several times trying to figure out where they were, but a flurry of snow made disrupted his vision, making it impossible to see more the several feet in front of him. A harsh wind pushed him back into the padded snow, and it took everything he had to sit back up again. He squinted, just making out other figures sitting up as well: a short one, one with purple hair, two taller blondes, and one that he could easily figure out to be Soldier A.
"What the hell is going on here?!" Vic could hear a muffled shout, easily Edward by the tone.
"How the hell would we know?!" Dark shouted back, somehow managing to gain his feet as the wind died down a tad. The thief was hunched over, rubbing his hands up and down his bare arms in a sad attempt to keep warm.
"Now, now, if we could all just keep calm, I'm sure we could figure this all out." Fai cautioned, stepping up o

:iconraijimagiwind: - Chapter 36 - Vic and the Secret Door Chapter 36Vic and the Secret Door

Chapter 36: A Sacrifice For A Continued Existence...

The group was stuck in the harsh elements awaited to see what the hot tempered Alchemist would say to General Armstrong to try and get them inside, preferably before he, Dark, Ed, Fai, Tamaki, and Soldier A all froze to death in the harsh northern climate.  Meanwhile Michele looked on from behind Armstrong and several of her staff. Vic took notice that it appeared some of the rest of the group was with her and he could off hand make out, possibly Spirit, Obito, Yukito, and Greece off hand, but he wondered where Ikkaku, Zero, E-123, Gawl, Broly, Kougaiji, and Forbesii could all be. He was almost hoping they where in one of the Detention cells of Briggs and not lost elsewhere or worse, had gotten dropped into the enemies territory.
Ed glowered at General Armstrong, as he responded back. "How about just letting us in you crazy old hag before we all freeze to death or get blown to bit

:iconxxmjthedorkxx: - Chapter 37 - Vic and The Secret Door Chapter 37Chapter Title:"Trouble at Cross Academy"
Chapter: 37
Series: Vic and the Secret Door
Author: xXMjTheDorkXx
Everyone looked around, taking in the new setting with awe. Vic knew where he was after
a few seconds of pondering, and he immediately informed the group of his voices of
the upcoming dangers.
"Alright, we are now in Zero's world, the world of 'Vampire Knight'. As the name implies
there are vampires here, so keep your guard up and don't do anything stupid...Tamaki,
are you listening?" Vic asked. "Oh of course I am! And I take that offensively." he
replied. Vic rolled his eyes before motioning to Zero to lead the group on.
Zero took the group to the Headmaster's house, where he knew he could ask the Headmaster
about the whole situation. "Well, the pictures of Yuki and... Kaname," he scoffed at
the name, "concern me. The PMoF probably has them captive somewhere. I'm bringing you
to Headmaster Kaien's quarters, we can ask him if he knows anything," Zero told the
group of characters c

:iconedwardsalterego: - Chapter 38 - Vic and the Secret Door ch 38Vic and the Secret Door Chapter 38 "Switched"
"What the hell do you think you're doing!?" Zero screamed as he ran straight for Kaname.
"Zero, wait a second!" Vic yelled, but it was too late. Zero had ran straight for the vampire and socked him in the face.
"Zero??" Yuuki asked, surprised. "Zero, stop! This isn't what it looks like!" Yuuki yelled and ran for Zero, trying to hold him back.
"What are you talking about? He was trying to bite you! Turn you into one of them! He can't be trusted!"
"No, you don't understand… Kaname was just… trying to cheer me up. Well, I was sad that you had disappeared… Where have you been?"
"Oi! Stop running off without us! It's bad enough we've gotten separated so many times already!" Ikkaku called, the rest of the group trailing behind him.
Zero didn't pay attention to them, but eyed Yuuki suspiciously. "That doesn't explain the scream… and why he was near inches from your neck!" he said, pointing accusingly.
"He gave me a kiss.

:iconkainrin: - Chapter 39 - Vic and the Secret Door - Chapter 39Vic and the Secret Door – Chapter 39
"To Fight A Battle In Another Man's Body"
They had a rough landing in Karasumori. No one could figure out how to land on his feet. Each one in the group felt awkward in their new bodies. It was like walking around in shoes that didn't fit.
It took them all a few moments to readjust themselves. When everyone was finally able to get up they heard a young girl scream.
"Tokine!"Fai, or rather Yoshimori, screamed as he ran off towards the voice.
"Here we go again…" Yukito said with almost no enthusiasm.
But at this point in their journey, no one but Tamaki had any energy left. Everyone was exhausted. Through the entire thing they had gotten little to no rest.
They ran to the voice but were slowed down due to the unfamiliarity of the bodies they were in. Almost everyone tripped and fell just by trying to walk.
"How am I supposed to do anything in this body!?!?" Ed yelled as he was trying to get up. "It's useless!"
"Just deal with it! How do you

:iconviczen101: - Chapter 40 - Vic and the Secret Door Chapter 40Vic and the Secret Door
Chapter 40: Hide and Seek
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Vic looked around the new world that they had been dropped into. They were on the side of a dam thing on the side of a small river. There was a quiet town on both sides. "Ahh. This is nice and qui-."
"WHAT THE-?!?" Ed cried out, interrupting Vic's thoughts, "WHERE IS MY ARM?"
"Who cares about that!" Ikkaku snapped, "What I want to know is where is my zanpakutō ?"
"How should I know?" Ed snapped back.
"Guys, before we fight," Fai said calmly, "Why don't we find out what we have to do?"
"Fai is right, who has the next box?" Vic asked them.
"I do." Yukito said, holding up the box with the number 13. He opened the box. " 'Play a game of hide and seek with the item most precious to you. You are It!' What is that suppose to mean?" he asked.
"Hide and seek?" Tamaki asked.
"It is a game that commoner's children like to play. One person counts to a certain number, they are It, while the rest go and hide in a certain area.

:iconhermioniemaidde: - Chapter 41 - Vic and the Secret Door Chapter 41       Chapter 41:
       The Ribbon and Her Potato
       The gang wondered into the clinic, still getting used to being back in their bodies and walking awkwardly. Broly looked at the unconscious Ed in his arms as though he was still trying to figure out if he was a friend or food. Meanwhile, Vic and Yukito looked around the room with melancholy looks upon their faces. Vic wondered how far Yukito was in his story, and what kind of memories he'd have of this place so far.
Fai spoke up politely, "Um, excuse me. But if we could please get back to the task on hand…."
Vic blinked. He hadn't realized he'd spaced out so long thinking about this world and the stories it holds. He started by giving out "to-do's", as with all the other quests before.
"Okay," he started, "Dark and Fai, go and find the room where they would keep the spar

:iconnumbuh4gal: - Chapter 42 - :thumb321194898:
:icontimelady427: - Chapter 43 - Vic and the Secret Door chapter 43Vic and the Secret Door chapter 43
"Lost Memories"
The PMoF disappeared, and they suddenly found themselves in a different world again. As they looked around at there surroundings, Vic decided it looked like they were in an empty hallway in a school.
“A high school… this must be the world of Shuffle!” Vic said. Everyone else gave him a weird look, somewhere along the lines of “what the hell are you talking about?”. “This is Forbesii’s world. I wonder what the PMoF wants us to do here.”
“What’s the PMoF?” asked Dark, a confused expression on his face.
“You know. The thing that just talked to us a few seconds ago. The Physical Manifestation of Fandom.”
“I have no idea what you are talking about. Who are you anyways? Why do you sound like me?” Dark said.
“Yeah! Who are you? Where are we? Why am I not in Amestris? Who are yo

:iconn-ugatory--vibrato: - Chapter 44 - Vic and the Secret Door chapter 44Vic and the Secret Door chapter 44
"A kidnapping at Ouran Academy!"
The group opened their eyes to see that were in yet another world. They were in an empty hallway with bright peach-coloured wall that were extremely detailed. What seemed like hundreds of tiny lights lit up the already-too-bright hallway.
"Dammit! Why the hell are back here again?!" Ed asks, shielding his eyes from the intensity of the lights.
"I'm home! Haruhi, daddy's home!" Tamaki shouted, flailing his arms hysterically and running off.
"Tamaki, come back!" Vic shouted, Ed, Dark and Michele all sweat dropped. Suddenly a group of laughter was approaching. The group turned around to see three girls twirling around, somehow moving towards them. They were wearing deep red skirts, a white shirt over the top and a red collar with a light yellow bow. The girl's stopped twirling and examined the group.
"Oh look, Benibara, another group of meddling men." A girl with long, curly fair hair states.
"It looks like your right, Su

:iconkawaiiboushi: - Chapter 45 - :thumb333040458:
:iconhermioniemaidde: - Chapter 46 - Vic and the Secret Door- No. 46******
Chapter 46
A Warning To Heed By
The gang flew through the portal to the new world and…
They didn't know how or when or how many people had stopped falling since they couldn't see, but due
to the lack of wind moving on their face; the realization set in.
In the middle of the pitch black vortex they were floating, being held up by some invisible force, and not
making it to the next world.
"HEY!" roared the familiar pipsqueak's voice, "WHY ARN'T I MOVING! DON'T LEAVE ME BEHIND, OR I'LL
"Why can't I see anything yet?? We should have landed by now! HARUHIII!!" cried a Tamaki.
Everyone heard a thump-thump in the air as a disgruntled Dark spoke up, "Arg. And I can't fly anywhere;
up OR down, whichever way up or down IS…."
"OW! Who's slapping me?" an angry voice cried which everyone assumed to be Zero, "HEY! Don't poke
my eye!!"
"Oh, sorry. I was just feeling around for an exit, and you just got in the way. Do you mind moving asid

:iconshadowedlove97: - Chapter 47 - Vic and the Secret Door - Chapter 47Chapter 47: Another Game of Hide-and-Seek?!
Vic and Michele landed on the ground, jarring pain running up there legs. Both of them fell onto their hands and knees; none of their landings had been so rough before, so what had caused this one to be so harsh? Was it because the PMoF was panicking over the fact that the whole universe was collapsing?
"Ow...Michele, are you alright?" The red-haired female looked at her fiance with concern, nodding slowly.
"Yes, but where are we this time?" The blond-haired voice-actor looked around, unsure about their whereabouts.
"I can't tell. I think it's...I think it's Kougaiji's world but it looks like some other worlds have started to blend into it." Then he realized something, where were the others? "...Michele, everyone's gone..."
"Huh?" She stood up and looked around, calling the names of Vic's characters. "Ed?! Fai?! Dark?! Zero?! Anyone?! Can you hear me?!" The only thing that answered her call was silence.
"Where could they be?" Vic started to s

:iconpurplefire40: - Chapter 48 - Vic and the Secret Door - Chapter 48Vic and the Secret Door Chapter 48
"Begin at the Beginning"

After everyone untangled themselves from the usual pile of arms and legs, Vic was instantly on his feet and calling, "Michelle!"
"I'm here!" Michelle answered, giving her finance a hug.
Vic breathed a sigh of relief. At least Michelle was still here! He looked quickly around, "Are we in a building this time? Wait, who's with us?"
"I'm still here and so is shorty," Ikkaku jabbed a thumb in Edward's direction.
"That's it chrome dome," Edward snarled, clapping his hands together. "How would you like sandpaper for underwear?" Blue alchemical light flared as Edward touched Ikkaku's clothing.
"What the hell!" Ikkaku roared. The two began chasing each other around a long hallway.
"We're still missing a lot of people," Michelle observed, blatantly ignoring the antics of Ikkaku and Edward.
"You're right," Vic frowned, massaging his throbbing temple. Edward, Ikkaku, Tamaki and Fai were still with them, but only one other person h

:iconraijimagiwind: - Chapter 49 - Vic and the Secret Door Chapter 49Vic and the Secret Door

Chapter 49: At World’s End…Lesson’s of the Journey….
The group tumbled through the endless black of the now familiar travel they had gone through from world to world. They landed in an unceremonious heap of bodies on what appeared to an empty starship bridge. 
“Where are we Mr. Mignogna?” Asked Fai with a perplexed look as he seemed to be looking around. The others also seemed as confused as Fai. 
Vic took the moment to glance around. He recognized the bridge they where all on, though the fact it was devoid of people was actually a little strange. 
“I believe we are on the bridge of the Enterprise. It’s this science fiction show I’m really found of. Why I don’t know though…”
Ed and Gawl where staring at the Great Silver Powdered Doughnut that had been hanging around Vic’s neck since the battle at the Brigg’s base a while back. 

- Chapter 50 - Last Chapter - Vic and the Secret Door Chapter 50Vic and the Secret Door

Chapter 50: At World’s End…The Greatest Gift…
The group made its way towards the sickbay which seemed to be where the doughnut was leading them this time. Eight pieces they had already managed to find, now eight more they needed to complete there task. They entered the sickbay and found that many of the beds where filled, but yet where the doctor run off to was unknown. 
Fai wandered over to one of the bodies on the nearest bed and looked it over. It appeared to be one of the crewmen of the ship as they where wearing the ships uniform. But for some reason it seemed they where all in some sort of stasis or coma, as when Fai looked closely he could see the rise and fall of the chest but trying to get a response was not getting anywhere. 
“They all appear to be in some sort of stasis or weird drug induced sleep.” He said with a curious look. 
Vic walked over towards the one Fai had been looking a

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It all starts off as any other normal day after work for Vic. Time to go home and relax and spend time with his beloved Michele. But sadly for our beloved voice actor, fate and perhaps one twisted deity of Fanfiction have other plans.... Vic is literally dropped into the worlds of some of his most well loved characters, and now must join them in a massive race against time. Following the cryptic clues and prompts of the twisted Physical Manifestation of the Fandom, they must race across worlds and answer the riddles, build trust in each other, and bring about teamwork in order to save all of fandom....and reality itself!! Will Vic, and his characters win the race against time? Or will they fail and watch as there worlds are destroyed? You'll have to read to find out!!

I am currently looking at for the printing. Estimated rough cost to have it printed as a 6x9 Trade hardcover with dust jacket is looking to be at approximately around $50 pre-shipping going by the first initial draft of total pages. I figure from there I will probably see about spending around another $10 or so for something nice (like a nice acid free box) to put it in for when we present it to him.

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I know, it's odd, even I don't get them. And I'm the Editor of the project...>>

Meanwhile as I mentioned in my other comment, only Broly and Gawl are left.

I actually know Gawl pretty well so if you want to tackle Broly, we can do that. It's up to you though...:)

I look forward to seeing what I have to work with either way...:)
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