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January 2, 2013


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The Vic Mignogna Birthday Postcard Project!

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 2, 2013, 10:38 PM

superhero weekly feature themeProject closed, more information later to come. ~Speedy

We're collecting post cards for Vic Mignogna's birthday present.  So let's have as many of you guys contributing as we can.  We want to show Vic some love for his big day, so we ask that you keep it a secret, and do your best with your post cards!  The box is full when the box is full, so send your cards as fast as you can.  Be sure to note me: :iconda-risembool-rangers: when you finish your card, so I can send you my address as I will be filling a box with Vic's cards, and we'll be sending it to him as a huge collaborative gift from all you guys!
superhero weekly feature theme
:cake: :bulletred: Instructions: :cake:
:bulletred: Draw a picture for Vic, for instance one of his characters or him in Anime style, up to you as long as it’s clearly meant for Vic.  (Note that this Postcard is for his Birthday)  Draw either freehand and then scanned so it’s a computer file, or Digitally.
:bulletred: Put your picture’s file on a removable disk drive and take it to be printed out on Cardstock somewhere locally.
:bulletred: Take it home and get out your pens, we want the words to be handwritten.
At the top put:
-A stamp. (Even if you don’t mail it, it makes it look official. ^_~)
-Your name.
-Your Country/State/Providence
-Make sure you wish him a Happy Birthday!
Then write a letter to Vic, about whatever you want, just make sure it’s positive!  We won’t let anybody see the personal sides of the Postcard so don’t worry, for Vic’s eyes only. ^_~
:bulletred: Make sure the Card is not overly large, it's a Postcard after all!  A good length might be 500 by 700 pixels.
-Take a picture with your camera or phone, and post it on your deviantART, then post in the comments here with the picture so we can Feature you!
-Put the postcard in a mailing envelope; make sure it won’t get damaged.
Send it to my address, me, Speedy, I'll be collecting them until close enough to his Birthday in August if we get enough of you guys sending them in.  
You have to note me via DeviantART :iconda-risembool-rangers: for my address personally, and must show me a taken picture of your postcard so I can see it, for safety reasons.  I don’t want everybody knowing where I live after all. XD (Unless they’re Rangers! lol)

:star: Received Postcards:
Happy Birthday Vic! by jedininjaprincess Birthday Postcard for Vic by ichigosatsu Tactics Birthday Postcard by LovelyLadyAmalthea Greece postcard by Starcrystal96 Birthday Postcard by Avalarprincess
Birthday Alchemy (Postcard) complete by LCextrordinaire Vic Mignogna birthday postcard project by FullmetalHaruhi bday for vic by XXanimeseekerXX Edandal by freeninjaanime Happy Birthday Vic by LadyRosalune
Captains log 2013: Happy Birthday Vic Mignogna! by Furyi Beautiful Birthday by Joileanna Vic's Birthday Postcard by Winryi-chan Vic Mignogna Birthday Postcard by Unigirl150 Vic Mignoga birthday postcard by Mello123456789
Vic's Post Card by SpeedyAlchemist :thumb368691776: Vic's Birthday Card by Osa-Chi Happy Birthday Vic! by TheLadyFaith Birthday Postcard by DimentionDragon
Happy Birthday Vic by swirlheart Papa Wants a Birthday Kiss~! (Postcard #2 ) by TrinityKarose IT'S TOO HOT (Final Postcard version) by TrinityKarose A Post Card For Vic by cheetah775 Happy Birthday Vic! by Kyoeichi
Vic Mignogna's birthday card thing :P by xPureMapleCanadianx RR Birthday Postcard Project 2013 FINISHED! by purplegoldfish14 Vic Mignogna Birthday Card Project by equigoyle Vics Birthday Card!!! by wateralchemist121 Postcard by ALNyll
Happy Birthday Vic! by 64thYume birthday card by jadenramsey Vic Mignonga's Birthday Postcard :) by AloHeartRocks-Lexy Fullmetal Corgi by R-Spanner

:star: Not Yet Received Postcards:
:thumb364560316: Happy Birthday, Vic! by PrussianWaffles for Vic by cheetah775 Happy B-day Vic! by kakkorta  Happy Birthday Vic! by akachan-okami

Sound good?  Remember this is a Group effort, I don’t want to send the box unless it’s full!  So do your best! Remember too, the earlier you send me your Postcard, the easiest it is for me to guarantee it gets to Vic!  =)
Deadline: July 17th.

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Ninafan9 Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2014
i'd love to participate what do i have to do!
Sorry but this finished last year. ^^
Anime-RP-lover Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014  Student
is the project still open today?
DA-Risembool-Rangers Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014
No sorry it ended.
Hakanania Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Not yet, did you send it before the 17th? ^^
Hakanania Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah I was the one who couldn't do a postcard because my mom couldn't take me to get itprinted
CutenessMaximized Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I missed the deadline!! :nuu:
It's ok, it's the thought that counts. ^^
CutenessMaximized Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
:aww: Good!
I'm still sorry I missed it though...
I'll just have to work harder next time!
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