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September 23, 2013


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superhero weekly feature theme YO! This is now closed! Thank you everyone who participated! It was a fun project to work on! I will start a donation pool right away!

So here goes.  This is The Picture Book Project! We plan on taking these months to compile a book of pictures of you Rangers with birthday cards for Vic and send the huge old book to him for his birthday!!

The Book will have a few Rangers per page, with a little note from their Rangers about 300 words in length, the picture itself will be a picture of one of you guys/or a whole group of you guys if you have Ranger friends, holding a big Birthday Card in front for Vic that says “Happy Birthday Vic!” which you guys will custom make.  

The great thing about this is that Vic gets to see all of you guys as well as your card, even though many of you live in different countries and places all over the globe.  As long as you have a camera, you guys can participate in this.  It’s our goal to get as many of you guys in this book as possible.  Let’s really try and make this an unbelievable Birthday present!  Mandy did something similar with her letter project, we’re gonna do pictures in honor of that.  Sound like fun?  ALL YOU GUYS PARTICIPATE NOW!  No excuses so long as you have a camera! :giggle: (And you dude Rangers participate!  You guys are so quiet we’re beginning to wonder if you’re an extinct species haha!)

:cake: Rangers participating:
Happy Birthday Vic!!!!!!! by AwffulWafflez My picture for Vic Mignogna's Birthday book by Mickxbeth2012 My picture for Vic's Picture book project by foxgirlavatar Happy Birthday Vic! ^_^ by FMARocksSoMuch :thumb454114177:
Happy Birthday Vic Migngona!! by Jpbses98 happy birthday vic by atem15 Picture book project by OnePieceForever1 Birthday For Vic by LovelyLadyAmalthea Happy Birthday Vic! by XxXDressageGirlXxX
Happy Birthday Vic! by Sesshofan Happy Birthday Vic!!! by kohanasaito Vic's Birthday Card by xXxdefiantchildxXx My Birthday Card for Vic! by SopranoSarah Happy Birthday Vic! by madsam7
Happy Birthday Mr. Mignogna by StageTechy1991 Vic Mignogna Birthday by PWheartgal Happy Birthday Vic Mignogna by ugter Happy Birthday Vic! by MayaAtMidnight Picture Book Project Pic by SpeedyAlchemist
Happy birthday Vic by KeeahxBlade Vic's Birthday Book by veryberry781 Thank You, Captain by 64thYume

:cake: How to participate:
:bulletred: -Make a big birthday card for Vic that says “HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIC!” in bold letters, you can make it however you want so long as it’s at least as big as a piece of paper so we can see it.

:bulletred: -Take your birthday card and camera and go outside, somewhere you like, it could be anywhere.  (Monuments would be great especially, since it will show off where you’re from more!)

:bulletred: -Have somebody take a picture of you holding your birthday card for Vic, make sure you smile!  You can even think of creative ways to take this picture and have fun!  You can be in Cosplay or dress normally, or however you want.  You can have the picture of yourself, with a plushie, or in a group, just show enthusiasm in the picture!

:bulletred: -This bit is optional: Upload the picture to DeviantART so we can feature you; post the picture in the comments here in this journal.

:bulletred: -Email me with your picture as an attached file to: and with the following information:

-Name: (First name is fine if you’re worried about personal information)

-DeviantART Username:

-Location: (You don’t have to be specific.  Let us know what country you’re in, or state.  It’ll be even more special if Vic sees those of you he hasn’t gotten to meet yet!)

-A short letter no longer than 300 words in length but no shorter than 100.  (Attach in email as a Word document) Write the letter for Vic and be sure to include “Happy Birthday!” and let him know you care!  (The letter can be personal for him, we’re aware it’s for Vic’s eyes only so we’ll be sure that it stays private. ^_~)

:bulletred: Sit back and wait for August.  It’ll be nearly a year before this Project ends.  Donations will be taken to cover the expense of the book later on.  We’ll be sure that it gets to Vic and he receives this beautiful birthday present!!

-A deadline will appear so we urge you to participate as soon as possible!  We can’t guarantee space when it fills up but we will do all we can!

Have fun!
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ChibiRainbowStarr Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Did I get to the picture book project as well?
Note CJ, she's in charge of the Project. ^^
ChibiRainbowStarr Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh okay. Thanks ^^
64thYume Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  Student General Artist
My last minute submission:…
Pokemon-Ranger-Casey Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I made the picture but I can't get anyone to take a picture of me till tomorrow :(
KawaiiBritt119 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist…

Sorry I didn't want to show my face -_-'
ki24 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014  Student Artist
YIKES!!! i gotta get the picture up and write the letter...grr shoulda did all this before my move...might have to stay up all night to get the letter written :work:
SpeedyAlchemist Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014  Student Writer
Am taking mine tomorrow. 8D
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